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shanonlyn Rookie 6 posts since
Dec 26, 2010
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Oct 31, 2011 12:32 PM

does anyone else ever just give up?

i have had a few bad outings ie not finishing disneyland half marathon 2 weeks later a first anual 5k where i came in dead last 4 weeks after that another bad 5k where i wasnt dead last but close and now yesterday doing a mud mash where i came in you guessed it dead last. im just starting to run i can only run about 2 minutes at a time and im trying my hardest but im so discouraged right now that i think something else that im begining to love is not right for me. i dont want to quit yet but if im not getting any better what choice do i have watching???? just like i do in softball???? if anyone else has suggestions or helpful stories that helped you keep going i would love to have some inspiration

  • GinnyinPA Pro 150 posts since
    Sep 29, 2011
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    1. Oct 31, 2011 1:10 PM (in response to shanonlyn)
    does anyone else ever just give up?

    Are you doing any of the structured training programs like the C25k or the B210K?  If you follow them, you generally see real progress, both in speed and endurance.  I was amazed at how quickly I advanced from being unable to run for more than a minute to being able to run for 30. 


    If you have tried them and aren't seeing any progress, you might ask at your running store if they can recommend a trainer to work with you.  How often are you running?  You might increase your training from 3 to 4 days a week.  What kind of cross-training are you doing?  You might need to build core strength or flexibility.  Do you have access to a treadmill?  I try to increase my speed over the course of my run - i.e. starting at 5.4 then going to 5.5 after 5 or 10 minutes, then 5.6, then 5.8 . . . and I'll do faster one or two minute intervals if I'm feeling good. 

  • SJRUN Expert 55 posts since
    May 3, 2011
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    2. Oct 31, 2011 1:43 PM (in response to shanonlyn)
    does anyone else ever just give up?

    Hi shanonlyn - Sorry...but no quitting allowed on this site.     This site is solely for seeking encouragement, support, advice and the odd humorous anedote.  To give up you have to go!


    Don't give up.  Sounds like you've got stacks of ambition (half-marathon! wow!) but just lacking a wee bit of patience.  13 miles is a big bite. 


    I'm not sure I have any inspiring stories for you, but I will say that back when I decided to get back to training and running, I was pretty miserable.  And for a long while, at the beginning of every run I remember thinking to myself "there's no way I can do this."  But somehow I just kept going and somehow I managed.  Finally after a couple years of this it occurred to me that despite my thinking everytime that I was going to fail, I never did.  I certainly had some bad outings and less enjoyable runs.  But somehow, just by dint of determination I guess, I didn't quit. 


    Once I realized this...realized I was almost always wrong about not being able to do the thing...I started thinking instead that I could do anything.....just by remembering how many times I'd been wrong!  So now that's what I think...I can do anything!


    So...I don't know if that makes any sense.   Sounds a little hokey, I know....but no more hokey than you giving up!


    GinnyinPA has good advice as do others.  This is just my two cents.


    Go get 'em!

    "If you think you will fail or that you will succeed, you'll be right."

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  • RTeps Expert 51 posts since
    Oct 13, 2011
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    3. Oct 31, 2011 2:30 PM (in response to shanonlyn)
    does anyone else ever just give up?

    Don't give up!  Many of us are in this with you!  I am doing C25K right now and am on week three.  I am amazed at the progress I've made even though it is only running for three minutes max during week three.


    Find a running buddy who can train with you, or like others have said above, seek out a trainer who can put you on a program to increase strength, speed and endurance.  Try C25K if you haven't already.  I am not an expert by any means, but PLEASE don't give up!  You can do it, just keep at it!


    One more thing, I know that signing up for a race is motivation for us all to train, progress and get better.  However, if you are feeling discouraged about coming in last then maybe races should go on the back burner for awhile.  Set a personal goal for yourself....either time or distance and make it a competition against yourself from your last run.  Say: "Today I am going to go the same distance in less time."  or "Today I am going to go further in the same amount of time!"  Maybe those personal accomplishments can be some motivation and encouragement!


