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    Nov 12, 2009

    I am going to try this RR again! Only a shorter version this time!! I do not think that I had posted on here since my problem began with my knee (ITBS) about 2 weeks before the Marathon. It was raining buckets here with an estimated rainfall of 2-3" over Saturday and Sunday. I need to get in 12 miles. I made the decision to run it on the TM vs. risking getting sick from being out in the cold and rain. Bad mistake! I do not run on the TM. All of my running is done outside. When I began running and was doing C25K - I did it totally on the TM and I had some problems with my IT band. I ran the 12 miles on a Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon I could feel the pain in the side of my knee that signaled ITB. I started icing it and cut down my mileage for my runs the next week. It seemed to be better and I only did 1- 3 mile run the week of the Marathon. I blew off 2 small runs in order to rest and preserve the knee.


    New Orleans is not a driver friendly town. There is virtually no parking space except valet or company parking or public parking lots which may be miles from where you want to go. Therefore you end up doing alot of walking. I was determined to not do anymore walking than I absolutely had to. We got to our hotel around 2:00 p.m. on Friday, valet parked the car, got in our room and unpacked. Then we walked to the expo to get my bib, d tag and swag bag and to look at the offerings from the vendors. I came upon a booth for KTape and a PT was doing demo taping. I got him to tape my knee and while he was doing so he told me that this knee could be a race stopper for me. He tapped it and told me to take it easy. While I was at the expo, I bought my 26.2 car stickers and a 26.2 sterling silver charm to go on my charm braclet! Motivation to finish the race!!


    I rested the rest of the afternoon and then we walked a couple of blocks to dinner and back. I was in bed resting by 8:30 p.m. Knee was doing pretty well, but huring some. On Saturday the rest of my group from the running club began to trinkle in. My daughter, son-n-law and grandaughters came in also. I went to lunch with my family and then went back to the room and rested while they all did the tourist thing. My family wanted to eat seafood, so I told them to go ahead and I would go eat with some of my friends from the running club that was going to eat pasta and pizza early. We were going to eat about 5:00 and get back to the room early to rest. Well, we met at 4:45 and walked to the restaruant. It was a good 1.5 miles there! I did not know this or I would not have gone! After walking there, we found that we could not get a table for 2 hrs!! I was for going somewhere else to eat with a shorter wait time, but they all wanted to hang around for the 2 hrs and eat there. Ofcourse, these girls are all in their early 30's!! Ugh! By the time we got in, ordered, got our food, ate and walked back to the hotel it was after 9:30 and I still had to get my gear ready for the race the next morning! My knee was killing me by the time I got back to the room.


    My husband and I both knew that it was not a matter of if my knee started acting up the next day, it would be a matter of when! So, we packed the small samples of bio freeze that I had got at the expo into my fuel belt pouch along with a couple of Tylenol, just in case.


    I had been preparing my body all week for the Marathon. Carb loading since Wednesda, but not heavily. And not with pasta. I carb loaded the 3 days prior with high carb veggies and fruits as well as bread, but only in small amounts and with a couple of snacks thrown in each day. I also, drank alot of water, drank some Powerade everyday and on Friday I started taking 3 Endurolytes at night before bed. On the night before the run, I had spaghetti and french bread with a coca cola for dinner! When I got back to my room I had water and Endurolytes before bed.


    Start time was 7:00 a.m. and we were supposed to be in our corrals by 6:30 a.m. I set my alarm for 4:00 so that I would have plenty of time for breakfast, get my gear together, use the potty and walk the couple of blocks to the starting line. I got to the corrals and it was a mad house! 22,000 people everywhere! Everyone trying to use the Porta Potties and find their corrals. I was in corral 18. I went to the porta potty before getting into the corral. I found my corral and was talking to some people standing around and I heard them talking about that they were supposed to be in corral 25 but they did not want to be back there because it would take them so long to get to the start line! What???? You are there for a reason!! 


