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GuyinDaUP Rookie 2 posts since
Sep 3, 2011
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Sep 3, 2011 4:59 PM

*sigh* Starting to run again

Hi all, I am starting to jog again. I think I weigh somewhere north of 250lbs, haven't weighed myself in a while mostly out of embarassment. I was looking at the Cto5k as a general guide to follow. I have run in the past and used to work a 6:50-7:30 pace. So, here are my problems:


1. I'm generally "scared" about starting this because I will be working a 10-12 minute per mile pace as I'm desperately out of shape, the emotional toll of not being able to carry a good pace is going to drive me mad.


2. I have an issue with my left foot because I used to run on my heels, since changing to the better, more appropiate ball-heel running style, my ankles aren't catching up.


3. Being pretty fat, I'm generally ashmed to be out running because I don't want to "jiggle"


Well, sorry for being redundant (I'm sure all these topics are elsewhere), but thanks.


Guess my question for starting this thread is how flexible is the schedule? In the past, I just found a course and started trying to jog around it, this is the first time I've thought to try an organized plan... so I guess, thanks for any motivation.    

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    1. Sep 3, 2011 5:21 PM (in response to GuyinDaUP)
    Re: *sigh* Starting to run again

    Start off by going to a local track, or trail in the woods, sometimes even cemeteries offer good spots to run if you do not want to be seen until you get some confidence back.

  • seb34 Expert 58 posts since
    Mar 24, 2011
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    3. Sep 4, 2011 11:33 AM (in response to GuyinDaUP)
    Re: *sigh* Starting to run again

    hey guyindaup - first of all, that's awesome that you're picking up running again   also, i find it somewhat amusing that you'd be ashamed of a 10-12 minute pace - i'm a new jogger myself and would love to go at that pace one day in the distant future   i generally jog a 13-14 pace, and am pretty proud of it!  i know it's different for me because i never went fast, but when i am jogging and people are whizzing by me, i tell myself that i'm out doing my jog for me.  no one is going to jog it for me, so i have to do it the way that's best for me.  i also tell myself that when i "jiggle."  there's actually quite a few people i've seen out who "jiggle" while jogging.  i think if you keep your eyes peeled, you might be surprised by how many people are in the same boat you are.


    re: flexibility of the schedule, it's as flexible as you want it to be.  c25k is a guide to be used however you want.  personally, i ran for time and not distance (i started in the winter, so i was on a treadmill until spring) and repeated a week or day here and there.  i got sick in the middle and didn't run at all for a week, then started again where i left off.  i think it's a really good guide for building up endurance.  it helped me go from not jogging at all (but being somewhat fit - i did 30-60 minutes of other cardio 3-5 times a week) to being able to do my first 5k in july.  so i think whatever pieces of it you like, take it and run with it (pun intended), and anything that doesn't suit you or you need to change, go for it.

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    4. Sep 4, 2011 1:24 PM (in response to seb34)
    Re: *sigh* Starting to run again

    Good for you!  I'm in the same boat, kind of. I'm picking up running again after taking a year off for pregnancy/having a baby.    I did c25k in 2010 and loved it.


    I read your post, and boy, I understand it all except the pace-I was never fast, so I don't have to worry or stress about that.  ha ha


    IF you can stand it, I'd highly, highly recommending doing to couch to 5k program completely, and here's why


    1) The transition from mostly walking (first week is 60 running/90 walking intervals) to running 30 minutes straight by week 9 is SO gradually that honestly, you barely notice.  All of a sudden, you get to week 5, where the requirement is to run 20 minutes, and you find yourself DOING it! 


    2) If it's really been awhile since you ran regularly, it doesn't matter how fast you are-if you push it too hard it'll really mess things up and could take you out of the running game completely!  Maybe you could shift your mental focus a bit and think to yourself "Okay, if I stick with this program for a mere 9 weeks, THEN, I can start working on my time".  Think about it, if you can comfortably run 3 miles, than doing pace work should be easy...well, relatively easy, I guess.   Think of c25k as the foundation that will get to you where you CAN work on your pace and can be a consistent runner.


    3) With the intervals gradually increasing, you might find you can run quicker than you thought.  If you know you're running for a short amount of time (1 minute, for example) than maybe you can ran faster than you would if you set out to just run as far as you can without collapsing.   Having your run broken up into intervals rather than one long run might actually be pretty beneficial to you, since you're used to be a pretty quick runner.


    As far as jiggling and people watching, ugh, I feel ya.  This time around isn't so bad for me, but when I started in 2010 I was at LEAST 30 lbs overweight, in reality probably closer to 40, and I felt terrible.  To make it worse, we have a community college w/ dorms two blocks from my house, and running in front of those skinny kids was SO embarrassing!  I made myself better by "talking" to them (in my head, of course) and saying "just wait, 10 years out of college, one or two kids, you'll look like this too".  HA HA  Always worked! 