    What I say to myself everyday (even if it felt like an off day) is: "Today I am more fit than I was yesterday!"


    That keeps me going!  Hang in there!


    Started C25K on 10/17/2011, Finished C25K on 12/17/2011!

    Completed and continue to do P90X

    Goal is to lose 30-40 pounds!

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  • lenzlaw Community Moderator 10,539 posts since
    Jan 18, 2008
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    4. Oct 31, 2011 4:57 PM (in response to shanonlyn)
    does anyone else ever just give up?

    Wow!  You've "just started to run" but you've attempted a half-marathon, two 5Ks and a mud mash?  Have you done any training?  Honestly, it sounds like you're going about this bass ackwards.  Unfortunately, running is not something that just happens.  It requires training and practice.  (So does softball, if you want to be a decent player.)  Most runners do several months of base training plus a couple months of race-specific training before attempting a half-marathon.  If you haven't done that kind of training, you need to do a reality check, and start with the basics.  C25K (Couch to 5K) or the like is a good start.




  • Kristy in NC Pro 134 posts since
    Feb 14, 2011
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    5. Nov 1, 2011 4:13 AM (in response to shanonlyn)
    does anyone else ever just give up?

    You've gotten great suggestions so far.  You say you are just beginning to run.  One thing I've learned about running - it is SLOW steady progress.  I've been running almost a year and just recently was able to do a 5K in less than 40 minutes.  I'm always near the end of the pack but that is ahead of the person on the couch!  I started with C25K, which is an excellent program.  I would suggest you try that or a similiar program to structure your progress.  My goal is a half marathon in 2013, hopefully a Disney half.  Your willingness to get out there and try all this is amazing to me.  do no give up now.

    Kristy in NC

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  • redrunner32 Pro 151 posts since
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    6. Nov 1, 2011 8:41 AM (in response to shanonlyn)
    does anyone else ever just give up?

    Seems like you are expecting too much too soon... if you can only run 2 minutes at a time you can't really expect to run like lightning... I would suggest building up to running 30 minutes in a row using one of the plans mentioned by other posters and THEN enter another 5k and you'll see much better results

  • Mikelle_71 Rookie 2 posts since
    Jan 26, 2008
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    7. Nov 1, 2011 12:31 PM (in response to shanonlyn)
    does anyone else ever just give up?

    Good responses so far... and I'll throw my own experience in.  I've been running for several years now, but I don't consider myself a good runner.  I run because I like it, I feel good after I run.  I run races because I love the excitement of race day.  My goal is to finish those races... I have never cared whether I come in last or close to last (happens to me a lot, and I'm NOT a new runner!)  Have you looked into specific training programs?  I personally like Jeff Galloway's program.  I use his run/walk/run method for any run longer than 5 miles.  I doubt I will ever be a "good" runner... but I am a runner, and I think the ultimate goal is to enjoy it!


  • susan-n-the black dog Legend 425 posts since
    Jun 11, 2009
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    9. Nov 1, 2011 3:59 PM (in response to shanonlyn)
    does anyone else ever just give up?

    Really...there is NO shame in dead last.  Someone has to be last and I'm darn good at it.  As I see it...I'm out there.  I'm putting one foot in front of the other and I'm doing something they think can't be done.  I'm moving my pudgy body and I'm trying.  Do I want to give up...sure! 


    Don't give up is easy...keep going.  That's the challenge.  Start small and work UP to the half marathon.  You can do this!

    Susan in CA
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  • Ogr44 Legend 316 posts since
    May 24, 2008
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    10. Nov 1, 2011 7:35 PM (in response to shanonlyn)
    does anyone else ever just give up?

    I've never been dead last - I have been last Male in a 5K, and almost dead last  -- I was second to last in a 10K earlier this year.   I don't sweat being last or close to it.  I always figure I am ahead of the guy on the couch...


    I do expect to finish - and I have seen big improvement this year - 7 min difference in worst 10K and best.


    I have not done a structured training program but I alway log every run/jog/walk and try to keep on moving forward. 

    races in 2013 - Always trying to keep moving

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  • 6xchampsfan Pro 184 posts since
    Jul 4, 2011
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    11. Nov 2, 2011 4:22 PM (in response to shanonlyn)
    Re: does anyone else ever just give up?

