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Jul 7, 2011 11:08 AM

Worried about knee problems...

Ok,  little background..  I am almost 40 and overweight.  I used to be an athlete but haven't been active, except walking, in about 15 years.  I am disappointed in myself and the fact that I have let myself go in this way.  I really want to start to walk/jog/run, however,  I am worried about knee pain that I experience on a regular basis.  I am sure that it stems from my weight issues and I am hoping that as I start to lose some weight the knee's will feel better.  Does anyone dealt with similar issues?  I am wondering if I should just walk or if the C25K plan could still be an option for me.

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    1. Jul 7, 2011 7:24 PM (in response to NantasketGirl)
    Re: Worried about knee problems...



    I have a few words for you... Do it!  whatever it is, just do it!  Get your body moving - your body might groan, but it will thank you.


    The C25K is an excellent idea. 


    My opinion though.. If you are gonna do this - Do it properly. 


    Eat Right!  Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and yogurt (I like the Greek Yogurts) are your friends!  I eat 5-6 times per day.  Yogurt - Fruit - Tuna Sandwich - Fruit - Big Salad topped with hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken or pork, sometimes a low cal iced treat like Italian Ice or fat free klondike bar.  


    If you follow C25K and eat properly.  You will see that weight fall right off your body.  You knees will feel better, your back will feel better.  You can do it!


    In November 2010, I was 236 lbs and was occasionally active.  My favorite treat was 2-3 bowls of cereal right before bed.  One day I woke up and said, "No More".  I got up the next morning and ran (not very far) then walked for a bit.  I have not stopped and my weight is down to 201.  I have had 3 knee surgeries so I know about sore knees.  My knees are thanking me for the exercise.  I have zero knee issues. 


    I did it!  You can Do it!  So get out there and do it!


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    2. Jul 8, 2011 12:59 PM (in response to NantasketGirl)
    Re: Worried about knee problems...

    Hi NantasketGirl.  While I'm sure you'll get some good advice here, I'd really recommend checking with your doctor before starting C25K.  While some may do the program without issues (or where it actually alleviates existing issues), that doesn't necessarily mean it will be the case for you.  It's one thing to have sore or aching knees, but pain is a different matter, especially constant or recurring pain.  The last thing any of us would want is to cause further injury to ourselves!  If it's simply the extra weight you're carrying as you suspect, then that's one thing.  But your doctor can at least advise you as to whether it is more of a concern or requires further attention.


    C25K is a great program, and one of the best aspects of it is that it makes it ok not to overdo to the point of injury or giving up.  Hope it all works out!

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