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Help in a weird situation



im a new member here on the forum. i hope this site helps me improve my game. first iwanted to ask for help because i am in a tough situation right now. i started on my middle school varsity team and found that i wasnt getting a lot of playing time so my coaches dropped me so i could play a lot on jv. well i moved down and there was another pg there running the team. i have played pg all my life and their starting me at sg and i swich off with him. i told my coach that i felt i was playing out of positiona and was coach told me that he knows cuz he can tell and that he wants me and him on the court at the same time because we are great playmakers. im in winter break and when we come back i want to seperate myself from him. i know im stronger and faster and a better shooter. i have ok handles and my coaches say i have great vision but ihave to control the tempo and not go crazy. i was wondering if anyone had any tips or drills for me......



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    2. Dec 15, 2011 3:05 PM (in response to miamiheatballer)
    Help in a weird situation

    I few days ago I gave a similar answer on this forum, here is that answer with a few small changes for your unique situation...


    I think this identifies a little bit of a gap in your game.  You NEED to be able to be adaptable as a basketball player.  What if you were in the NBA and Chris Paul got traded to your team and you were a PG.  You would have to learn to play with him...You have to be able to adapt.  As you go through grade school, high school, college, and could always be put in a situation like this.  What you need to work on is things like moving with out the ball, setting screens, getting open, running the floor, and finding open spots to spot-up for a jumper.  You also should keep working your handle...i'd work a lot of 2-ball dribbling drills...this really speeds up the off-hand coordination and development. All of these things differentiate you as a player regardless of what position you play.


    A few pointers:

    When they say you are dribbling too on surveying the floor before putting the ball on the floor.  Some of the best moves in basketball are non-dribble moves...jab-steps, etc... Here is a link that will help you with some of those non-dribble moves: Basketball Moves


    As much as you like handling the ball and creating for your teammates...your teammates probably also like having the ball in their hands.  It isn't fun for other players if there is a guy that always has the ball and is pounding the dribble and running around....everyone likes to have the ball and create offense...keep this in mind


    Work on your screening, cutting, as well as your spot up shooting


    You need to be adaptable as a basketball player...if you can figure out a way to create for yourself and your teammates WITHOUT the ball in your hands, you are going to be a MUCH more valuable basketball player...and al your teammates will love playing with you.


    Check out this link: Basketball Training

    For tons more basketball info from The World of Hoops


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