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Mental Aspects of Basketball

Just wanted to share this with you guys this is really good.


Introduction: Mental preparation for the game can make th difference.


1. Bad Attitude - the "Invisible Blocker"


A. FT Shooter - How many can you make out of 10? Probably 7 or 8, right?



B. "Bad Attitude" (Blocker) - step up to block his FT. Now how many out of 10 can you make?



C. Frustration and bad attitudes will affect your shot. If you think you're going to miss the shot, odds are good that you will.



2. Game on! -  Don't react to things that go wrong.


A. Is it better to be down by 2 or 4? A missed lay-up can turn into a 4-point swing if you let your emotions get in the way of playing the game.


B. When you get upset about the lack of a call, you take yourself out of the next play that is taking place, thus giving your opponent a scoring opportunity. If you have seen the movie More Than A Game, you will knoq what I'm talking about.


C. When you get frustrated with yourself for missing the shot, you take your focus away from what is happening. This also gives your opponent a scoring opportunity.


3. Team Players - Everyone contributes


A. Flash back to Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals, Lakers and Celtics. Sasha Vujacic of the Lakers started only 1 game in 2010 and averaged only 8.6 minutes a game. But with a couple of minutes left in Game 7, Phil Jackson put Sasha in because Phil had faith that he could make free throws, and he did. Those free throws swung the momentum of the game and there quite possibly could have been a different result if he missed those free throws.


B. You are a team and everyone contributes! That's why they're on the team!


C. Support and encourage your teammates!


4. Take practice seriously - "practice how you play"



A. Reacting to bad calls or your missed shot is a habit. You need to practice your mental state to break that habit.


B. It is just as important to practice your attitude as it is to practice your jump shot. The points you make by being mentally prepared may just be the game winner.



Conclusion: Summer is a time where we should not only work on our strength, conditioning, and basketball skills, but also out mental strength and toughness. A book I highly recommend for you all to read is Mind Gym. As summer comes to a close, focus extra hard on being mentally strong.





Tough D

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

- Kevin Durant

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