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Jul 20, 2011
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Jul 28, 2011 8:35 AM

Injury?--What is It?--What to Do?

I am pretty new here and I really look forward to all the motivation and support this site provides...great people I am looking to tap into the knowedge base of those who have navigated and are traveling through the land of Caloric Abundance to the Body of Shock and Awe.  I know that a vast majority of us are not Board Certified Physicans, however can provide some good advice for us without writing a script and collecting a copay.  That being said, I am obviously in need of some help...


Last Friday, I completed W3..very excited to enjoy weekend and start W4 on Monday...Friday afternoon, I noticed some slight discomfort on my left knee..noticed it only slightly during weekend..on and off...nothing notable...Monday comes and I begin W4D1..I complete..very pumped up...hoever pain back and hurting to walk..get home and ice...worsens throughout the day and I take ibuprofen...pain gone...however returns Mon night and I ice before bed..could not sleep..pain every time I shift in bed...Tuesday ibuprofen ..pain bed..I chose to layoff D2 Wednesday because knee still painful..I take ibuprofen in am...pain goes away and stays pretty much gone..night went virtually pain free..wake up this am.."Hey" I said to myself...knee feels pretty good..lets go and complete W4D2 now...Wrong!!...I completed first 2 runs fine...however after the 5 minute run.. I could not hardly walk to to car and it was throbbing with every heartbeat...went home, limped in and iced...ibuprofen and off to of right now ..not much pain...


So now a little more specific...Pain is located below my knee cap, about two inches toward inside... when throbbing it is very painful to touch this area, however when not in much pain, massage feels wonderful.  I can bear all my weight, seems to hurt more with movement without weight or when weight comes off.  Seems ok to run on..but walking is difficult as this morning was almost unbearable...


I am very frustrated obviously, because I seemed to finally found a program I am excited about doing and I am sure all of you have had this thought..."It Figures!"


I appreciate your time and consideration if anyone out there has any advice or ideas...I want to keep it going...

  • Julie Ann Hackett Legend 226 posts since
    Nov 20, 2007
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    1. Jul 28, 2011 4:49 PM (in response to DonVito357)
    Re: Injury?--What is It?--What to Do?

    I'm lucky knee pain has not been one of my running injuries, but what you described sounds like what a friend just described and called "runner's knee".  He said it was because the muscles on one side of his knee are more developed than the other.  I was given some poor advice to run through the pain when I first started running and ended up with a serious injury that took months of rehab and continues to nag years later.  I would recommend a trip to a PT who can give you a correct diagnosis and suggest the appropriate rehab so you don't get off track from your new fitness plan.  Under the care of a PT or doctor you'll be able to find what exercises you can do while still giving your knee a break to heal.  The last time I was hurt I was very happy to find I could continue my workouts on the elliptical machine.  Don't get discouraged by your injury, but don't try to work through it either.  A small copay is worth it to make sure you are back to running pain free as soon as possible!

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    Apr 28, 2011
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    2. Jul 28, 2011 10:42 PM (in response to DonVito357)
    Re: Injury?--What is It?--What to Do?

    There are numerous possibilities and I second the motion to see your doctor. That being said, I do have a few questions for you to maybe provide a little more insight into your injury. What kind of shoes are you wearing to run in? Did you go to a running store and have your stride evaluated? If not, this could be the root of your problem. I had similar discomfort, went & was evaluated; come to find out, I overpronate severely on my left foot which was the same leg that I had problems with. Also, do you stretch after you warm up and then again after you run?? This is a very important step and seems to be easily overlooked. Another kind of personal question- what position do you sleep in the night after a run?? It is most beneficial to sleep on your back. This is because any other position pinches off the femoral artery some, blocking/ slowing blood flow to the lower extremities. I'm not saying this car=using your pain, but it might be preventing/ slowing healing of an injury if you do not sleep on your back. Just some food for thought. I hope you choose to get this checked out before it gets any worse.

    Happy running!!

    "Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections, but instantly set about remedying them- every day a task anew."

    -St. Francis DeSales

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    Feb 14, 2011
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    3. Jul 29, 2011 3:24 AM (in response to DonVito357)
    Re: Injury?--What is It?--What to Do?

    First - do not get discouraged.  I had a knee injury when I was 3 weeks into C25K, but it is now fine with proper treatment.  See your MD.  I developed an inflamed bursa on the inside of my knee.  Talk about hurt!  I ended up on a round of steriods along with ibuprofen and rest for a week (went to an orthopod).  I thought the rest would kill me, and I would not get back on the program but I did and so can you.  My DH ended up with knee pain as well (could hardly walk) and it was something totally different and required different treatment.  There are so many moving parts to your knee - see a doc for proper diagnosis and treatment unless a week of rest does not cure.  Then get fitted properly for shoes if you haven't done that.  Good luck! 

    Kristy in NC

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    5. Jul 29, 2011 11:13 AM (in response to DonVito357)
    Re: Injury?--What is It?--What to Do?

    There's going to be a lot of right and wrong answers posted here, simply because there's no definitive way for us to know what's wrong with your knee. Instead of offering you armchair solutions which I don't think will help in the long-term, try your doctor for a diagnosis and potential physical therapy.


    I have a section of my website devoted to injury prevention if you're interested. One of the best ways of preventing injuries is simply to know more about training correctly.


    Good luck!

    - Jason.

    Strength Running
  • offmycouch Pro 70 posts since
    Jun 22, 2011
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    6. Jul 29, 2011 12:53 PM (in response to DonVito357)
    Re: Injury?--What is It?--What to Do?

    I had what seems might be the same thing.


    I am a new 'runner' and was actually only on Week 1 Day 3 when this happend.  My first 'run' of day 3, I felt a bit of pain on my lower right knee, about an inch or two to the inside of my knee.  Ran the next two ''runs" thinking it was nothing since I hadn't really done anyting yet.  By the 4th 'run', I felt I couldn't run any more and had to walk home.  By the time I reached my front door, I could not even put any weight on my right leg.

    I iced it, and a bit of Advil.  No pain when I was laying down but as soon as I tried to but weight on it, the pain was pretty intense.  I hibbled around for days thinking it was nothing.  I'm stubborn that way.  Finally went to the doc 10 days of limping later.  Turns out, it was Patellofemoral pain syndorme and Pes anserinus bursitis.  We took x-rays to be sure there no other issues.  Doc prescribed Advil and ice for 4 days.  He also prescribed a physical therapist.


    Also, it seems that I did harm to myself limping around for so long.  The PT says my right hip and leg are now a lot more weak than my left side.  After two PT sessions, I feel it is helping a lot.  Also, I see that people are saying this all over this site but I'll say it too:  Shoes, shoes, shoes!  My PT stresses the importance of the right running shoes and also stresses that you should purchase them at a store that will be able to fit them properly.  She said, "Don't go to Dicks Sporting Goods or a place like that to get running shoes.  Go to a store who specializes in running shoes."


    Take it from someone who is currently going though this....please go see your doctor and get a professional diagnosis.

    I went the extra mile (so-to-speak) and saw a sports medicine physician.  I am so glad I did.


    Good luck!


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