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Oct 20, 2011 1:26 PM

2011 Battleship Half Marathon & Port Land Grille Battleship 5K Reviews

Share your experiences with the 2011 Battleship Half Marathon & Port Land Grille Battleship 5K below Back to event details page.

  • Advocate921 Rookie 1 posts since
    Oct 20, 2011

    This event does not allow wheelchairs in their 5K even with the the 1- hour head start for walkers (before the runners.)


    Though, the cause is for a very a very great charity, the man, Ed Fore, has not considered that 1. some people in the wheelchairs may be wounded warriors that would like to race.

    2 the other "wheeled vehicles" he is not allowing, during the walking part at 8 AM, is strollers. Some of those women or men pushing the strollers for their kids, could be overseas.


    When confronted about a woman's son that was refused to enter the race because he is in a wheelchair-Ed Fore defended himself with two main responses:


    1.) the course is unsafe for strollers and wheelchairs ( not true and could not even give a clear answer of how it was unsafe)

    2.) Ed Fore': "I pay off enough people to have a great opinion about me, why do you want to ruin that?"


    Yup - Ed Fore is about image and is not considering those in wheelchairs that may have been injured serving our country or

    mothers/fathers overseas pushing their children in the stroller in the walking portion of the race.


    Ed Fore is worried about his image; I will not stop spreading the true word until there are, what he calls them, " Wheeled vehicles" allowed to participate in the 5k


    Thank you. I suggest you advocate for those who have been wounded or not. Also spouses in the services with children back home who want to support their family in the 5K.


    Give Ed Fore a call/e-mail. Just because he holds a charity, does not mean, he is exempt from the Americans with Disabilities Act.


  • CaitMcG Rookie 1 posts since
    Mar 9, 2008

    I have run this race for a number of years. The run is beautiful, the race director is awesome, not too crowded, not too empty. One of my favorite runs every year!

  • Pixiedustlady Rookie 1 posts since
    Nov 7, 2011

    What a JOKE this was!! If I could rate this as a ZERO I would!!  I have been in many races and this was the WORST EVER!!  Can you believe they ran out of food?? They gave you ONE piece of pizza and they ran out of beer!! umm hello you knew how many people were coming!! They had 3 boxes of oranges, one box of bananas and a small box of bagels that were GONE by the time I changed out of my wet clothes, stretched and went for something to eat.  I was starving after running 13 miles and got one smashed packet of crackers and half a cup of Gatorade.... NEVER AGAIN!!!  Each racer got two beer tickets and the line went to the water... stood in line for 35 iminutes to be told sorry out of beer are you kidding me??  I went to the food table and all the pizza was GONE, fruit GONE, bagels GONE...this pathetic, unhappy woman wanted to argue that earlier they had fruit and bagels really?? and what about the rest of us that didnt get to eat anything?? you HAD??? LMAO what a mickey mouse event!!! I went to the timing trailer because they only  hung up half the race, noticed they had HUGE boxes of donuts melting in the sun for the volunteers if no one is eating them, why  not put them out for the people that just paid $$$$$ and ran 13 miles?? I have had better food at a low budge 5k!!!  Almost 2000 racers and nothing to eat or drink except water, watered down gatorade and cracker packets LOL nice one!!  You knew how many people were coming and you ripped us off!! I loved all the non racers eating all the pizza!! Yes more pizza arrived AFTER MOST PEOPLE HAD LEFT!!  Oh and to the unhappy witch working inside the first aid tent, if you HATE your job, PLEASE KEEP YOUR HATEFUL FACE AT HOME!!! Didnt know we were bothering you with my bleeding hand!!

  • 23Sarah500 Rookie 5 posts since
    Jun 19, 2011

    I ran the 5K, so we had plenty of food.  I'm really sorry the half marathoners didn't...they're the ones that needed it more!  So in that case, I definitely agree more planning should have been done, and will hopefully be done next year. 

    I have done a LOT of 5Ks, as well as the Mini Marathon in Indianapolis, Indiana in May, which is HUGE.  I was surprised at the lack of organization at check-in.  The tables weren't labeled as to which was for pre-registered, which was for those not yet registered, etc.  Simple hand-written signs, taped to the wall behind the tables would have been helpful and I suggest that for next year.  Also, I suggest a more secure gear check.  I ended up running WITH my cell phone, camera, and ipod because I didn't feel safe leaving them.  And since I parked in the garage across the river, I couldn't run back to put stuff in my car. 

    The course, however, was fine.  I don't know about the half marathon course, but it looked good.  No complaints with the 5K course. 

    I appreciated the free parking options, and free transport to the race.  That was cool.

    I also think the people that ran the start and finish did a good job.  It was clearly designated where we started, and where the finish was.  I liked that the half marathon started early, and then the 5K people lined up.  It made for less confusion at the start. 

    Also, I LOVED the prizes!!  The mugs were really cool and MUCH better than the typical medals most races give out!  The mugs are actually usable and I'll definitely use mine!   

    I loved the fact that we got 2 free beers!  (Except many of the half marathoners, apparently.)  I know I looked forward to mine and enjoyed them!  I also appreciated that they had pizza and doughnuts, unusual food items at a race.  Being vegan, however, I didn't eat either.  A couple boxes of vegan pizza would be fabulous in the future!    But the fresh fruit and crackers were also nice.  Again, hopefully by next year the organizers will plan the food based on the number of registrants they have, plus extras, so everyone gets some.

  • MichaelHoyt1 Amateur 14 posts since
    Mar 14, 2010

    I have run 40 Half Marathons in 2011 and this one was one of the nicest all year. It started at the Battleship. Went across the first draw bridge into Wilmington. The waterfront streets downtown Wilmington is very nice. The course went into neighborhood area and then swinging back to a second draw bridge to bring runners back to the Battleship. Very nice course. Medal was nice was an average tech white.    I had Pizza and food at the end.   The beer line was long.  I passed on the beer.  Overall, I was very pleased with the race.  I went back to my hotel, showered and took the tour of the Battleship (free for runners) before heading back the Airport.

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