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How to bath and care for infants !

Created on: May 30, 2013 2:31 AM by daoquehang - Last Modified:  May 30, 2013 2:35 AM by daoquehang
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tam tre so sinh is a job that required her to do as she had just given birth. So the bath and baby care umbilical like?

If you spent about half an hour to prepare everything needed and keep a good mood, you will enjoy this work and are happy to bathe himself beloved child. After 2.3 once you get used to the baby shower.

How to bathe:

Before the baby shower, be prepared

· Brass Bathroom: 2 brass

· Towels: 2 large towels and 2 small towels

· Bath oil or bath soap (with low alkalinity)

· Gon Park, sterile cotton swab

· Ta, clean clothes

· Dirt bag

· Warm Water 37-38oC

· Alcohol 70o

· Wash your hands clean

· Turn off fans, closing drafts

· Prepare by warm water: Cold water for about 1/3 bowl, then hot water, check the water temperature with your elbow or on the wrist, if not sure can use a thermometer


Steps bath

- Navel no loss or umbilical feet wet last fall:

· Take off your coat, my lord

· Wrap the towel bath yet

· Use a cotton wipe your eyes, nose, ears and face. Use a clean cotton swab from the corner of one eye to the eyes, wipe only 1 turn, not through wipe clean, then put the cotton swab, cotton swab used to the other if necessary. Similarly when cleaning the nose, ears

· Conduct shampoo, rinse, dry early

· Wash order:

§ Neck, armpits, arms, chest, abdomen

§ Back buttocks and legs.

§ genitalia: cleaning the genitals girls to wipe from front to back, not wiping from back to front to be able to put fertilizer into the genital dirty girl

· Dry skin has a bath tub before other regions

· Give the child to clean towel. Our army, dressed

- Navel has fallen: Do not fall out like the umbilical shampoo and baby wash, do not need to wear a turban and description

Spread a small towel on the bottom to prevent sliding brass

For children from the brass. Nanny sitting position, leaning back into the hands of young mothers, raising children by the hand. Apply soap and bath from neck to toe

For children in 2nd water bath soap to clean

Give the child to clean towel. Dry wear a nappy, dressed

Umbilical cord care.

Use alcohol to disinfect the navel

If the cord has not fallen, antiseptic umbilical cord from the foot out. 1 clean cotton swab through one round only, not wipe clean through, leaving the cotton swab and cotton swab used more as needed

Use a cotton swab to dry the umbilical

To umbilical airy and umbilical tape. If the loss is not navel, belly up in diapers

It should be noted:

· Wash your hands to avoid infection

· Bathe in a warm room, to avoid drafts, avoid children being cold

· Test the water temperature, avoid skin burns

· Navel no loss, no feet wet navel to the sink basin, avoiding navel infection

· Note Bathing neck folds, armpits, neck, groin

· It is not necessary to shower every day, if it's cold, she is not too dirty, you can wipe your baby

· It is important to avoid cold baby shower


Family Doctor Medic Vietnam with dich vu tam be - Hotline: 1900.1228!

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