    Anyway, my fueling and hydrating plan was as follows: 1 Hammer Gel and 2 Endurolytes 15 min. before the start. I had already taken 3 Endurolytes when I got up.  Thereafter, I would take 2 Endurolytes every 50-60 min. and another Hammer Gel. After the HM distance I would switch to Prepetuem every 1.5 hours and continue on with my Endurolytes and water every hour. This worked great! I never was low on energy! Even at the end...I still had plenty of energy to go! I never hit the "wall"!


    My knee was feeling pretty good. It was a little sore, but better than it had been the night before. We finally got up to the start line after having been in the corral for about an hour. Just standing there. Finally, we were off...but you could not move because all of the corral 25 people started out walking!!!! It took along time to get around them and it took alot of zig zagging that was not good for my knee. I finally got out into the

    clear and off I went. Feeling good....time passing quickly....hit the 5K mark in just under 35 min.! I had a pace tattoo for 5:25 that I had on my arm. My plan was to stay at or close to those paces for each mile. I was about 2-3 min ahead of pace at the 5K point and feeling good! This continued on through to mile 9. At mile 9 we were on a street that had alot of uneven asphalt and manhole covers. It was in a very beautiful neighborhood. I look over at a house that was stunning and when I looked back at the of the corral 25 people stopped right in front of me and started walking! I had to zig and zag to keep from hitting her and I stumped my toe on some uneven asphalt and went stumbling! I finally caught my balance and continued on, but my knee was really beginning to hurt after that.  The HM's turned off at mile 12 and we continued on straight. At mile 14, my knee was hurting pretty bad, but I was continuing on. Just before mile 20..I came down on my right foot in my stride and when I went to push off with my left leg did not want to go with me! My knee just stopped working! I hobbled to the curb and pulled out my bio freeze and rubbed my knee down after stripping off the tape and massaged my calf because it was spasming. I then stretched the knee well and tried to continue. I began again slowly and was able to run about a mile before my knee seized again and I had to repeat the massage, stretch, rub down again, plus this time I took the Tylenol to help with the pain. The pain got better but the knee continue to stop working about every mile or so and I would have to repeat the process. I called my husband when I got to mile 25 and told him that I would be there soon! He had been getting tracking messages on me from the beginning so they knew where I was most of the time, but I did not know when the last update was and I wanted them to not worry since I was later

    getting in than we thought I would be.


    I did make it to the finish line!!! And I was able to run across the finish line with my grandaughter! Very special. I finished in 5:49:55 and I am very proud of that time!! I worked hard for that time! I perservered and did not give up like alot of people that I saw having the same problems that I was. I saw many, many people drop out at around mile 20-21 or go to the med tent to wait for a ride back. I was determined to cross that finish line! I had stickers and a charm waiting for me!!!!


    It was an awesome experience and I loved every minute of it even with the pain and the knee problems! My GPS showed that I had 33:23 of paused time. This was the time that I spent stretching, rubbing, massaging trying to get my leg going again. If I had not had the knee problems...I could have come in close to 5:16:32! I know I have this in me! I know I have my fueling and hydrating down pat! I know that I trained hard and I was physically and mentally ready for this challenge! I just made 1 bad decision that included a run on a TM that changed the whole thing. But, it taught me that I can muster through and get to the finish!

    I cannot wait for the next one!!! I am thinking maybe St. Jude's in December!! For now, it is rest, ice, relax, play some golf, ice my knee some more and let my body heal from the grueling six months of training and a wonderful Marathon!!!


    Thank you all so much for your support over this journey! Who would have ever thought a little over 2 years ago when Marie and I and several others on here began C25K that I would be a Marathoner and that others would have already completed HM's and be training for Marathons and all of us over 50 and alot of us 60 or over!!! WE ROCK!!!!

    FM! 3/4/2012 New Orlean RnR - 5:49:55! PR!

    10K PR 1:11:22 ( 11:49 mm)

    5K PR 30:20 !