    My solution to running in obscurity was to utilize a cemetery nearby.  It was quiet but not so isolated that it put me in danger.  Do you have anywhere like that?  Also, depending on what time of the day you run, you could pick neighborhoods that are less busy because people are a working, kids are in school, ect.  I like to run in the cemetery during evening/morning hours when more people are out, and in neighborhoods when it's midday and most people are gone from home.  I avoid busy streets and high foot-traffic areas like the plague, especially when I'm so out of shape.


    Also, I use my sunglasses like my own personal shield.  Lol  If I don't look at people, I don't feel like they're looking at me, and if I'm wearing my sunglasses, then I don't feel obligated to look at them because they can't see my eyes.  HA HA  Silly, I know, but hey, it's the little mind games you place with yourself that make you a successful runner.


    Good luck to you!  I'll get money you can do it and get back into running.  Sometimes in life, we have to shift our "normal" and define a new normality, for awhile anyway.  You're "normal" right now is that you are, as you say, overweight and can't run as fast as you want to.  Redefining where and what you are right now will help you set realistic goals. Then, in a little while when you feel you need it, shift your "normal" again-keep your goals attainable by setting realistic goals you can acomplish.  Having unrealistic goal just makes you depressed that you can't reach them, and you will want to give up.


    Take care! Hope you can keep running.


    Jenn / BradenMommyof5


  • dksv01 Amateur 25 posts since
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    5. Sep 12, 2011 1:37 PM (in response to GuyinDaUP)
    *sigh* Starting to run again
  • _Miles Pro 147 posts since
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    6. Sep 12, 2011 4:24 PM (in response to GuyinDaUP)
    *sigh* Starting to run again

    Hi GuyinDaUP!


    1) 10-12 is pretty fast (in my mind). I, like the other poster, run about a 14+ minute mile right now after completing C25k in August. Two summers ago when I weighed about 15-20 lbs less (though was still overweight then) I think my fastest times were around a 13:00 minute mile. I ran a 10 minute mile back in high school and if I never see that fast again I'm actually okay with it.


    2) Go to a running store, get fitted for good running shoes. Go slow and deliberate through the program, don't skip days. Often your cardio will get used to the jogging thing quicker than your joints and muscles will. That's tough because you want to go faster and farther than your body is really ready for. You just have to be patient throughout the C25k program. I found doing things like swimming on my off days really helped when I first re-started C25k: stretched out my muscles but allowed for basically no impact exercise.


    3) I know this sounds highly unlikely, but after a few weeks out there? You won't give a damn what anyone thinks you look like. You'll be so focused on the jogging you'll just develop the F- you attitude to anyone who looks at you twice. Seriously, people stare at joggers. Not because you look funny or fat or anything, they'd look at anyone walking or jogging by. And you get used to it. And you think to yourself, hey I'm out here doing this, what the heck do I care if that guy looks at me cross-eyed.


    Anyways, good luck!



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  • slowskinnyrunner Pro 67 posts since
    Apr 11, 2011
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    7. Sep 13, 2011 9:50 AM (in response to GuyinDaUP)
    *sigh* Starting to run again

    When I first started running, about 7 months ago, I would walk when I heard a car because I didn't want anyone to see me "trying" to run. I have a wonderful dirt road that I really enjoy because there is almost no traffic. I hope you have a place like that close by. It would have been hard for me to be around very many people.

    As far as the C25K program, I never could stick to it because if I got off schedule I would get so discouraged that I would quit. It worked better for me to just get out when I could and do what I felt comfortable to do.

    Also it may help if you sign up for a 5k. I see people way bigger than 250 lbs in them all the time and anyone that runs is happy to see you out there, anyone that doesn't who cares what they think. They are jealous most of the time anyway.

    Good luck and happy running.

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    8. Sep 13, 2011 10:18 AM (in response to GuyinDaUP)
    *sigh* Starting to run again

    I'm supposed to weigh 175 and I weighed 206 lbs last year when I started running again.  I also was fast once and when I started a year ago was very slow.  I used Jeff Galloway's run-walk program and wore Nike Zoom Vomero shoes to help me get in shape without getting shin splints, etc.  It took me about 8 months or more before I could run remotely like I used to.  Now I'm around 200lbs.  I can tell you that getting back in shape is a very slow process, but it is worth it.  Last year I ran a 5K in 23+ minutes.  This year I am on schedule to run that same race in 20+ minutes.  Both of these times are the slowest I've ever run in my life, but if I keep improving like this, next year I could run a pace in the 5K that is similar to my old times.


    When I started, a year ago, when I went up a hill I would go so incredibly slow.  Now I am running up hills with power and continuing to run fast once I get to the top.  If you train smart and are patient, you should be able to get there.  Just keep the end in sight.


    As pertains to onlookers, I suggest some healthy anger directed towards anyone who might be judging you.  It would be tough for a reasonable person to judge an obese person for working out.  Anyone who thinks they are superior to you has serious problems.

