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Jun 5, 2011 6:12 PM

Training with Bad Allergies.  -- Looking for Help

Evening all,


Until recent I was able to run 5k's about 3 times a week.   Now I have the joy of chest congestion at about 0.6 miles followed by walking at about 1.8 miles.   I can still do my runs in about 35 minutes, but I hate the fact that I have to stop and walk.  I use claritin twice a day.


Anyone else have this problem and if you do any recommendations?   The heat is a bear as well.    I have to find a bigger water bottle and pick up a running hat pretty quick here.   Nothing like sun burn on a shaved head.

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    I've had allergies all my life.


    If you are really bad, you may want to consider going to a gym and running on a treadmill or buying your own.  If you're like me, though, you learn to suffer through survive with allergies.


    First, make sure you shower immediately following your run.  Put the pollen-coated running clothes in the laundry room.


    Second, have you tried a Neti pot?  That will clear the crud out of your sinuses.


    Third, try another antihistamine, like Zyrtec.  I've found that antihistamines lose effectiveness over time, so I rotate around every so often.


    Good luck (said with a stuffed-up nose).




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    Good to hear from other allergy sufferers.  I've had bad pollen allergies almost all my life as well, and I have been running regularly for the last 12+ years.  Fortunately for me, the very bad spring allergy season (generally April and May for me) seems to be over now.  But for most of the past 6+ weeks, along with showering immediately after my run and clearing out my nose with a neti pot with water and baking soda, I ran with a tissue or soft napkin stuffed up my nose.  Looks ridiculous, but my allergies are very bad at that time of year, and I hate treadmills and don't have access to any.  I would just rip off a portion of the tissue or napkin just big enough to stuff into my nostrils.  This helped my nose a lot.  My nose would have been dripping and sneezing constantly otherwise.  Now if there were something I could do for my eyes, which would often get really red and puffy by the end of my runs ...


    As for the sun, I normally run at night during the week due to getting off work late, and on weekends, I head out for my run 40-60 minutes before sunset in order to avoid the sun.  When the weather was not so warm, I sometimes ran during the day on weekends with a baseball cap and coverings for my arms and neck.


    Have either of you considered allergy shots?  I would like to get them in the longer term, but they are expensive and only partially covered by insurance, so I am saving up my money first.

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    4. Jun 6, 2011 6:58 PM (in response to kjhashim)
    Re: Training with Bad Allergies. -- Looking for Help

    Have you tried something like Flonase or Nasonex?  I used to get a lot of nasal discharge followed by really bad congestion, to the point that I could not breathe through my nose for weeks.  Since I started using Flonase that has gone away and the antihistamine I take (Zyrtec) seems more effective.  I doubt it would work if the problem is in your lungs but it has really relieved my nasal symptoms.




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    I used to have tremendous post exercise induced allergies (PEIA, try google) like a truck ran over me for about 3-4 days afterward endless draining and sneezing awful to the point I'd miss a day of work -- here's what did the trick for me -- no caffeine (stimulant/irritant), no diet sodas (chemical drinks) or regular sodas for that matter, and avoid nuts (the #1 trigger food for allergies even if not allergic to nuts directly), and taking 1 Zyrtec (well a cheaper generic) each morning.  (Oddly, I'm reactive to Claritin.)  A daily sinus rinse helps dry up nasal drainage, which might run out the nose or post-nasal down the throat.  edit: I cut back to 1/2 Zyrtec pill only on the days I plan to run ... less groggy in the morning now.

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    Hey Ghost..


    Congrats on the Baby... Don't give up the running!  You look good at 250 - imagine 220:)


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