    Ran 4 HM's in 2011

    HM 11/13/2011 PR!!! (2:35:53) Pensacola, FL

    HM 12/3/2011 (2;39:27) Ran for fun and training St. Judes, Memphis, Tn

    HM 01/07/2011 (2:48:23) First Light HM - Mobile, AL (My very first HM)

    HM 02/14/2011 (2:40:23) Mercedes Benz - Birmingham, AL

    2013 Events:

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    1-13-13 Gulf HM 2:40:xx

    2-24-13 Disney Princess Half Marathon

    3/20/2013 Azalea TR 10K

    4-7-2013 Pensacola Beach Half Marathon

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    Congratulations!! One more of our group can claim that elite title.  I liked your long RR, it really gave me a sense of the excitement of the day - and of the preparations preceeding. Hope you knee heals without long-term issues.




    Phyllis - 87

    San Jose CA

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    My First Race

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    3/11/12 Calif. Senior Games Palo Alto Race Walk 5K 44:56 Qualified in my age group for Nationals in 2013

    3/17/12 Go Green St Patricks Day Run 5K 31:27 Actual distance run: 2.22 miles

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    Phyllis~You remind me so much of my Mom & Dad, they are still very active walking, volunteering and singing at 84 and 88.  You certainly are "The Greatest Generation"!  Best wishes on your 8k and Senior Games qualifying this weekend.

    Dan~I am so sorry to read of the passing of your dear sister-in-law.  Good to know your travels were safe amidst all the storms.

    Kathy~Great RR and photos.  Beautiful smile after all those miles! 

    Melissa~You are amazing -- confident and courageous!


    Probably not very wise since I just resumed running again after the virus, but decided to head to the indoor track to run a very slow, long distance on Monday.   Ran for  50 minutes at a super slow pace and felt strong.  Took a Hammer gel and water and continued on for 50 more minutes.  Still felt strong, downed another gel and water and completed 20 more minutes and ran 10.91 miles.  I don't think I could have gone that far outdoors, and I'll find out this weekend when I try 11 miles again.  Lots of stretching at the track, and then took an ice bath!  Once your in it isn't bad, it is the first step that is thrilling!  It definitely helped curb any muscle soreness the following day.   Strength and stretching today, and a wonderful walk in mild weather.  Tomorrow an easy 3 miler outside.


    Have a great week!

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    Feb 27, 2011

    dyykjt1 Thanks for the detailed RR. It really helped me visualize what I need to be prepared for by Chicago. Big difference from HM to FM. When you get a chance  I'm interested on your switch to Prepetuem at mile 13. Did you prepare a 2 hr bottle at a water station ? Did you carry your own in your fuel belt ? Were Hammer products offerd at your race? Your fuel plan is a perfect explanation that proves with proper nutrition and training you don't need to hit the wall around mile 20 when your body has exhausted it's entire fuel supply. Way to go !!!! One more HM race for me and then my journey begins. REST and enjoyed that great family who supported you the entire way. I always tell my wife behind every good women is a great man

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    Started running at 58 ( Nov 23rd 2010)

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    April 30,2011 Country Music Half Marathon Nashville TN 02:56:02

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    Apr 17, 2011

    Very Inspiring!!! Thanks for your story, you give me hope.

    4/30/11 IL Marathon 10K 57:43

    5/14/11 Kirby Derby 10K 57:49 3rd place in div

    7/4/11 Freedom 5K 28:59

    Lost 80lbs since 6/17/10 starting wt 280lbs

    Joined Second Wind Running Club 9/2011

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    9/17/11 13.45mi 2:27

    Habitat for Humanity 5K 12/31/11 26:42 PR

    4/28/12 IL Marathon 1st 1/2 2:10:38

    Cycled 1600 mi summer of 2012

    Cycled Hilly Hundred 10/25/12

    Upcoming races

    April 2013 1st full marathon..

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    WebPro! Thank you so much for your support and info on fueling! It helped me so much.

