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Aug 29, 2011 8:35 AM

Lots of questions for my first Tri

Hi everyone, up until now I have spent most of my time on Active in the running section.  I starting C25K last November.  I am turning 50 in September and I decided to do a triathlon for my 50th.  Birthday on the 22nd, tri on the 24th!  I have been training on the bike and running fro a while.  I picked up the swimming when I got into my triathlon training (and it's been a slap in tht face, reality kind of thing).  I am doing a Hal Higdon schedule.  So I am 4 weeks away now and I have questions.  I'm sure ya'll can help.  I have lost 80 pounds, but I will still be racing at a high weight.  I weigh 265 now, so whatever I lose between now and race day.  Oh yeah, important point, it's a reverse triathlon so I don't think the transitions will be quite as bad.  Now to questions:


-I am running a 5k on Labor Day.  I'll just work it into my training.  However, there is a bike race here on the 17th.  I could ride 8 or 16 miles (there are longer ones, but I don't want to push it).  Do you think this would be a good idea for me?  I have never been on the road with multiple bikes...or am I pushing it?

-Do triathletes run and bike without socks?  I have been watching video and that's what I'm thinking I see?

-What about eating during the race.  I hear a lot about gels, protein bars, etc. I did get hungry while swimming this morning.

-Are bike shoes a must?  I don't have any yet, but I'm looking.

-Do I have to wear a cap in the pool?  My head is shaved, so no drag there.


Anything else that you can think of would be appreciated.



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    1. Aug 29, 2011 12:06 PM (in response to Who922)
    Re: Lots of questions for my first Tri

    Hey Brent,congrats on your weight loss and welcome to the Tri life!I'm also doing a race this Sat 9/3 my birthday [49] in Venice FL.From what I gather you are doing a reverse with a pool swim,I would incorporate some bike/swim bricks.I'm not a big fan of reverses as i tend to push pretty hard on the bike.As for nutrition don't try anything new stick with what you use in training,a banana 45min prior to start and have gatorade on your bike.As for no socks I train with no socks so I'm quite comfortable,bike shoes aren't a must but it depends on what you ride.For your first Tri. look around and observe,have fun first and foremost.As for the bike race go with the smaller one if you're not used to riding in a pack,I spend a lot of time saying "on your left" which means coming up on you and preparing to pass so move over a bit.There is a lot going on but You'll be hooked.Keep us updated and good luck,Mike

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    2. Aug 29, 2011 1:50 PM (in response to Who922)
    Re: Lots of questions for my first Tri

    First and Foremost congrats on the weight lost and for signing up for this triathalon.  I still remember my first and how that little sprint tri destroyed me, but I finished and now I have some Olympic and 70.3's under my belt.


    Here's what I would recommend, unless you are already running and biking without socks I would not attempt it for your first tri.  It would really suck to have blisters ruin this experience for you.


    The eating is also something you need to experiment, you have to ask yourself what can my stomach handle?  And since this is a reverse you dont want to much nutrition in your gut while you start your swim, but since you will be swimming in a pool your comfort levels will be a lot higher in contrast to an open water. You have a solid 3 weeks to experiment with gels, some guts handle them better than others, I would stay away from protein bars though,  gels digest easier.  If you prefer some texture try Cliffs' has these great gummy chews.


    Bike shoes are not a must, although they do make you a more efficient rider.  I didnt wear any for my first sprint, in fact, I did that race on a hybrid, not even a road bike. I didn't want to invest too much money just in case I didnt like Tri's .  In addition bike shoes do take a little getting used to.  If you do this race in your sneakers, your ready for the run as soon as you get off the bike.


    The swim cap question may not be your call, every race I have done you have to wear a cap it identifies your wave.  However, I have never done a reverse, or have a done one with the swim portion being in the pool.


    Have fun, thats the key to this.

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