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movingmama movingmama started the thread Women’s Fitness Enthusiasts, Leaders and Professionals wanted

"A National organization, Moms In Motion ( is actively seeking motivated,community connected, organized female fitness e"

in Women 0 bookmarks
2 weeks ago
Centurion9 Centurion9 started the thread Is your Sports Athlete conditioned and ready for High School or College Level Sports?

"Is your sports athlete conditioned and ready for high school or college level sports?   College Strength and Conditioning coaches have expre"

in Women 0 bookmarks
1 month ago
zangxuma zangxuma started the thread These 5 Moves Will Make You Look Flat-Bellied from Every Angle

"Your core is about so much more than just your abdominal muscles. It comprises the main abdominal muscle (rectus abdominus, a.k.a. the “six"

in Women 0 bookmarks
4 months ago
salmagomes salmagomes replied to Fitness

"Best of luck! If you are following certain regime for yourself, do share it here. Because, after my child-birth 3 years back, I am also kind"

in General Discussion 1 replies
4 months ago

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