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this somali bantu sports soccer  and refug  elders in kakuma refug somali  bantu  sports and mediation center brief history



Who are the Somali Bantu?

The Somali Bantu are a ethnic group of people in Somalia who primarily reside in the Districts of Bay and Bakool, the Capital City of
Banadir, and along the Shaweele and Jubba Rivers up to the Kenya border. The break out of the Somali Civil War forced the Somali
Bantu to flee their homeland. In 1992, Somali Bantus became refugees in Kenya and with the help and support of God, U.N.H.C.R,
and I.O.M, they were given a chance to resettle in the United States. Because of centuries of persecution, discrimination, and
enslavement, Somali Bantus can not return to Somalia with any reasonable expectation of a life of freedom and security. Their only
hope for a safe and peaceful existence is to be resettled in another country. The United States agreed to resettle 8,000-12,000
Somali Bantu refugees in 2003 and 2004, and refugees are still arriving today. Somali Bantus are now living in Dadaab and Kakuma
refugee camps in Kenya, in many cities across the US, Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada, and The United Arab Emirates. 
We are really thankful to the US and other countries for opening their doors to us!   so thay neet halp abut  any  jaersy  ball fill any food we sand tam mony aver mthe

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