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IT's always a challenge to approach a girl when you don't know what to say to her. If you don't know how it's done, know this: you just need to be prepared about it. Getting skilled in making small talk alone can get you lots of new friends and ladies who want to spend time with you.


And not someone who doesn't say much during social situations.


The key is moderation, even when you know how to make small talk, you can't go full blasts on every girl you meet. Think of small talk as something you do to get someone talking. With small talk, you can talk about whatever you want to talk about. The ability to make small talk sexy is a good one to have. It's really amazing how easily you can make friends when you know how to small talk. You won't believe how many good relationships started about something trivial like the weather.


That next friend you meet is just a small talk away if you think about it. It's a really good skill to have especially in the business world where every connection is important. There are some things you can do to improve your small talk skills. Sure, it means a lot of practice and doing this will improve all your conversational skills. If you want to improve and master making small talk, just read along. The best thing you can do to improve your talking ability is to talk. Talk to anyone that you came across with like your neighbors, waiters and cashiers. Talk to kids and other young folks to old men and women.


Chat with some tourists along the way. Nothing beats practice with a stranger you don't know. Get inspiration from newspapers, cookbooks and magazines of things to talk about. Anything you can get your hands on can be a good source of things to talk about.  Other great sources of small talk topics include television, music, sports, and fashion. Spend some time on the internet reading about the type of people you want to meet. Even stories you've heard can be a good source of something to talk about. There's always something to talk about, think about your travels or experience somewhere. If you want to practice alone, you can use the mirror and talk there about random things.


When you get to know her name, repeat it when you talk to her to make her feel special. Actually talk to her when you're talking to her. Give her the attention she deserves. Just remember to have some fun when you're talking with her. It's great when you can accomplish that with just about anyone you can talk to, really. You can make her want to keep talking to you even if what you're talking about is trivial. If you want to get her turned off, then there's the negative side of things.


Even if your day isn't going as good as you'd hope, you don't want to make her feel bad about it. When things get a little bland, a good compliment can get it started all over again. When it doesn't lead anywhere, a good compliment still makes her feel good about herself so it's all good. Find something both of you want to talk about. It can be anything like your love for peanut butter and jelly. If both of you can relate to something then you can connect with her even more. Remember that anything can lead to something you can talk about.


The moment you find something in common with her, keep talking about it. When that time comes, you can always say something personal to you and make a connection with her. But don't make it too personal just yet if you don't want to freak her out. When you get to talk about yourself, it's only natural that she should talk about herself, too. Ask her some questions to reveal some information about herself. But be sure it's not something too personal like something about her health or religion or anything inappropriate. Don't forget the thing should be positive even if it's not funny.


Ask open-ended questions about her interests or surroundings. Depending on how she responds, you can follow up with another question or even a joke or statement. If she's becoming uncomfortable, don't ask too many questions to keep her at ease. This is not an interview that you have to barrage her with questions after questions.  Let her breath some air for a while and maintain a good balance with your questions. 

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