    You are is a world of difference between a HM and a Marathon! The body takes a beating going 26.2 miles no matter how good of shape you are in.

    I have friends that finished in 3:13 that are still trying to walk without limping and I have friends that finished just before me that are doing the same.


    I am sorry that I did not make my switch to Prepetuem clear in my RR. I do not use the Prepetuem mix. I used the solid chewables. I read on the Hammer

    nurtrition site that the mix was good for only about 2 hrs in hot weather conditions. The main reason that I used the solids is for the convenience and because they are easy to carry.

    This event did not offer any Hammer products.


    Yes, I run with my own fuel. I run with a Nathan 4 bottle fuel belt. I put water in 3 bottles and my Advocare Spark in one bottle. I have used Spark since the beginning of my running and

    it gives me that extra little boost in energy when I start feeling a little worn, but it is not time for a gel or a Prepeteum. It works well with the Hammer products and does not cause any GI issues.

    I carry my Prepeteum solids, a couple of Hammer Gels and my Endurolytes in the pouch on my fuel belt along with a couple of Pepto chewables (just in case of nausea or GI issues) and a couple of

    Tylenol just in case. I run with my own fuel for 2 reasons. # 1 - I do not have to deal with the crowds or the mess at the water stations. I can by pass all of the cups thrown on the road as well as the water

    and Gatorade that has been thrown out. These places can become very slick! # 2 - Most of these events offer only GU and Gatorade or Powerade. Powerade is okay, but Gatorade makes me nauseous and GU causes me major stomach upsets.Also, in big events the likley hood that they will run out of water, gatorade and GU's is great! I know that a few of the water stations in NOLA ran out of water and during the last 10 miles, I never saw a GU stand. I just like to have my fueling and hydration in my own hands. But, if you do this, be sure to do all of your longer runs with a fuel belt! It is heavier at the beginning, but not heavy enough to make a difference. It lightens up rather quickly. I did use all of my 3 bottles of water before the Marathon was over. But, I did go through and grab a cup at the beginnig of the aid station poured it in my bottle and then got one at the end and poured it in my bottle and had enough water to go ahead and finish with. I could do this while still running.


    I had a fear of hitting the wall. I have hit the wall in training runs and just had nothing left in me to give. I felt like my legs were lead and was dehydrated.

    I was very pleased that I had none of those feelings throughout the run. My energy was great! I just had a bad IT Band.


    I am looking forward to following your Marathon training!! Good Luck with your upcoming HM!

    FM! 3/4/2012 New Orlean RnR - 5:49:55! PR!

    10K PR 1:11:22 ( 11:49 mm)

    5K PR 30:20 !

    Ran 4 HM's in 2011

    HM 11/13/2011 PR!!! (2:35:53) Pensacola, FL

    HM 12/3/2011 (2;39:27) Ran for fun and training St. Judes, Memphis, Tn

    HM 01/07/2011 (2:48:23) First Light HM - Mobile, AL (My very first HM)

    HM 02/14/2011 (2:40:23) Mercedes Benz - Birmingham, AL

    2013 Events:

    1-5-13 Ms. Blues HM 2:44:57

    1-13-13 Gulf HM 2:40:xx

    2-24-13 Disney Princess Half Marathon

    3/20/2013 Azalea TR 10K

    4-7-2013 Pensacola Beach Half Marathon

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    Debra! Thank you so much! I am proud of myself also! I never would have thought that I had it in me!


    DiDi! Thank You!


    Pkar! Thanks and good luck with your 8K!


    Sue! Good luck with your Marathon training! You will have alot of people to train with!


    Marie! Thank you so much! I am so sorry to hear about your Mother. My Mom will be 82 in May, but thankfully is in pretty good health mentally and physically.

    I am looking forward to watching your Marathon training!!! You are going to do awesome! I hope that your Plantars Fasciatis heals quickly. I have a friend that

    had that and it took it along time to heal, but she just ran a 4:28:23 Marathon! So it does heal!!!


