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Video tutorial bathing babies

Created on: May 29, 2013 2:30 AM by daoquehang - Last Modified:  May 29, 2013 2:32 AM by daoquehang
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Video tutorial bathing babies. It's helpful for young mother . This video, Medic Viet instructions how to bath baby because Bathing babies is so important, Many first time parents still do not know how crestfallen bath.


- Take off your clothes, wrap the baby in a towel, soft cloth mop bucket for her eyes, starting from the eye to the nose then wipe the eyes, neck and ears for the baby.

- Wash your baby: the baby to lie on the thighs, hands grabbed her neck, thumb and middle finger of her ears, the baby's head above water basin bath. Use the other hand to wet hair then rub oil into her hair softly. Bounce the baby clean with warm water, towel dry bucket.

- Wash the whole body, from her feet from exposure to water, a hand to her neck and, for a little oil to the baby shower, absorbent towel gently around the baby. After taking a bath in front of you turn back to the bathroom behind her.

- Dry: lifting children out of the sink, a hand grabbed his head and neck, hands placed at the bottom left, index finger and thumb grabbed her thighs. Place your baby on a towel to wrap around and put her to bed. Dry the young people from the neck down. Dry your clothes to where to go there. Me dried under the chin, underarms and legs fingers, her groin. Me navel hygiene, anti-rash cream in the crease, baby diaper before dressing.

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