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Mar 13, 2011
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Jun 6, 2011 8:45 AM

What is the nicest thing someone said to you (or did for you) when you first started running?

I started C25K just under three months ago, and have been thinking about the positive and encouraging things that people have said to me.  Two in particular stick out to me.  First, having my mom and dad say "I'm proud of you."  There's always something affirming about having a parent's approval, no matter what age I am.


Secondly, and this one makes me thankful that I have the friends I do: I ran (mostly) my first 5K this weekend.  My best friend, who has completed a 10K, two half marathons, and one full marathon ran it with me.  She is the one that told me about the C25K program in the first place.  But not only did she come with me and calm me down etc, she finished the race 10 minutes before I did, turned around and walked back towards me, and then we ran side by side for the last 1/4 mile or so, with her giving me encouragement the whole way.  She is the one who gave me the strength to make it in the end, to not slow down, and to really push it the last few yards.


Anybody else have lovely stories to share as well?

Kate in NH

Started C25K: 03/16/2011

First 5K: 06/04/2011 (Over the River and Through the Woods 5K, Concord, NH): 40:30!!

Second 5K: 08/04/2011 (Thunder Chicken 5K, Portsmouth, NH): 39:32!!

Third 5K: 10/09/2011 (Great Island 5K, New Castle, NH): 38:18!!

Current words to live by: "4 mph is faster than the couch" --FaithInSC

  • slowskinnyrunner Pro 67 posts since
    Apr 11, 2011

    My 11 year old was walking while I was running one day. He was on the top of the hill waiting for me and I was struggling to run up the other side. He yelled "You can do it Mama!" That brought tears to my eyes. And I did do it. Couldn't let my little man down.

    Ham Jam Hog Wild Run 5K - April 16, 2011....................37.32

    State Games of MS Cross Country 5K - June 4, 2011......39.03

    Slow Poke 5K - August 13, 2011....................................37.17

    Rush Run For Your Heart - September 24, 2011...............37.39

    Homecoming 5K - October 8, 2011.................................

    Run For Home 10K - November 12, 2011.........................

    Jingle Bell Run 5K - December 3, 2011............................

    It's very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit. ~George Sheehan

  • Beret61019 Rookie 2 posts since
    Mar 17, 2010

    I was just starting out running and decided to try and run 5 miles at once.  I did ok until the last mile when I felt like I was going to die. Just as I was going to give up and start walking an older man in a silver convertible drove past me and gave me the "thumbs up" sign. I felt so encouraged, it made my day. I was able to go on and finish the last mile running. He'll never know how much that small gesture meant to me.I

  • emiss Pro 70 posts since
    Feb 7, 2011

    Every day for months I watched two women I work with go out to run together after work; they had completed a running series together and they had these very "official runner-looking" jackets they wore when it was cold.  They just looked so hard core and cool.  I started the C25K and didn't tell anyone until I was almost finished.  When I casually mentioned the C25K to one of the woman she instantly invited me to run with them.   I told her I would be too slow, hold them back, etc.  She just laughed, reassured me that they're not out to break any land speed records and encouraged me to do it.  I ran out to my car and grabbed my gear and went with them before I lost my nerve. A week later one of them ran with me in my first 5K.  If she had run at her normal speed she would have medaled but she stayed with me as I loped along at a 12 minute mile and she just kept talking me through it so that I wouldn't walk.  It's been four months now and we all run together every day after work.  We've completed 4 5Ks together and this weekend they'll both be running with me as I complete my first 5K.  Just that encouragement to join in was huge.

