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  • LarryS Expert 57 posts since
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    15. Jun 14, 2011 10:13 AM (in response to Michael_Taylor)
    Re: LL 60' - SOLO - Tough Call!

    In addition to what Michael said, a HUGIE is that you have no clue what the skill level, knowledge of rules, positioning etc would be of "some parent from the stands"

    What if they make a completely terrible gamer call?  Remember, no umpire can change another's umpire's call unless the umpire who made the call requests assistance, and then only in certain situations.

    There are also legal liability issues.  I am in an umpire associate.  We CANNOT work with a non-certified official.  PERIOD.  We have been told that we would not have any liability coverage if we did.  I like my house.  larry

  • umpirecrit Amateur 10 posts since
    Jan 22, 2008
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    16. Jul 7, 2011 5:42 AM (in response to LarryS)
    Re: LL 60' - SOLO - Tough Call!

    ^^^ as long as its not torument play there nothing wrong with a parent helping to umpire. since this is litte leauge they don't get "paid" its voulnteer work.

    there right to tc you don't see it don't call it.  I blown a call before anyways i explain my this was calripken and i had a parent working as an umpire over a second base. coach ask me to appeal if batter went techially i am suppose to ask but being in that postion he can't get the call "right"  at his angel and the batter did not go around. So i wouldn't let him get the call he wanted.


    This is the reason i got into umpiring is that parents can easily be "bias to a point' nothing wrong with it they just want there son/daughter to do great. be netural is sweet.

  • DawgDays Pro 156 posts since
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    17. Jul 7, 2011 9:20 AM (in response to NathanQ)
    Re: LL 60' - SOLO - Tough Call!

    Michael gave you the response about working behind the pitcher - only if you don't have your gear.


    As to pulling a parent out of the stands - I generally find this to be an unacceptable solution.  Unless they've umpired before, they won't know where to stand, won't know where to move, and don't know the rules very well.  I would much rather do a game solo than rely on an unknown quantity as a base umpire, at least at competitive levels.


    Instructional levels are a different thing - heck, that's how I got my start, as a parent umpire for my son's LL 8-9 team.  But I had a reasonable handle on the rules, and studied some of the umpire sites to try to get better quickly.


    For that matter, pulling a parent out of the stands probably wouldn't help in the OP's situation, since the parent probably doesn't know that if the batted ball hits the batter in this way that it's ruled a foul ball, and that the BU is actually expected to make this call.

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