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Dec 20, 2011 12:30 PM

Making Good Quick Descions?

I want to know how to make smart and quick descion when  starting the fast break, penetrating, and when the other team puts intense pressure on me. Usually when  I get home  I play the game  back in my head and relize that if I had made a different descision for a particular situation, it could have been the difference between my team scoring or me causing a turnover.  I would really appreciate some feedback. Peace out. 

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    1. Dec 20, 2011 2:03 PM (in response to Kzai01)
    Re: Making Good Quick Descions?

    There are three parts to this in my mind.


    The first is making sure your ball handling and passing abilities are strong enough to handle the situation you are in.  If your skills aren't up to speed, then you will have trouble in these situations regardless of decision making.  Be sure you are continually trying to improve your handle and passing with both hands...both stationary but more importantly doing these things at full speed.


    The second is experience in decision making.  You need to make sure you have been put in these situations a ton of times.  This comes from drills, pick-up games, camps, coaching, etc.  How often do you work on dealing with double teams or heavy pressure in practice?  When you are inexperienced in doing something, it is going to seem more difficult.  It also probably seems like everything happens VERY fast during the game (but when you think back you are able to slow it down in your head, and you realize you should have done something else).  When we aren't used to pressure players tend to panic, try to get rid of the ball, or pick up our dribble, we also allow ourselves to get trapped, turn it over, and everything feels like it's going 100MPH. 


    For pressure remember a few things...stay in a strong position.  Put your body (butt) between the defender and the ball if dribbling.  You can also pick up the ball and pivot...just stay athletic and low...don't stand straight up.  Take your time. 


    Always keep your head up - see open teammates and see where the defense is

    When you do dribble, try not get stuck in the corners or along the sideline...this makes things much more difficult b/c the sideline acts like another defender....these are also places you are likely to get trapped.

    Stay calm, work your pivot foot and keep your head not stand straight up...stay low and athletic try to step through or around the defender

    Try to stay can always call a timeout if you get pressured really bad.


    The third thing is - develop your patience and confidence.  By doing the first two things...this third thing happens naturally.  If you are used to running the break, getting pressured, getting trapped, etc...they will become just another part of the game to you.  You will be confident about your decisions, abilities, and you will be able to take your time and slow down the game.


    In the meantime...keep working on your ball-handling, coordination, and practice.  If you have a few friends to practice with try this: ball handling drill Also check out the other WOH videos on that same youtube channel...a ton of great ball handling videos


    I have a ton of basketball information like this at my site: Basketball Training


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