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Jul 2, 2011 6:36 PM

Some words of Encouragement Please!!!

I got Patellar tendonitis with my meniscus ligament deteriorated. I got Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy started on Monday and it hurts me when I see other people run and I'm on the DL, and the no running part is driving me nuts, since I find running a therapy for my PTSD and give me sanitybesides that I dropped 25 lbs sinc e I got back from Iraq after 4 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Can somebody give me some encouragement so My life don't suck as much as it is right now?

Thank You!!!

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    1. Jul 7, 2011 7:20 PM (in response to redsoxfan35)
    Re: Some words of Encouragement Please!!!

    Yes soldier..........I am very grateful that you fought for our freedom............if the PRP you are receiving is part of a PROLOTHERAPY program, you will be good to go eventually.  I smashed my knee into the concrete falling off a bicycle at speed, the patella went sideways and tore several ligament attachments.  Getting several treatments of prolo with the stronger stuff - sodium morhuatte helped alot, 50% dextrose is fairly strong too and I hear that PRP has an even faster healing effect but note, not sure it tightens the ligaments and much as the sodium murhuatte.  The encouragement is that prolotherapy can actually make your ligaments stronger than you were born with.  You will overcome this and be better than ever literally.  Thank you for serving our country.........I wish you the most awesome and rewarding life ahead of you !!!!

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    2. Jul 12, 2011 9:26 PM (in response to redsoxfan35)
    Re: Some words of Encouragement Please!!!

    If this is a service related injury and you are getting this level of   care, it is good payback for your dedication, and you are likely to be   in good hands. PRP is above-average treatment for injuries, often used   to heal professional athletes. Be happy about that! We can all relate  to  how you feel about watching everybody else run, and to what a great   stress-reliever running is. Long layoffs sometimes hurt more than the   injury itself! All the more reason to celebrate your comeback when that   day comes. Bear in mind that it can take two months of recovery for   every month of downtime you must endure. When they give you the OK to   run again, allow yourself that time to get back to where you were.   Meanwhile, there is plenty of healing to do, inside and out. Find some   books on the science of running and running adventures to keep your mind   in the game. Stay in touch with your sport, the way a snow skier waits  for the next winter.  Those first few steps, even if they are on a  rehab treadmill, will be  your sweet reward. The best of luck to you in  your recovery!

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