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Sep 19, 2011 7:28 AM

Nutrition Advice for Trail Ultras

OK, so I ran (and completed) my first Ultra on Saturday and had massive problems with my stomach.  I could not keep anything down after about 15 miles.  Threw up after eating about 1/2 mile out of each aid station.  Felt much afterward but my pace slowed considerably after about miles 25.  Ran almost the entire race with just water.  What can I take to quiet my stomach and allow me to consume calories while on the course?  The race was very hot and very hilly but I have always had problems with runs above about 22 miles.  My stomach goes into revolt and refuses to cooperate.  Heard that I might not be taking in enough salt and tried to take salt tablets but those would come up also.  Looking for brands to try for salt or any other supplement that will allow me to continue on and race well in ultras in the future.

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    1. Jan 13, 2012 10:39 AM (in response to CDR Spencer Moseley)
    Nutrition Advice for Trail Ultras



    I hope that you have been having better luck with your stomach and trail running.  Here is an article that talks about how to eat during ultra trail races.

    If My Grandma Would Not Recognize it as Food I Should Not Eat It


    I hope this helpls,




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    2. Jan 25, 2012 8:50 AM (in response to CDR Spencer Moseley)
    Nutrition Advice for Trail Ultras

    I'd guess that a lot of your issues on the day were stemming from it being really hot.  I finished a half ironman last year in 100 degree heat with no shade but ended up in the med tent after the race due to dehydration.  During the run I was having problems getting enough fluid into me much less food.  Everything at the aid stations was out in the sun and therefore hot and hard to swallow.  I froze my hydration pack bladder the night before which was a huge help.  I also found during the run that ice provided at the aid stations was great in my jersey pockets to cool any food or gels.  The cooler run off was nice on my legs too.  I now swear by the margarita flavor shot blocks which have double the sodium of normal energy gels and won't do a race without some.


    One other thing that I think I should mention is keeping the sun at bay on a hot race.  I wore a white jersey and used arm coolers.  If you're not familiar with them they're white sleeves that allow the heat out but give some good sun protection.  Mine are from Nathan and I know Pearl Izumi makes some good ones too.  I also modified my headsweats hat sahara style with some material from a football jersey to cover my ears and neck.  It was great to dunk the hat in the ice bins at the aid stations and pour the cold water on the sleeves, I'm certain it allowed me to finish the race.  The only other modification I'm thinking of is to make the neck piece into a pouch so I can put ice into it as well.  That way the wind won't blow it around as much and I'll have icy water cooling my neck and back too. 


    Ok, the fashion police said I looked more like Lawrence of Arabia but under the circumstances I don't care.  When you're highly stressed from the heat your body starts to shut down some systems like digestion so it's harder to get anything in.  Do what you can to minimize the heat and it will be easier to eat and drink while you're on the course.


    I hope that helps given it's been a while since the OP on this thread.


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