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Frequently asked questions about the new Search function

Created on: Jul 10, 2007 9:57 AM by jspitzberg - Last Modified:  Jul 10, 2007 10:02 AM by jspitzberg

Q: I only want to search events, how do I do that?

A: After you type in the keywords for your search and hit enter, click the Activities under "Refine Search By." Events are the largest section of the Activities category.


Q: How do I search by location?

A: There are many ways to refine the search feature by location. One of the easiest is to click on a one of the channels on the left of the home page (Sports, Active Lifestyle, Resources) and then use the "Things To Do Near You!" search. Your location ZIP code will automatically appear there, and you can refine further if you choose. Another way would be to include your ZIP code along with the other keywords in the search. As the search sorts by relevance automatically, it will shuffle the results that match your location to the top.


Q: How do I search by date?

A: The easiest way is simply to include the month or date you're interested in along with the other keywords from the search.


Q: What parts of the Active Network can you search with the new system?

A: While the old search feature could only sort through items in the Registration Center, the new version can pull from the entire Active Network. This includes Activities, Articles, eteamz sites, Facilities, People, Products, and Video.


Q: Why is there no advanced search?

A: The updated search feature is sporting a brand-new engine under the hood. By simply typing multiple key words into the search box, the new search function will return all possible matches, sorted first by relevance. You may further refine the search after the initial results are displayed using a variety of filters shown on the results page.


Q: I'm not familiar with the new categories. What will I find in "People," or "Products?"

A: In the "People" category you will find instructors for many of the channels listed. In the "Products" category you will find training plans for many of the channels listed.



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