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Aug 28, 2011
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Aug 28, 2011 7:36 PM

Beginner Runner

Hi All, just started out running using the C25K app.


I am trying the whole new approach to life, I quit smoking 3 months ago now and I have started running away, i just did my W2D1. Trying to figure out what I should be eating to help me lose some weight and tone up. My partner is a great big know-it-all so I dont want ask him as he thinks I shouldnt be running I should be weight training but I love running and the peace and quiet that comes with it (I have 2 girls under 4) and this is the only thing I have stuck too for so long ( I was running for a couple of weeks before I found the app) Im not a big girl by any means 67kg and 169cms tall (5ft 5)


My main question is do I have to change what I eat in order to lose weight considering I was doing no excercise before and smoking heavily? I eat pretty healthy, my rule is only one night a week we are allowed to have something that is deep fried or junk food. All of my meals are meat and veggies but yes they do contain gravy/sauce ie spagetti and meat balls, sweet and sour chicken (not battered) and stirfried veggies. roast chicken and veggies, steak & veggies, salads, lunch for me is usually smoked salmon/ham/curried egg & salad sandwich or tuna with rice cakes - I am the type of person who regulary forgets to eat even know i am constantly feeding my kids thru the day. Since running I have started eating more (well now I am up to two main meals a day plus one or two snacks - they are fruit tho)


I like to be able to look forward to my meals, if I did what my partner thinks and wants me to do I would not eat as much and the diet wouldnt last and I would be back to sqaure one (ie grilled chicken and plain steamed veggies - no sauces allowed) I cant stand eating veggies like this and have to force them down my throat....


Wondering if any one has any advice as no matter what I seem to eat he tells me I am not eating enough... & that running will never give the the results I want.... basically everything that I am doing is wrong - I just want to know that I am doing something right and some pointers where I can improve

Thanks in advance.

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    Jan 23, 2011
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    1. Aug 28, 2011 8:47 PM (in response to Shell1985)
    Re: Beginner Runner

    I would track all your food - every morsel - for a week and then take a hard look at it to see if you should be changing anything.  If you do feel you need to change something, perhaps something like Weightwatchers online would be a good starting place.  You can still have anything you want within reason as long as you stay within your points.


    And if you are running, you will be getting activity points too.


    I hate to say it but I think some of what he says has merit.  It's healthier to spread your intake in over the day and not load it all into 2 heavier meals.  If you aren't eating enough, it can be as much of a train wreck for weight loss as eating too much. 


    Also, it is good to add in some weight training.  Weight training builds muscle.  Muscle uses more calories so you lose weight quicker as you build muscle - it's ok that muscle weighs a little more and you might notice that at first because even though it does - you will often see a change in the fit of your clothes being loose.

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    Feb 15, 2009
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    2. Sep 2, 2011 1:15 PM (in response to indigopet)
    Re: Beginner Runner

    I totally agree with Indigo (Hi Indigo!)-


    I just got up off the couch in late May/early June doing cardio classes to start with. Began training to join Team in Training in mid-July to run the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in January...official TNT training began Aug 6th. If you look at any beginning running plan that looks at the whole picture most will recommend some sort of strength and x-training alongside of the running. Most will have a 3 day running schedule with 1 day of x-training and 1 day of strength training. Strength training is important for those of us who are new runners because we haven't likely used the necessary muscles very often in the past! I know I didn't, I HATED running! I think beginning with aerobics classes helped build up some of those muscles plus got me used to exercising again. Strength training will especially become useful if you have issues such as knee pain. X-training such as swimming, elliptials, spinning, etc. will help to build the same muscles but give a different type of workout to those muscles as well as help to develop endurance, cardio wellness. I'd also suggest doing some core training. That has helped me immensely as when I started running (more run/walk) I began having issues with back pain. A good strong core will help with this and will help you with a better running posture as well.


    As far as the eating I've kept a food diary on and off since I started exercising. Like Indigo said I take a look at it and can recognize the meals that I need to adjust and/or reasons WHY I was eating badly (tend to be an emotional eater at times).Let me add that I did do the South Beach Diet back in March/April and lost 14# and I think that helped me kickstart my jumping back into exercising after 18 years+. I've lost about 11# more since I started'll initially burn off fat stores, but you need to remember that you'll also be building muscle so instead of seeing the change on the scale you may see it even better with a tape measure and body inches! I'm now down to losing maybe half a pound a week, but I can see a waist again, ab muscles (underneath a layer of fat still), my legs are firmed up and myflat Asian behind is lifting and rounding ever so slightly! lol! I "graze" most days...half a whole wheat bagel with 1Tbsp of PB and a cup of hot water with lemon before run/exercise, a heavier protien based breakfast after exercise, snacks like fruit/yogurt/crackers and lowfat cheese, a moderate lunch, snacking, a light dinner and a snack before bed. I am not a water drinker so I drink a lot of skim milk, lowfat chocolate milk or G2 (low sugar Gatorade) which isn't great but it is better than the Pepsi's I used to drink instead.


    Don't focus on the Indigo said you'll notice the changes in the fit of your clothes. I bought a bunch of new workout capris when I first started exercising and now they're literally falling down when I'm doing my cardio classes...time to buy some new ones at least a size down! Yay! Don't get discouraged if you seem to go backwards at times...we all do. Just keep going, listen to your body and rest when it tells you to/progress when you feel comfortable to. Good luck!




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    3. Sep 2, 2011 3:40 PM (in response to Shell1985)
    Re: Beginner Runner

    If you are interested in losing weight, go to and join.  You can input your height, weight, desired goal and it will tell you how many calories you can have a day and still lose weight.  You can track your weight and activities in there daily.  Best of all ITS FREE!


    Good luck

    Kristy in NC

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    4. Sep 12, 2011 1:36 PM (in response to Shell1985)
    Beginner Runner

    Great info on running here:

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