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  • TJ3mi Rookie 8 posts since
    Apr 22, 2006

    Yeah seriously, if people tell you that you're too thin and that it's unhealthy inform them that they're overweight and that that is much unhealthier.

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  • LeahC044 Rookie 129 posts since
    Sep 5, 2005


    Originally posted by TJ3mi:

    Yeah seriously, if people tell you that you're too thin and that it's unhealthy inform them that they're overweight and that that is much unhealthier.

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    That depends on if the people just think that you're too thin, or if you actually are.  If you are underweight (and you can't go by BMI, you need to go by body frame size) it's just as unhealthy as being overweight.  Some might argue it's even more unhealthy because at least in overweight people the body is getting more of the nourishment and nutrients that it needs to function.  In underweight people that's often not the case..

  • SeaHorseRunner Rookie 55 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    I agree with Dave's last comment.  I am 27, 5'4" and about 120.  I recently lost 10 pounds and will be happy with about 5 more.  I get the same comments about not needing to loose weight but even more so comments like "why can't you just take a day off from running."  For me, it is about the type of lifestyle that I have chosen to live.  I choose to be active and healthy.  I want to be happy and proud of myself when I look in the mirror or realize that those last 5 pounds have helped me improve my performance.  I want to live to a ripe old age and be able to keep up with my children and grandchildren (when the time comes) and hopefully be a role model for them.  If anyone has anything to say about it, go ahead, because I know in my heart that I am doing what makes me happy.

  • totaleffort Rookie 280 posts since
    Feb 10, 2006

    I'm 5' 9" 145 so mid 21 BMI and body fat of around 12. Lost about 35 about 2 years ago.

    Mostly I get compliments / praise but there have been some " don't lose anymore weight comments" from some who then did a flip -flop asking me for advice as they were overweight.Agree there can be a too thin back-lash but have to realize not being overweight puts you in the minority in this country.

    One of my sisters gave me a hard time but then admitted it was only because she had gained a few pounds herself.Actually is proud of the way her brother looks.

    I'm not losing any more weight . Like the rest of you I just  want to be as healthy as I can be and not lug extra pounds on the roads.

  • Magritte Rookie 51 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    Along with the usual don't-lose-any-weight/you're-too-thin comments (usually when I've declined treats), I've actually had people try to get into dialogues with me about my reasons for "needing" to be thin or in shape, just in case I was doing it for unhealthy reasons, such as trying to conform to unreasonable social standards of beauty, or due to a fitness "obsession."  I'm not by any stretch gaunt or hollow looking, just fit and trim.

    I think the comments are sometimes both well-intentioned AND sparked by insecuritysometimes people follow up with comments about their own need to lose weightso I try to respond in a polite and kind way.  If I really don't want to discuss it, I just say I have a race coming up and need to be light, and that takes care of it.  But often, the conversation turns around, with people asking my advice about nutrition or exercise.  I figure if it helps people become more conscious and proactive about their own health, it's time well spent.

  • kibksy24 Rookie 2 posts since
    Apr 24, 2006


    Originally posted by Ice Cream:

    At 5'6" and 116 pounds, I get the comment, too. I usually answer, if it comes from an overweight person: "I understnad that you think it's OK to comment on someone's weight. I will do what I consider polite and not comment on yours."


    Hahaha!  That's great.  I wish I had enough guts to say that to people too!  I always get picked on for eating healthy.  Seriously, why must eating carrots as a snack instead of french fries make me feel like I'm doing something wrong.

  • NorthernElf Rookie 214 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    Yeah Ice Cream - I'm gonna commit that one to memory too - cool response ! A polite way to conteract an impolite comment...

  • mountainlake Rookie 73 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007


    Originally posted by Bugs34:

    I would like to loose a little more off my middle and back. Sick of pinching an inch back there. I don't think I NEED too but would like it. I think most of the people are giving me advice because they are uncomfortable with their own bodies.


    It sounds like you aren't walking around saying how you want to lose more weight. That's good (if you were, you would be inviting people to respond).

    My own guess is that weight training is going to help you more than losing an extra few pounds.  It's amazing how much you can firm up and really look great through strength training, without losing a single pound!

  • run1988 Rookie 49 posts since
    Jul 2, 2005

    thats an awsome come back ice cream...a little harsh but funny!

    i definately agree with a lot that has been said in this thread, overweight is becoming the norm. its pretty disgusting if you think about it. most of this country is obese.
    this is really cliche but, thin should be in.

  • kzabrisk Rookie 7 posts since
    Apr 25, 2005

    The next time someone says you need to gain weight, just tell them that you eat and eat and eat and just can't gain a pound!

  • SportiGrl Pro 470 posts since
    Jul 22, 2004

    I think most of the time it's well-intentioned people wanting the thin person to know that they find them attractive and healthy and don't think the thin person should agonize over something that is (in their eyes) unneccessary ...  I get a lot of comments from people at the pool .. especially my boss and the participants in my water fitness classes  ... not that I am too thin but that I am thin and 'I want to look like you'  .. then I feel odd and won't admit that I am wanting to lose a few ...

    My boss points me out to a lot of other exercisers and also moms of kids we teach lessons to ... she'll say 'Look at her. And she doesn't do anything to be that way, it's genetics!" ... That bothers me some ... but I think she's being funny and most of the people know I'm very active ... sometimes it's apparent she's trying to make herself and other overweight people feel better about how they are when she discounts the effort I put into being healthy ... oh well ...

    to the original poster ... your doctor knows you better than we do and also is probably a much better judge of what it healthy for you ... if he says not to lose 10 more pounds and he's a runner, I say you need to take his words pretty seriously to heart ...

    take care, be healthy and happy!

  • CynthiaM020 Rookie 21 posts since
    May 28, 2002

    Well, I'n trying to get rid of 10 pounds at the moment . . . but when I was thinner, I always got the same kind of comments. I was marathon training, and people at work honestly did not want to believe that I stayed thin through running alone, and eating good food, but lots of it. Several people constantly quizzed me about what I ate, that I was too thin, that I needed to eat more, and told me that she didn't believe I ate a lot, I had to be dieting. They looked me in disbelief when I said I stayed thin through exercise, not dieting. I think it's because they did not want to exercise, they would rather diet than exercise, and they didn't want to be confronted with proof that exercise helps!
    Also, keep in mind that the average size of american women is size 12, and a lot of people seem to want to keep it that way so they can say, "Oh, I'm not big, I'm just average." I agree that people get offended about being told they are fat, but feel free to pick on thin people. Why can't we all just get along?? LOL.

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