    Completed Races:

    3/19/11 Holy Grail 5K 36:20 (First 5K)

    4/10/11 Wellness 5K 30:48

    4/23/11 Stonyfield 5K 30:28

    5/7/11 Dover 5K: 29:39

    5/23/11 Get Fit in May 5K 29:44

    5/29/11 Redhook 5K 29:32 (PR)

    6/11/11 Market Square 10K 1:08:40 (First 10K)

    8/18/11 Saunders 10K 1:07:35.49

    9/5/11 St. Charles Childrens' Run: 29:54

    9/10 Fox Point 5 Mile: 49:03

    9/25 Holy Grail 5K: 32:33 (with bronchitis)

    10/9 Great Island 5K 32:54.23 (still with bronchitis)

    11/13 Seacoast 1/2 Marathon: 2:31:39 (1st 1/2 Marathon)

    1/1/12 First Run 10K 1:4:45 (PR)

    2012 Races:

    2/19/12 Half at the Hamptons 2:28:18 PR

    3/24/12 Holy Grail 5K 28:17 PR

    4/21/12Whale of a 5K (first trail race) 30:24

    3/30/12April Fools 4 Miler 36:39 (9:10mm)

    6/12/12 Margaritas 5K 27:52 (9mm) PR

  • felynn Expert 57 posts since
    May 17, 2009

    my family and friends are very supportive and my sister is going to run nyc with me this year..side by side from the first step to the last! that is gonna be a big help..

    but the best thing that ever happened was i was doing a 10 mile training run for a half was the first time i was gonna run it instead of speed walk.. and i was going back and forth on the boardwalk and a lady who i see all the time just ran up along side me and started talking to me about my training when i told her i was at mile 8 of a ten mile run she ran the last 2 miles with me..she encouraged me to keep going when i wanted a walk break .. now i see my running friend all the time she is def faster than me but i was so glad that day that she helped me.. thats the best part of running..strangers doing nice things for each other.


    disney princess half marathon march 2009--3:27

    philly half marathon nov 2009-- 3:10

    new york city half marathon march 2010-2:47

    jersey girls tri- july 2010-- 1:31

    long Island diva Oct 2010--2:42

    navisink 15k nov 28 2010 -1:56 most hills outside mt Everest!!


  • TriciaToronto Amateur 32 posts since
    Jun 5, 2011

    This past Friday I ran W6D3. I had maybe 2 minutes left on my 20 minute run and was starting to just wish it would all end.

    Earlier a woman on a bike had sped past me --- looking all geared up and ferocious --- she was heading back down the loop the end of my run and yelled out "Good Work!" with her fist in the air! It gave me that extra motivation to keep on going!

    "When you find yourself in the midst of hell, keep going" ~ Winston Churchill

    My Journey:

    July 2008 - Joined Weight Watchers (starting weight 285) - lost 50lbs by Feb 2009. Current weight 248

    Spring 2009 - Started running

    Fall 2009 - First 5k (Road2Hope, Burlington, ON) - Run/Walk - Time 42minutes

    Spring 2010 - 2nd 5k - Around the Bay - Hamilton, ON - Run/Walk - Time 44 minutes

    Spring 2011 - 3rd 5k - Around the Bay, Hamiton, ON - Run/Walk - Time 45 minutes

    May 2011 - Started Couch25k to get back to basics and increase endurance. Goal - to run a full 5k WITHOUT walking intervals.

    July 1, 2011 - Finished C25K

  • VetteGuy Amateur 13 posts since
    Jan 7, 2011

    My two sisters-in-law started running last year and I thought I'd give it a shot. Did the C25K routine and trained with them.

    This past Feb at 60 years old I ran my first 5k in Lowell, MA. I had a ball, thought I was gonna die, but had a ball.

    Since then, I've run several races and would not have done any without the complete support and encouragement of these two ladies a whole lot younger than me. It was always, "Great job, hang in there!" etc.. I just cant say enough how much positive feedback they give. When I can't run they always text, "We miss you."

    My turn to pay back came when I asked them to run the Boston 5k Sunday before the marathon with 5000 runners, a new experience for all three of us.

    We had such a great time they got me to join them in the very first Boston 10k later this month. The three sisters (including my wife) keep me going and it's a pleasure to go for an evening trot or run a race with them. They are the best pals anyone could hope for.


    Guy - Dunstable, MA - almost NH.



    Denese, Kim and me.

