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Jun 4, 2011 1:28 PM

Anyone with experience? L5-S1 lateral disc bulge.

I am new to this board, and looking for advice. I am currently seeing a doctor and will ultimately listen to his reccomendations, I just want advice/ experiences from anyone who might have them.I started running about 2 years ago and I love it. It is the only thing I do for me. I have five kids (all boys) and running is what helps me de-stress. I can't imagine giving it up.


After I had my last baby (12 weeks ago) I started getting sciatic nerve pain. I was diagnosed with piriformis syndrome and have been doing physical therapy but it was getting worse. After 12 weeks of pain I had an MRI and was diagnosed with an L5-S1 right posterior disc bulge and a L4-L5 left posterior lateral disc protrusion. I have an appointment with a spinal surgeon in 4 weeks, but I WLL NOT get surgery unless I am dying. I really want to run, I am signed up for a marathon in October.


Does anyone have experience with these problems? Any suggestions or advice? Thank you in advance.

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    1. Jun 6, 2011 10:37 AM (in response to Amanda5)
    Re: Anyone with experience? L5-S1 lateral disc bulge.

    I work in an Orthopaedic office directly with surgeons, but am not an MD/DO/PA-C, so these are just opinions.


    You may be experiencing pain (and a great deal of it), however if you took 10 people and got MRIs of their backs, you'd probably be surprised that the majority may have similar findings. Unfortunately (or fortunately) everyone's body seems to react differently and have varying intensities of pain. It sounds like, despite this pain, you are still being (or trying your best) to be active. If you got into your appointment and the only option you are given is surgery, seek a second opinion (which, the way you stated it, seems like what you would do anyway). There are injections and other forms of treatment and the science is getting better monthly. More options are cropping up all the time.


    You will probably want to cut down on jarring your back as much as possible. Best possible shoes... maybe consider not road running as much and doing track, treadmill or "grass" running to soften the blows as much as possible. Being active is the best thing for orthopaedic issues, just knowing how to do them safely with what you have. Best of luck as you do your research and hear from your Doctor!


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    2. Jun 8, 2011 12:02 PM (in response to Amanda5)
    Re: Anyone with experience? L5-S1 lateral disc bulge.

    I had the same thing! Went and had MRI L5-S1 after about a year of running in pain! I wouldn't do any type of surgery - I went to a Chiropractor for about 6 months and did decompression therapy 3x a week - yoga - and LOTS of stretching. I also got a massage every week for months!! I went to someone who specializes in sports massage - there were no candles and soft music! My piriformis pain seems to come from my hip flexors getting tight - could be something since you just had a baby! I didn't run for about 2 months (did lots of crosstraining - I hired a personal trainer to strengthen my hips, glutes and core!) and very slowy have started again! So far I have been injury free for about a year! I cannot stress enough - listen to your body - if you have piriformis pain - STOP it will not get better - you have got to get the muscle released! I have lacross ball I sit on now that will get in there and help release it - also recommend a foam roller!


    Good Luck!!

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