    Urun2Me! Thanks you so much! Your support and wisdom has helped me tremendously! You gave me hope that I could complete the Marathon! And yes!

    Next time, hopefully, we will both have the run we know we can do if not for the knee problems.


    GinnyinPA!! Thank you!


    Mkayc! Thank You!! Try not to be so hard on yourself for what you call your "fail". It was not a fail. You went out there and you gave it your best shot.

    Race events can be very intimidating! You have to learn to stay within your training and stay in your surroundings. While staning around waiting for

    the start, I always put my ear buds in so that I can block out all the noise and chatter and just go over my race plan. It helps me to relax and calms the nerves.


    Steve! Thank you for the support!!


    Dobrobuck! Thank You! If I can inspire just one person to attempt something they are not sure they can do...then it has been worth it!


    As for me...I am ready to run!!! I am feeling so much better today! Almost back to new. Fortunately, I have a wonderful Pilates instructor that is a Ultra runner!!!

    I started to blow class off last night because I was so sore, but decided to go on thinking the stretching might help me. Lori asked me how I felt and I told

    her that I felt like I had been beat with a baseball bat. She said...tight hip flexors, hamstrings, quads, sore hips? I said YES!! She said, I know about the ITB

    problems. She not worry...we will work on all of that tonight and you will be great tomorrow! When I left last night, my knee already felt so much better

    as did my hips! This morning...almost no pain in my knee!!! I can walk without a limp even after sitting and my hips, quads, glutes and hamstrings do not hurt at all!!

    That woman is a miracle worker! I am going to rest for the rest of this week and try a slow, easy couple of miles on Monday!

    FM! 3/4/2012 New Orlean RnR - 5:49:55! PR!

    10K PR 1:11:22 ( 11:49 mm)

    5K PR 30:20 !

    Ran 4 HM's in 2011

    HM 11/13/2011 PR!!! (2:35:53) Pensacola, FL

    HM 12/3/2011 (2;39:27) Ran for fun and training St. Judes, Memphis, Tn

    HM 01/07/2011 (2:48:23) First Light HM - Mobile, AL (My very first HM)

    HM 02/14/2011 (2:40:23) Mercedes Benz - Birmingham, AL

    2013 Events:

    1-5-13 Ms. Blues HM 2:44:57

    1-13-13 Gulf HM 2:40:xx

    2-24-13 Disney Princess Half Marathon

    3/20/2013 Azalea TR 10K

    4-7-2013 Pensacola Beach Half Marathon

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    Feb 28, 2012

    Kathy:  Thank you so much for your detailed RR.  I was on the edge of my seat reading every word and I'm going to go back and TAKE NOTES!!!  One of my BIG fears is having to run with an injury and your story gave me inspiration that even if the worst happens that there is HOPE of finishing!!!!  I think especially as our age advances that proper planning can make the difference. 


    This site and this thread particularly is so chock full of information and inspiration, I am SO GLAD that I found it!!!


    Our marathon team kick-off meeting Monday night was great - we now have a total of 325 on our team, at least 275 of whom are new runners.  We were broken into 15 smaller groups who will stay in touch more regularly for inspiration and accountability.  If everyone does their fund raising we will raise almost a half-million $$ for drilling water wells in Africa and saving so many lives!!!  We will start having weekly (Saturday) runs together at a local metropark in April, and other running clinics and events throughout the training period.  Running with a group will be a scary/exciting experience and will help prepare me for running in a bigger event.  We will also have various clinics for cross training and strength training and other things that I can't remember.  I just know that I will be flooded with support and this will overtake my life outside of my job until October.  What will I do after that?  LOL, I know what everyone here is thinking - the next Marathon!!!!  We'll see  . . .