    02/11 Super 5k Lowell, MA              30:26

    03/11 Partrick Frye 5k Lowell, MA    28:14

    03/11 April Fool 4m Salisbury, MA  37:15

    04/11 Groton 5k Groton, MA            28:18

    04/11 BAA 5k Boston, MA                28:37

    04/11 Total Image 5k                      26:43 2nd 60-69ag

    06/11 BAA 10k Boston, MA          1:06:45

  • Mimi1984 Rookie 1 posts since
    Apr 12, 2011

    I have tried to lose weight and get in shape in the past and have generally ended up giving up a few days after I started. However, with the most recent trial the first day I was at the gym about to die on the treadmill just from walking the guy beside me looks over and asked me if I was training for a race! I about passed out from shock, this super in shape guy who was running at what looked to me to be just shy of light speed thought I would be training for something!!! The thought of running a 5k had never crossed my mind. However, his one question prompted me to go home that day and sign up for my first 5K that was in May and I have already run my second one. I am still mostly walking but I love crossing that finish line and remembering his causul question really helps to get me through the miles everyday!!









    Races run (walked) so far


        Karen for the Kause 5K  (May 7, 2011) -- 52.20

        Run for Your Life 5k (June 5, 2011) -- 57.54



    Goal for my next... Anything under 50!!

  • This IS my race pace Pro 103 posts since
    Oct 19, 2007

    When I first started running I made up an orange and red triangle sign with colored electricians tape, the kind they put on slow moving vehicles like tractors when they are out on the roads to give the faster traffic a warning, and I always pinned it to my back when I ran a race.  I also stayed to the right.  Towards the end of my first half marathon I had a guy run up next to me w/ about a 1/2 mile left and say, "You're going to finish this race in less than 2 hrs.  You're not slow at all".  That was pretty cool.


    Another time  I was running a 200 mi. relay with some friends.  It was getting late and I had just started my 2nd of three legs in the race and I'm slogging up this hill when I look ahead of me and see this little guy standing on a lawn behind a wall maybe 4 ft. high next to the sidewalk.  It was pretty cool because a lot of the townspeople who lived in the towns we ran through would come  out and sit on their porches to watch the race.  As I got closer I saw him jumping up and down and clapping and he yelled, "I believe in you!"  where that came from I still have no idea but it was so cool and so unexpected.  I ran closer to him and raised my hand to give him a high five, he got it and as I went by I heard his mom say, "Yay, Bobby!  Yay!  Did you see that?"  I looked back and he was still jumping up and down and clapping but this time he was looking at mama.  I don't know if Bobby or myself had the biggest grin on our face after that one.


    I don't know why, but for some reason still to this day when I hit a rough patch, every once in a while I'll catch myself thinking, "Keep going.  Bobby believes in you".  :^)

  • Biggest_T Amateur 31 posts since
    Mar 11, 2008

    During my second race (ever), the lady behind me (who learned it was only my second - ever) kept giving me kudos near mile 3 of 4.  She doesn't know it (because I couldn't find her after the race), but she helped me win my first medal with her cheers.  I'll always remember her.



    ~Running. Cheaper than therapy. Safer than drugs. -Me, 2011


    Believe. Achieve. Inspire.

    05/14/2011 St. John’s Sunset Run 5k (31:42)(PR)

    05/21/2011 Bear Lake Challenge 4mi (41:22)(84/153)(3/10)

    05/28/201 Run for the World 5k (30:07)(PR)(62/164)(3/18)

    06/18/2011 Gary McAdams 5k (28:00)(144/356)(3/18)(PR)

    06/25/2011 Blueberry Bash 5k (29:06)(26/78)(2/21)

    08/13/2011 Argonaut 5k (77/117)(30:17)(77/117)(1/4)

    09/03/2011 Dolphin Dash 5K (27:50)(56/105)(2/3)(PR)

    09/06/2011 Met my 2011 Goal of running 10K (11:39/mi)(PR)

    09/24/201 Pensacola Seafood Festival 5K (missed due to injury)

    10/01/2011 Superhero 5K (27:32)(PR)(48/148)(3/18)

    10/08/2011 Tiger Trot 10k - canceled due to injury

  • Katie21784 Pro 128 posts since
    Apr 5, 2011

    When one of my friends, who I hadn't talked to in about 10 years until recently, found out that I had started running and training for a 5K, he immediately volunteered to start running with me.  He's not a "runner", has never run any races, has no plans to, but found out I was about ready to give up because I was tired of running by myself so he meets me every day when I get off work to help keep me accountable.  He's great about encouraging me to run just a little bit further when I feel like I need to talk a walking break.  If he hadn't volunteered to start running with me, I know I would have missed SEVERAL days of running just from coming up with stupid excuses if not quit training all together.


