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Jun 7, 2011 9:21 AM

Shoes may be the source of problem???

I have been plagued the last 3 months with a hamstring tendon pain. I'll try to recap this story quickly.


Early March I was training for a half marathon. I ran 12 miles and couple days later my left medial hamstring tendon was really tight and painful (the tendon where it attaches to the tibia).

I rested, iced, did all that I was supposed to do. It got better (about 90%) then I ran 9 miles of hills. Can you say OUCH! It started to bother me at mile 8. I rested again, iced, applied infared light therapy, NSAIDS... Then the day of the race it was feeling really good but at mile 3 it started to hurt again. I finished the race (it didn't hurt running downhill, only uphill). So the race was 3/26.


I've rested for 4 weeks, nursing the hamstring, icing it, babying it basically. I restarted to run real slow one mile at a time (during this whole time I've had good warm ups and stretching afterwards.) My hamstring didn't hurt at all when I restarted 4 weeks after the race. 2 weeks ago I did a long run (7 miles) then few days later I did a tempo run (3 miles). Last week I was planning another long run (7-8 miles) and I had to quit after 1.5 miles because the pain was back.  It seems the pain just will not got better.


So then, just this morning I realized that right before my original 12 miler (before the pain started) I got new shoes! I was running in my old Brooks Adrenaline (7, I think???) and I got the new Adrenaline 11. I got my feel mapped and all at my running store so I'm assuming I was running in appropriate shoes.  Before I got my new pair my hamstring didn't hurt but I had over 400 miles on it. It was way over due for a new pair.


What do you all think? Maybe the wrong shoes? Or just a nagging tendonitis that won't go away?


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    1. Jun 7, 2011 9:55 AM (in response to Finnatic)
    Re: Shoes may be the source of problem???

    I'm going to play detective.


    First, I note that your triathlons skip from 2005 to 2010.


    Second, I note that your longest training run mentioned was only 12 miles.


    Third, I note what could be a heavy competition schedule for 2011.


    Based on those factors, it is my hunch that you've been training more this last year than in the previous year.  And based on this hunch and on my personal experience, I believe that you've "run too far too fast" and that it's not the shoes.  If so, you're going to have to take time off to allow the tendon to heal and then take your time increasing mileage as you recover.


    Good luck,


    Surfing Vol


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    2. Jun 7, 2011 3:40 PM (in response to Surfing_Vol)
    Re: Shoes may be the source of problem???

    I agree with Surf. Since your inner hamstring or adductors (there is a lot of stuff connecting down there) is(are) likely to be hypertonic, start foam rolling the inner hams and thigh from back of knee to butt to see if you can relax the tight spots that could be pulling on that attachment. At work, sliding down the edge of a smooth chair can help. Good luck. You now have plenty of material to adjust your training plans going forward.

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