    Representatives from the local running store (Hanson's) were there and offered us a 20% discount for everything in their store on Friday night.  I was off work Tuesday (yesterday) and thought I would stop in and see if they could evaluate me for shoes in advance and I could come back Friday night to purchase them.  They were great and gave me the discount yesterday so that I don't have to come back.  I can't remember the exact model but they are Asics Gels.  The guy said that with my gait and arches I didn't need to worry about stability.  I tried on about a half-dozen different models/brands and these felt the best overall.  I can't wait to try them out tonight!  Oh, one of the reps from the store has completed a FULL marathon in under 2:30.  I can't even believe that is possible!  Another rep is a physical therapist and offered free injury appointments.  I felt a part of a very special group and am quite sure that I could never do something like this on my own. 


    I made my Chicago hotel reservations and am looking at flights.  I went to the mall the other night and purchased an iPod Nano.  Now I need to figure out how to use it!  The Apple store was hopping and felt like I was in a three-ring circus (complete sensory overload), I couldn't get out of there fast enough, so I didn't ask any questions.  Whatever I can't figure out my 19 y/o son will be able to help. 


    Yesterday I went to see a sports chiropractor who works with the University of Michigan women's track and field team.  He showed me some awesome stretches and really helped with my slumped shoulders (from working at a computer all day).  I'm sitting and standing taller already, and it has helped my breathing noticeably!  His office also sells various nutritional and sports products, including the Hammer line, so I look forward to getting more advice in that area from him and his staff going forward.

    Sue P. (age 57)

    Started running January, 2012

    First Marathon, Chicago 10/7/12 - 5:53:31

  • az2mn Legend 402 posts since
    Jan 20, 2010


    CONGRATULATIONS!! marathoner!!

    Isn't it incredible? 

    Even after a few days, you still are on cloud nine, right?? 

    Thank you for sharing your experience in detail, it really helps to write it down so to make specific changes for your NEXT MARATHON!!

    You deserve a break, relax and give yourself at least a week or two and start slowly again. 

    I learned my lesson the hard way, running 10 miles a week after my first marathon and ended up recovering for another week.  So I started with a 4 mile run for a couple of days, then adding 1-2 miles every other day, a one minute walk break after every mile.


    Your photos are wonderful, having family there adds to the joyous accomplishment!!

    Again, you rock!! 

    Trail runner

  • az2mn Legend 402 posts since
    Jan 20, 2010


    stay positive!!

    You have come a long way!

    There's always another race

    keep it up!!

    Trail runner

  • az2mn Legend 402 posts since
    Jan 20, 2010

    hey NAN!!


    Enjoyed reading your blog .......... and on the Sedona one too.

    Yeah, I did well "across the valley" on that same day you ran the DUTCHMAN HM.

    Was really hoping to run the Sedona but not enough time to train so I settled for the IMS event instead.

    Any other upcoming races?

    Again, YOU DID AWESOME!!

    Trail runner

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    Jan 20, 2010

    Hey everyone!!

    Thread has been busy!!

    It's been awhile since I posted.

    Business travel keeping me on the road and in the air, keeping me from running my trails but trying to be friends with the TM at the hotels.


    I had mentioned that I have been kinda feeling crappy with a slight ear ache since mid-Feb.  Well, wouldn't you know it?!? Got sick

    Felt runned down but kept running 8  -12 miles every other day even on windy/chilly days on the trail when home but still on the TM on travel days.

    While in NM last week, I ran on Tuesday about 6.2 miles on hotel TM and felt really achey end of day but thought it was because of the run.

    Wed.,I woke up with the CHILLS, FEVER, ACHES all over ............ drank TheraFlu and made it through the day for work but had to crawl into bed by 6 pm, fever broke about 2 am, drank TheraFlu again to relieve the dry hacking cough resulting in a severe sore throat, really hurt to swallow but no strep!! It hurt so bad I wanted to cry.  

    I slept till 9:40 AM Thursday!! Think I needed the rest?? haha!!

    I don't know how I made the drive back from NM to home in AZ, but I was in bed in five minutes flat!!  Throat is sooooo sore, cough is non-stop, aches here and there, just overall, exhausted.

