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Jul 22, 2011 11:06 AM

LL Tournament Substition Question

Is a substitue allowed to take the place of another substitue assuming the starter in that spot has met minimum playing reuirements?




Watching LL state tournament game.... Team was using substitue to replce substitue, so they got to keep 8 of their top players in the whole game.

Picture the 9th best player meeting MPR in the 1st inning, then using that spot for substitue to meet MPR, then the next substitute, and so on...


I am not a baseball or little league genius, but I did not think this was allowed - I seem to remember reading things about how the substitute and starter we re married to that particular spot... Can they have a starter marry four subs??? And no, polygamy is not legal in this state....


Allegedly, a call was placed to San Bernandino to confirm this was allowed...


Is this really allowed? Is it common? My gut tells me if it IS allowed, it will be very common soon if it is not already frequently used.....

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    1. Jul 22, 2011 12:24 PM (in response to CatDogFan)
    Re: LL Tournament Substition Question

    Bottom line, in LL T-play---provided all rules/conditions are complied with----a manager can have as many players as he can legally fit--["married"]-- batting in the same batting slot; same game. Flip-floppping sub for sub; sub for starter; starter for sub; etc.


    BTW---a starter may be subbed for before said starter fulfills the team's mandated-3&1 or 6&1-- MPR for that game.


    BUT, that starter must eventually play  the number of CONSECUTIVE defensive outs applicable for that game to avoid a violation.


    His/her mandated one/at-bat can come anytime BEFORE playing the mandated consecutive defensive outs; WHILE on offense when fulfilling the mandated d-outs; or re-inserted AFTER fulfilling his/her mandated consecutive d-outs.


    Basically, in my experience, more than two players married to the same batting slot not common at all.

    As a TD, I have seen three players sharing the same batting slot----when the MPR, for that game, was 3  & 1.




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    2. Jul 23, 2011 9:51 PM (in response to Frank_B)
    Re: LL Tournament Substition Question

    This was much more common back when the MPR was 3 or 1.  It was one way you could carry 14 players (to have more pitching) and still easily get everyone their MPR each game.


    With 3 and 1, you may need to do it if you don't hit well in the beginning of the game and need to get a player into the game to meet MPR before his/her normal spot comes around.  If you face 6 and 1, it's probably not reliable to do it, especially if you are the home team.

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    3. Jul 25, 2011 6:03 AM (in response to Phillieball)
    Re: LL Tournament Substition Question

    Also when it was 3 OR 1---[2003 rules]----multiple re-entries, as applied to each player, were not allowed..... as they currently are.


    Every  player---including starters and reserves---once subbed for, by rule, could only re-enter once.



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