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Created on: Jul 10, 2007 6:40 PM by RK runner - Last Modified:  Jul 11, 2007 5:53 AM by RK runner


I have a question regarding pedometers. What's the most accurate pedometer out there? I am on my third one. I've always bought the Sportline models. My stride length is 28 inches and I set my pedometer to that. I checked the accuracy of it by running 0.5 miles (marked off with my car so I know it's accurate). The pedometer was very accurate for awhile then I found that I had to keep increasing my stride length. I just bought a new pedometer - Sportline 343. In order for it to actually register 0.5 miles when I've run 0.5 miles, I had to enter a stride length of 42 inches!! That is definitely not my stride length. Can you recommend an accurate pedometer made for running, as opposed to walking? I don't understand why my pedometers work for awhile and then I need to increase the stride length to get an accurate reading. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Rosemary



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