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6 silly errors when bathing infants

Created on: May 31, 2013 3:14 AM by daoquehang - Last Modified:  May 31, 2013 3:15 AM by daoquehang
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Here,  bac si gia dinh Medic Vietnam - share some interesting characteristics about the infant and tips for parents to take better baby.



1. Easily infected newborns

Because the immune system is not fully developed so babies are vulnerable to many types of bacteria, germs 'attack' cause infection. Therefore, parents / relatives before holding or hugging her closing, wash hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer or disinfectant.




2. Their spine is quite soft, weak

Since the spinal cord is not fully developed to their spine is weak and fragile. Therefore, parents need to keep in mind and be careful when lifting the head and neck of the baby. When you hold your baby in a horizontal position, the arm must support baby's head, even when holding stand or lay your baby down, you should observe the baby's head and neck support



3. No lay person wanting to wake her

If you want to wake her up ti, I do not lay the baby rabies. The shaking or shaking babies too strong for any purpose can also be dangerous for the baby and even cause death.



4. Ensure the safety of her car when

When she went to the car, make sure that the baby is absolutely safe. Do not shake her head a lot, do not drive into the shock caused her insecurities ... because this is the 'teenagers' hidden her life that she, mamma!



5. Do not hit her up when playing with baby

Many parents who coddle, child care hobbyists hit her up and grasp. Seeing she chuckled then repeated 'game' regularly. In fact, this action caused serious injury to the baby's brain. More dangerous, she may die role-playing-wheel formula.



6. Listen to all the 'secret' child care of relatives, friends

Of course, you will be extremely lacking skills and new experiences when you first. But do not tell anyone so that the 'way' what is heard and dense to follow. There are plenty of child care experience is outdated, so, you should be aware of listening and viewing the situation and will decide whether to adopt or not. Sometimes, Mother Nature is the 'magic bullet' that helps take the best baby!

Note: When your baby is sick, fever ... the best, so take her to a specialist examination to receive proper counseling and medication dosage.



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