    Shanonlyn, everyone is giving you great advise. The only pressure in running a race is the pressure you put on yourself. The fact you're out there puts you way ahead of alot of people. I've been running 11 years and worked myself the whole way up to midpack. I realize this is who I am and I'm darn proud of it. I may never win a 1st place but I couldn't be prouder anytime I cross that finish line and so should you. If I had any advise it would be to relax, enjoy and as you put in the time and miles you will be as good a runner as you want to be someday. By the way if you can find it there is a great poem by Dee Groberg titled  The Race. It was given to me as a gift by a friend when I was unable to run for almost 2 years due to a heart problem. I try to live my whole life this way now that I was given another chance. I take it out and read it from time to time when things aren't going so well. I really think you'll enjoy reading it. I remember the words the father tells his son on a couple of my long races knowing my father would say about the same to me if he were here. Good luck and keep running.

  • Running4urlife Pro 72 posts since
    Oct 6, 2011
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    12. Nov 2, 2011 7:05 PM (in response to 6xchampsfan)
    Re: does anyone else ever just give up?

    GREAT ADVICE - 6xchamps.......I agree...enjoy yourself and be ok with your runs....some will feel great and some will feel really crappy.  There are runs where I feel like giving up but I push myself and I'm always glad I did.  Just keep getting back out there and like 6x says, as you put in th miles and the time, you will improve.  I try to talk to either new runners or slow runners or whatever kind of runner you feel you fit in with.  The fast runners and marathoners are great to learn from and certainly impressive, but I can't relate to their times or trials so I like to connect with others who focus on the joy of running and not just their time.


    Good luck and keep running!!!


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    13. Nov 5, 2011 9:18 AM (in response to shanonlyn)
    does anyone else ever just give up?

    All of these posts are so inspiring.  I also am a slow runner. Yes, I want to quit.  Almost every time I start running I struggle to get though the first 1/2 mile!


      Last February I decided to train for a marathon on a team with a goal of breaking the Guiness World record for number of people to complete a marathon while tethered together. At that time my farthest distance was a 5k. The team was going to run at a 13:45 pace.  SLOWER than my pace.  At first the training plan was daunting looking at the distances.  I couldn't imagine running 8 miles let alone 26.2.  Taking one day at a time, I was able to build to 10 miles at 12:00 per mile.


    Injury due to lack of cross training, strength training and stretching took me out of the marathon.  I struggled because it felt like quitting. And because of the team and the record breaking attempt, it was visible to slot of people. 


    Fast forward 4 months, last weekend, I ran a15k in my hometown, 2hrs 6 min.  The race organizers were closing down the finish line. But I came across the finish line with arms raised in triumph.  Finishing, was an awesome accomplishment for me.  Yes I wanted to quit during the race.  Yes I walked.  The hardest part was when the course went within 2 blocks of where my car was parked!  Somehow, I kept taking the next step. And, I finished.


    I am training for the 1/2 marathon in Las Vegas on December 4.  I needed an 'event' to keep me motivated.  I know I won't quit.  I know I won't be first. And I'm with that.


    Keep going!  I think that there are more of us slowpokes out there than I thought.



    I'm training for the 1/2 marathon in Las Vegas on December 4.




    I've come to accept that i will be a late finisher at least for the near future.  I also figure I'm better than those that don't even get off the couch.

  • Ogr44 Legend 316 posts since
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    14. Nov 5, 2011 12:50 PM (in response to MargeD)
    does anyone else ever just give up?

    I understand needing an event to keep me moving.  when I don't have one on the schedule I find it easy to cheat on workouts - not that I don't cheat already....I am moving in new direction for my next race - Nearly Naked Mile...I am targeting under 9min for the run.



    after that I am targetting end of year run - either 5 0r 10k


    Keep on moving and enjoy yourself

    races in 2013 - Always trying to keep moving

    31 Dec 2012: Fairfax 4 miler: 49:34

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