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Jan 24, 2012 6:01 PM

odd sensation in fingers ? ? ?

Several times when I have been running, after the first 15 minutes or so, I start to get a strange feeling in my fingers.  It feels like they are swelling or that the skin is getting tight.  The fingers don't exactly go numb, but is sort of a dull throbbing sort of sensation.  Visually, nothing appears out of the ordinary.  It just feels odd.  I don't tend to clench my fingers while I run.  In fact, several times I have dropped my water bottle because I just lost focus and let go of it.


Has anyone else experienced something like this?  If so, what was the explaination?  Should I be concerned, make adjustments to my running style/posture, or just ignore it?

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    1. Jan 24, 2012 6:22 PM (in response to Jolene Duckie)
    odd sensation in fingers ? ? ?

    It all depends. Have you ever had health issues such as high blood pressure/pre-hypertension? Are you just beginning a routine or have you been running/exercising regularly for a while? Is it only in your fingers or up your arm? I am a running coach and have found that sometimes health issues can cause swelling/pain/fatigue in extremities...but sometimes it could be something as simple as the way you position your arms when running, clothing too tight that its hindering circulation, or clinching/tightening of muscles while running (without knowing that your doing it). If it's cold out during you run it could simply be the cold numbing them. If you feel it could be a health concern I would see your dr ASAP and take care of that before continuing yoru workouts.It's typically best to get a dr's clearance prior to starting a routine/training program. Hope you get to the bottom of it and sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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    3. Jan 29, 2012 3:35 PM (in response to Jolene Duckie)
    odd sensation in fingers ? ? ?


    I certainly agree with the suggestions from the running coach.  I have experienced similiar issues and it is possible to be tensing muscles without being totally aware.  Try wearing weight-lifting (finger-free) or light-weight running gloves to see if this helps.  I know you said you do not have a problem with clinching fingers while running, but the hands, arms, shoulders, back and so on are responding to the intense movement, so that action is sometimes concentrated down into the hands.  The right gloves might assist to stabilize this..I wear them pretty much year around now.  They seem to work physically and mentally!


    Hope this helps and best of luck!

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    4. Feb 8, 2012 11:42 AM (in response to Jolene Duckie)
    odd sensation in fingers ? ? ?


    I was looking for a thread to ask a very similar question. I have very cold hands. My circulation isn't so great now that I'm in my mid-50s, although my BP is OK. I asked a local running coach last spring if he thought cold hands could affect your running at all, in any way. He said no, as long as you aren't pre-occupied with the fact that your hands are cold or are going to get cold. Just keep them loose, and shake them periodically, he said. Wear light running gloves (I bought a pair and they do help).

    One thing I'm noticing now, and it's not only when I'm outdoors running, but when my hands get cold, is one or two fingertips may start to get tingly or even numb. Something like when a body part falls asleep, which leads me to believe it's a curculation thing, again. I don't know if this is what you're feeling, but it's happened to me a couple times while running outdoors (and while shoveling snow). When I look at the fingertip, it actually looks a little yellowish. I wouldn't think it's frostbite, as I wear gloves and it's only about 30-40 degrees. I don't run when it's very cold.

    Do you always run with a bottle? Try going without it, and make your thumb and index finger into circles with light pressure, or shake your fingers out every now and then to release the tension. Try to stay away from forming fists with your hands.

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