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  • Richard Bakare Amateur 17 posts since
    Sep 27, 2007

    This was my 3rd year in a row at this event. It has progressively gotten better but still has yet to match the production quality of something like the Peachtree Road Race or a Dirty Spokes/Xterra trail race. I appreciate that some of our feedback from last year was heard and addressed. The food lines and ticket system for food and beer were much better than the 'everyone for themselves free for all' of year's past. The staggered start times for the 15K and 5K races made for a smoother start; along with the extended road section at the beginning which allowed the field to thin out before entering the woods. Chipped timing is also great (though badly executed this round) because we don't have to scramble when we finish to jot down our information on post cards with frozen hands. Along with chip timing, you should provide both a chip and gun time as they are not the same for most of the pack. I also loved the course changes which made for a faster and more competitive race. Also, the parking situation was much better than years pass.


    There are some take away improvements that could be implemented to make this a top notch event. First, just make the start time 8:30 and make your announcements at 8:00. Historically, a cold event, the 8:30 start allows the air to heat a little and for people to make it down there a little easier from all over Atlanta. Also, start the race ON TIME. Three years in a row the race hasn't started on time and this delay is just wrong. Also, I believe the porta-potties could have been better placed and marked. Additionally, switch to a time chip that is attached to the bib like Dirty Spokes uses to make for a smoother  finish (no shoe laces to untie or straps to cut). In the hopes of also collecting better data, no more race day registrations or category changes in the last 48 hours leading up to the race. Furthermore, you can't miss on the awards. The tools are there and a race day printer can be used to constantly refresh the results until you reach three deep in 80% of the categories and then start handing out medals.


    I love visiting the Serenbe community and enjoy the race course very much but the inconsistent execution could hurt this event long term. More than anything, I think you all should visit three events I think set the bar for race production. Dirty Spokes/Xterra Trail Races, Warrior Dash, and The North Face Endurance Challenge. One more thing, please go back to long sleeve shirts; this event is a November race after all. Thanks again, and have a great holiday.

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  • kytte Rookie 3 posts since
    Nov 17, 2011
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    31. Nov 17, 2011 8:01 PM (in response to Guest )
    Hill Country Trail Race at Serenbe 15k & 5k Reviews

    Evening Everyone,


    Had a great, if a tad cold, time at Serenbe, but then I just ran the 5k and got to the beer/food line early.  Anyway, I just read the resulst and they posted my time at 5 minutes slower than the clock and my watch indicated.  Anyone else have this problem in the 5k?   

  • michaelsquared Rookie 6 posts since
    Jul 6, 2010

    Adding to kytte said, I ran the 15K and the time they posted for me is 1.5 minutes slower than the time listed when I crossed the finishline (gun time), and closers to 2.5 minutes off what I clocked on watch.

    Beautiful course, and I intend to run again, but a little attention to detail by the organizers will go a long to making this a great event.

  • Artos Rookie 2 posts since
    Mar 20, 2009

    Overall, I enjoyed both the course and the after race entertainment.  I am not very happy with the confusion over times and clocking of the races.  It's apparent that the times for the 5k are off by a 5 full minutes!  I hope this doesn't happen next year; maybe they'll use a different chip system.

  • Joe Nourollahi Rookie 1 posts since
    Sep 30, 2010

    Overall this was a great event, and I will definitely be back to run again next year. The 15k course was beautiful, fun, and just the right amount of challenging (not pancake flat and not super hilly either). The saxophone and bagpipe players along the course were great. Loved that.


    That said, there were some issues that need to get ironed out. The course seemed short and my Garmin (as well as a few others I talked to) read 8.79 miles. Pretty annoying to run 8.8 when you signed up/planned for 9.3.


    A late race start on a very chilly morning is not OK. Warm-ups are timed to coincide with a specific race start. Standing for 15-20 minutes in the cold after warming up is not the best way to start a race. It's especially annoying when it feels like the biggest reason for the late start is pre-race announcements. Know how long those will take and get them started accordingly.


    The timing issues were a complete mess. My time doesn't match the gun time I noted when I came in, and I have little confidence in the accuracy of the race results that came out after all of the issues they had. 


    Separate starts for the 5k and 15k was probably a good idea, but identical finishing locations was not. Being one of the faster 15k runners and finishing the last .5 mile of my run dodging slower 5k finishers was not fun, especially right at the finish chute when I was trying to kick it in for age group placing.  There should either be completely separate finish locations or at least different finish chutes. As long as these were VERY clearly marked it would likely help with the timing issues as well.


    There were some complaints about lines for food and beer post-race, but that's too be expected and they moved quickly.  Other than not being able to manage the results, I thought the post-race was very well done.


    While there were some issues, the main focus for me was to run some new/interesting trails, and I loved the course at Serenbe.  Hopefully, as they keep this going every year they'll get the kinks ironed out and this will be a can't-miss event.

  • PhillipMaxwell Rookie 1 posts since
    Nov 9, 2008

    It seems that a common knock on this event is that it needs to start on time. And the announcer could talk a lot less. Other than that, I loved it and plan on returning next year.

  • MikePants Rookie 1 posts since
    Feb 1, 2012

    There were too many people there and it wasn't very organized.  They also had my time wrong and never delivered my award.  Also, it was hard to tell which race was suppose to go first and which went second.  They ran way late on start times which hurt a lot of people.  I would not recommend this race unless you really want to run and u have extra time to waste

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