  • flamomof3 Legend 1,928 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    9. Sep 13, 2011 1:36 PM (in response to GuyinDaUP)
    *sigh* Starting to run again

    Congrats for starting again and good luck!

  • erfman008 Rookie 5 posts since
    Nov 4, 2000
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    10. Sep 23, 2011 5:05 AM (in response to GuyinDaUP)
    *sigh* Starting to run again

    Hey UP,

    I haven't run since last years Turkey trot, I ran a marathon on 10-10-10 to raise money for the American Brain Tumor Association because, well I had a brain tumor that was removed on Feb. 10 2010, now I have epilepsy. I ran 10 before that I'm not saying my situation is worse or better, I'm just saying that I started running last week, 10 min that was it, now I'm up to 20 min this week, you can do it. As far as being heavy, wear baggier clothing. It's got to be snowing by now in the UP, so clothing isn't going to matter much. I'm from Chicagoland so I know about the cold. You goal is to youself , I'll never beat a Kenyan, well I guess I did, he dropped out of the race.My goal is another marathon next Fall, slow and sure., one foot in front of the other. You can do it, don't get bummed out.

  • jdallmann Rookie 2 posts since
    Sep 23, 2011
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    11. Sep 23, 2011 11:26 PM (in response to GuyinDaUP)
    *sigh* Starting to run again

    Glad to hear you've decided to run again. As for me i just started again after 17 years! I can't give advise on any Cto 5K plans but I do know about too much to soon.  I am not overweight and was very active my whole life(I am a rough carpenter). I am used to pushing my body. I recently had a accident where i suffered 2nd degree burns over my legs and arms/hands. I heal fast but spent three weeks in hospital before i could even walk(if you could call it that). In that short time i lost all muscle & joint strength. Spent three more weeks before i could walk upright. Then i started running to build strength. Like you i used to train fast (easy runs round 6 min miles). So i ran until i was tired. Started out running 1.6 mi two to three times week.  My 6th run was a 5K. Only did it to motivate me to keep running( i had a purpose). I pushed too hard because i wanted to be stronger; i used to be faster and go longer. Hell when i first started i could go farther. But my joints could not handle it. I turnrd my ankle before my 5K cause my ankles were not strong enough to run yet. I could walk fine but not run fine. I was sloppy. And now only two weeks later i have tendenitis in my left ankle(tiblialis posterior & anterior!) All because i didn't work on strengthening and ran what i felt like i could do. I didn't let my body get acclimated to the pounding of the run. To answer your question don't push your plan further than you should. At first i felt my slow pace was embarrassing to myself(10 min/mi). You will get over that real quikly cause you just feel good being out and doing it.. If you want to do more(for weight loss/cardio) grab a bike and ride between runs; its easier on your joints. I now have to myself. And don't worry about other people's perception, i'm out there riding a hot pink girls mountain bike! That turns heads and gets me a lot of car beeps. But i don't care cause i'm doing something those other people are not.  And for the motivation for easing into running; i can no longer currently run cause i pushed too hard too soon.

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    12. Sep 24, 2011 1:11 AM (in response to GuyinDaUP)
    *sigh* Starting to run again



    The C25K guide is a good plan to start with. It is easy to follow. Don't worry about being fat as you will not be the only chubby runner (jogger) out there. Give yourself some time and you will start dropping some pounds and it will be easier to run.


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    13. Sep 26, 2011 9:33 AM (in response to GuyinDaUP)
    *sigh* Starting to run again

    Don't let your head throw in the towel before you've even given your body a chance to get out there.  You deserve this!  You deserve to get in shape.  Forget how fast vs slow you are, forget what others think of you, forget all of it and just do it!  It's easy to think others are judging you but I prefer to think they are cheering me on.  When people pass I put positive encouragement in their heads, imagining they are telling me, "go for it!".  Chances are good they are. 


    I have running shirt that show less jiggle than the rest.  Maybe find a shirt you feel comfortable with?  Once you get started and start seeing the benefits you will have more important things to worry about. 

    My weight loss blog, pictures, etc (started in 2007):

  • casey ranel Rookie 1 posts since
    Jun 2, 2011
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    14. Sep 27, 2011 6:07 AM (in response to GuyinDaUP)
    *sigh* Starting to run again

    I started running March 2011 and was 20lbs heavier than I wanted to be. I have always been overweight and always feel like I am "jiggling." I think the key to wanting to get healthier and lose weight is to not care what other people think. You have to do it for you and once you decide that, then you will not worry about what you look like. Start off slow and walk when your body tells you to, just remember that walking is better than not doing anything.


    As far as your heels and feet are concerned, I started running in Nike Air Max... Boy was I messing up in those. Someone finnaly told me to go to a professional running store and get fitted for shoes that are right for my feet. You should visit your local running store and tell them all your pains, including back, leg or hip pains and they will choose the shoe appropriate for your foot. Don't be embarrassed to go in this store b/c of your weight. Every running store I have visisted have had very helpful non-judgemental employees. Hope this helps and happy running....



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