    Another thing that really helped to encourage me is that at my first race I ran this past weekend, as some of the other racers and I were talking afterwards, I'd mentioned that it was my first race and the reason I'd signed up for it was because I wanted an "easier" race for my first race (it was only a 2 mile race and I knew it would be MUCH smaller, because it was put together at the last minute to help storm victims).  Several of the guys that run races all the time (in fact one had completed a tri that morning) just looked at me in amazement and laughed and said "That was NOT an easy race" and kept telling me how great I'd done for my first race.  This was a HUGE mental boost for me, because while it wasn't just an absolute breeze for me, I also didn't think it was THAT hard and I'd run my fastest pace yet.  I'm going to have to make it a point to find those guys at the next race and let them know how much it meant to me when they said that.


    It's amazing how far just a little bit of encouragement can go.  Something about knowing people are out there supporting you even the ones who don't know you!  That's one of the things I love about this forum, is how much everyone encourages each other even though most of us have never met!

    Follow me on Twitter: @KatieRUNning

    Race Results

    6/4/11 - Salvation Army Dash From Disaster 2 Mile Run - 18:55.5

    6/25/11 - Tomato Festival 5K - 28:15

    7/4/11 - The Great Commission 4 Miler - 37:30 (2nd place in my age group)

    7/9/11 - Swinging Bridge 5K - 31:12

    7/16/11 - Hit The Bricks 5K - 28:36

    8/6/11 - Run For The Son 5K

    Find me and follow my training on by searching for

  • everjewel Amateur 37 posts since
    Sep 19, 2010

    My kids have been my cheerleaders since I started C25K last summer. During those first few weeks of the program, they would cheer, "Go Mom!" from the sidelines of the track as I made my laps. They weren't at my first official 5K, but last month, they were with me at my "goal race." As we were heading to the starting line, my youngest daughter said, "Maybe you'll win!" I laughed! "Honey, I am not going to win," I said, "but I am going to finish, and that's what I set out to do." I could see in my kids' faces that they were proud of me, and that alone had me holding back tears. Then my son said, "Mom, you win for most beautiful runner."  It was all I could do to not cry!

  • SMARIETTA Legend 302 posts since
    Oct 3, 2009

    I have been running steadily for a couple years now- but I don't really view myself as a "Real" runner, if you know what i mean-------

    however- Oct. 2010 i entered my first Half marathon

    about 3-4 miles from the end I start to pass a lot of the FULL marathoners who are headed the other way( they are about 8-9 miles from the end of THEIR race.

    i was Stunned-amazed--flabbergasted-----at how many of the marathoners shouted out words of encouragement, flashed the thumbs up sign, gave me an "attaboy" attitude etc.

    I mean-REALLY- i am gonna be done in  3 miles-THEY still gotta run maybe 
    NINE freaking miles-and they are encouraging ME?


    I still can't believe it-  my sons played baseball,basketball,soccer, wrestling track, xc etc. all through grade school/highschool and college-and i have long known that distance runners and their fans are the most sportsmanlike,most encouraging, most supportive and positive of all the sports

    I just never expected to persoanlly be a recipient of any of it!


  • deeelin Rookie 1 posts since
    Dec 1, 2010

    During my first 10-miler down Broad St. in Philly, when my legs were starting to get numb, and my arms were feeling heavy, a woman yelled, "Just think, most people are still lieing in their beds right now - and you just finished 7 miles! Keep it up!" I stepped on the gas and ended up having my fastest times in my last 2 miles.

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