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TN_softball_mom Amateur 8 posts since
May 8, 2008
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Jul 25, 2011 8:28 AM

Coach Offenders List

Is there a place to report bad coaches?  I don't mean things like not agreeing with line-up, positions, or plays.  I mean like taking money, lies, and mismanagement.  Not only would I like to prevent any other parent or player from having the experience we had this summer but I would like to research a coach before we play for him/her.

  • Ladytides36 Legend 203 posts since
    Jun 28, 2007
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    2. Jul 25, 2011 10:37 AM (in response to TN_softball_mom)
    Re: Coach Offenders List

    Please share with the rest of us

  • kevinlhs037 Expert 48 posts since
    May 30, 2007
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    4. Jul 25, 2011 12:17 PM (in response to TN_softball_mom)
    Re: Coach Offenders List

    I work in law enforcement and I know that you can do a background check on just about any ne on the TBI website. It's about $30.00, but if you have doubts about a coach, it may be well worth it.  Also, there are other websites like Familywatchdog. com.  Also, you may wanna check something like Angie's list. I know it's mostly for contractors and things like that, but you may be able to find a way to post something...not really sure. And of course, you can always vent on these message boards.  Also, if the coach can not show receipts for money collected and spent for the team, you could have a civil case brought against him, and you may even have enough to have him charged with Fraud and embezzlement. You should talk with an attorney about that. But, if there is a bad apple out there, you really should get his name out to the public.

  • fastpitchmomma95 Rookie 1 posts since
    Jul 25, 2011
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    5. Jul 25, 2011 3:16 PM (in response to TN_softball_mom)
    Re: Coach Offenders List

    Are you referring to a coach (18U) that lead his team to Florida knowing that he didn't pay the registration fee?  If you are, we were there, too, and support your efforts 100%.  Count us in.

  • RSA16 Amateur 10 posts since
    Apr 19, 2009
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    6. Jul 25, 2011 3:49 PM (in response to TN_softball_mom)
    Re: Coach Offenders List

    We are currently looking for a team for my daughter she is 16 or 18u it would be nice to have to have a little insight on a bad coach out there.We as parents put a lot of time and money in this sport in hopes for a chance at a college for our daughters,but even more at this age, safe life lessons that we can be involved in and enjoy as much as they do.Coaches taking advantage should be put out for all to see.

  • RayJay24 Rookie 1 posts since
    Jul 25, 2011
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    7. Jul 25, 2011 7:35 PM (in response to TN_softball_mom)
    Re: Coach Offenders List

    My child and I love softball but since last fall we have had the most horrible experiences. Teams that take your money and promise big things and none of them came true. Tell you that they are going to big tournaments  and then when the tournament gets here they were to late signing up etc. We have spent alot of money in hopes of getting our child a scholarship. I have just about decided that my child and I will spend more time on vacations and I will just pay for her college. It will probably be cheaper.

  • Leslie1032 Rookie 2 posts since
    Jul 3, 2009
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    8. Jul 25, 2011 7:39 PM (in response to TN_softball_mom)
    Re: Coach Offenders List

    I am not sure who you are talking about but take it from someone that has been there done that.  Our head coach took over 1500 from a group of girls that had sweated and had given up off weekends to raise money and then saw nothing wrong with it.  I really wish you would announce this persons name  and save those parents the heartache.  It really hurt our girls hearts and took a while to make them understand that there are bad people in this world even though they say they love you.  Shame on these people that hurt young athletes that are just trying to be better and have a good time.

  • Jack Wagon Rookie 2 posts since
    Aug 24, 2010
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    9. Jul 27, 2011 2:35 PM (in response to TN_softball_mom)
    Re: Coach Offenders List

    There is no LIST that I am aware of.


    The place to report this activity is here.  Where everyone is looking.  If you know something to be true, then you should not be afraid to post it here. What are they going to do about it if it is true and other players/parents can verify your statements?

  • Tennessee Diamonds 2000 Pro 94 posts since
    Nov 18, 2010
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    11. Jul 28, 2011 3:35 PM (in response to TN_softball_mom)
    Re: Coach Offenders List

    I think you can call the Better Buisness Bureau. I know a coach that had them called on him..

  • minihaha5 Rookie 1 posts since
    Aug 13, 2007
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    Re: Coach Offenders List

    We have been involved with travel ball for years and  have seen bad , good, and excellent coaches.


    Some signs of a bad coach


    1.  Will lie like it is no big deal

    2.  Expects more of others than is willing to do his/herself

    3.  Obvious double standard when dealing with players

    4.  Belittling and demeaning.  I am not referring to yelling or screaming,  I mean totally demeaning

    5.  Not dependable and couldn't schedule anything except on short notice

    6.  Does nothing to promote players to college coaches


    Finally make sure that team finances are open to see.  We found out that some families paid a lot, some paid a little, and some paid nothing.  We have found out that this is no uncommon so check up on this.


    We have been blessed to have had some excellent coaches through the years, but some others should not be coaching.   Just be real careful in choosing a team.

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