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Sample Vimax Detox Treatment Center Free Trial - Is it Legit?

Created on: Oct 3, 2012 7:10 PM by coco80 - Last Modified:  Oct 3, 2012 7:11 PM by coco80
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Sample Vimax Detox Treatment Center Free Trial - Is it Legit? is one of the most common gastrointestinal complaints in the United States.


More than 4 million Americans have frequent constipation, accounting for 2.5 million physician visits a year. The colon is a sewerage system, but by neglect and abuse it becomes a cesspool. When it’s clean and normal we are well and happy.


Vimax Detox is designed to gently cleanse your system and keep your           body happy and healthy. A gentle cleanse means that you do not           experience a large ush of waste, instead works to re-vitalize your colon           and body and allow your body to properly process foods and built up           waste. As an added bonus you will see fat pounds melt away and your           energy and mood boost noticeably.

Vimax Detox is high in fiber, so it acts as a natural and harmless           way of cleansing out the body. High fiber diets have been shown to           improve and prevent constipation, slow digestion, and even lower blood           cholesterol levels. Studies have show that people with high-fiber diets           tend to weigh less and are less likely to put on weight in future years.           It’s the key to a healthy colon, and a healthy you!



  1. A powerful antioxidant with many health benefits such as helping                the digestive process by breaking down proteins, aiding with high                cholesterol, and high blood pressure
  2. Free 1 month supply - you're under no obligation to continue                taking it after that.
  3. The ingredients used are completely safe, natural (herbal)                ingredients and the product is produced in an FDA approved facility.


  1. Acceptance of our offer requires automatic enrollment in the                maintenance program. You will automatically receive a new 30-day                supply of Vimax Pills every month for only $49.95 plus shipping and                handling, after the first trial period.
  2. Your first charge for 1 Vimax Bottle will appear in 10 days from                the time of acceptance of the trial offer, in order to receive your                supply of Vimax on time.

Click           Here to Get a Free Vimax Detox trialDESTROY WORMS, PARASITES AND TOXINS

There can be over 100 different types of parasites worms living in           human bodies. Some are microscopic in size while others can be seen           quite easily. These common organisms can be found everywhere in our           environment, in the air we breath, in the water we drink, or in the food           we eat. Protect the body against harmful bacteria, parasites, and other           organisms. Flush it all away with Vimax Detox cleanser.




Toxic waste is packed into your body daily and can leave you feeling           tired, bloated, and weighed down. Pounds and pounds of waste and toxins           fill your abdomen and can sit there for years. Vimax Detox contains           Senna Leaf and other fruit and antioxidant extracts designed to clean           out safely and gently over time so you don’t have to worry about           embarrassing bathroom visits.


What kind of benefits will I experience?


  • Distill the poisons of decay, fermentation and putrefaction,                into the blood, poisoning the brain and nervous systems so that we                become mentally depressed and irritable.
  • Poison the heart so that we are weak and listless
  • Poison the lungs so that the breath is foul


If you would like a 1 month FREE trial, here is my personal           recommendation:          Vimax Detox FREE TRIAL


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