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What women should abstain after birth ?

Created on: Jun 3, 2013 2:57 AM by daoquehang - Last Modified:  Jun 3, 2013 2:59 AM by daoquehang
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Postpartum women should abstain from what - in particular the concept of yore


We can say, postpartum women to abstain past a lot of things, such as:



1) When the baby is born after 15 days, you and your new bathroom can give it a bit of white wine or oil green wind. When the bath should not rub, and preferably only with water bath and wipe the leaves alone.

2) Do not shampoo soon have at least 15 days to allow time for the collection of the hair follicle to normal as the initial mode.

3) Do not travel much, waiter was not heavy, do not sit much more prone to fatigue than sitting back later.

4) Do not eat cold (cold rice, cold food) within 3 months and 10 days

5) Do not eat green cabbage, sea fish, beef, vegetable, because it makes "their" long "closed" as the youth is not pregnant.

6) After the birth you have to wear long sleeves, socks, foot to avoid goosebumps and chills, ear stuffed cotton balls to not have tinnitus.

7) New students should not lie to the fans and her mother will not be so good for both.

8) Avoid watching TV, reading books, thread needles for later blurred very quickly.

9) Avoid brushing teeth with toothbrush, dental floss diet, just be sucking warm salt water to rinse your mouth after eating before going to bed and waking up every morning.

10) Avoid speaking loudly, with outbound calls.

11) Avoid eating fruit, drinking cold water. Especially meetings, abstain until 3 months after delivery has eaten.

12) New baby is born it is not touching the rod, tree or mulberry leaves because you accidentally touch it you will lose ducts permanently even after this the next time you are born.



13) Avoid relationship during the first 3 months after birth



Postpartum women should abstain from what - according to experts maternity?



1) Only diet of spicy, hot chili, pepper, garlic and limitations of stimulant drinks such as tea, coffee.

2) The relationship should abstain in the first 6 weeks after birth. However, gentle relationship, need much affection as "boot" to avoid pain, if any, for women. Many women expressed frustration after birth seems to have changed sex lives. This is largely due to the stress, or after vaginal birth is dry, hard intercourse ...

3) Do not abstain from bathing because of the birth process, the body produces a lot of sweat and congestion wastes in the pores, so it should not abstain from bathing. Early bath clean skin, removing dead skin cells and dirt on the surface of the skin, which helps the body refreshed, better blood circulation. So where airtight shower, with warm water, a quick shower and bath k intense than 10 minutes / time.



4) Do not brush your teeth for abstaining postpartum women eat more nutrient, easily causing bacteria to enter and cause tooth decay, affecting not good for both mother and baby.



Postpartum women should abstain from what is really needed to protect the health and mental comfort, confidence. No need to ignore what the ancestors were molded by life experiences and the accumulation of capital from their predecessors lived. But do not believe a machine. Think to choose the best diet plan for yourself and have fun with your family, especially your mother fastidious okay.



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