    Spent my 52nd birthday in a daze!  My husband felt so bad for me but he still bought a cake (left the candles off) haha!!

    We had hoped I would feel better by Sunday so we could celebrate my special day by going for a ride on our HARLEYS but .............. it was a beautiful day outside!

    So it was 5 days since I last ran and I felt awful ............ so Monday, I felt better and made up my mind to run as long as I can, I ran 10 miles on theTM!!!  Felt good!! 

    Isn't that our 'solution' runners, when we FEEL bad, we RUN?!?

    So I thought I could probably run the HM TRAIL RACE this Sunday ........... if I can run 10 -12 miles everyday till Thursday then rest till race day.

    Ran only 3 miles yesterday!!! had good pace, not tired, felt generally fine, could push it to maybe 6 miles but I thought about how my body really needs to rest, and honestly, I don't FEEL like I am ready for the race. So I just did some strength training and biked for about 4 miles. 

    I know I would be very disappointed with my finish ................ and my husband didn't think it would do me any good either (he was relieved) ................. so I have to opt out of this race .....AGAIN!! Darn it!!

    I had to do the same last year, but that was due to my knee injury............... I think this "pattern" is telling me 'something'........... haha!!

    So today, Wed., body feeling better, coughing has lessened tremondously but throat is pretty sore, haven't slept much but resting when I can between work and meetings this week.

    Anyway, I think I am on my way to recovery so I am planning on running 4-6 miles on Friday and see how I feel which will dictate how often and how long I run each day (till Thurs) for my next race on March 17th, a 10 miler event in Glendale, AZ (west of PHX). 

    Next HM I registered for is in Austin, TX, March 31st .......... on business trip in San Antonio, excited to visit my ole' stomping ground.


    Anyway, HAPPY RUNNING TO everyone!!  Been reading all your posts, they are motivating!!  KEEP IT UP!!

    Trail runner

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    Just checking in after reading all of your posts. It's fun to see what everyone's been up to.


    I'm still knocked out by this head/chest cold. My last run was Thursday and I could feel it coming on. I had a flight with four segments on Friday and it about killed me. My ears were completely plugged up and my coughing was horrible by the end of that very long travel day. By Monday morning I knew I needed some antibiotic eye drops so I went it see an island doc. He took one look in my ears and asked me if I'd been having problems with dizziness because they were full of fluid. I told him I'd been feeling so bad I hadn't been doing much moving around so I couldn't comment on dizziness!  I ended up on an oral antibiotic too. My ears no longer feel under so much pressure and my eyes have cleared, but my head is still full of gunk ang I cough like a smoker much of the day.


    I hope to start walking tomorrow and see how it goes. I had big plans for these ten days. I'm having to make a new plan. My husband is sick right along with me. He actually got sick first and I thought I might get by with a milder illness but no such luck. We have made quite the pair coughing up a storm any time we try to talk to each other.


    Well that wasn't much about running. I haven't been able to think much about running for the last six days. I've done my running through all of you, so thank you!

  • justrundan Legend 202 posts since
    Jul 22, 2011

    Kathy- let me add my congratulations on your MARATHON finish!! Loved the details and the pictures.  You have every right to be proud of such an accomplishment.  Way to go!!


    No running since Saturday; my wife and I picked up a bug while on the plane last weekend and we're both coughing up a storm.  Starting to improve, so hope to run a short time tomorrow on TM before work, then maybe a long run outside Friday, if the forecast of a high in 50's is true. 

    Dan-started running 1/29/2011 at age 57

    notable 2012 runs:

    Crazylegs Classic-Madison-8K--4/28/2012--00:52:14

    Roxbury Rural Run--5K--5/5/2012-- 29:32-PR

    Haslanger Classic--10K--8/4/2012--1:06:19 PR

    WO-ZHA-WA Run--HM--9/15/2012--2:37:45

    Honky Tonk Marathon- Wisconsin Dells- 10/21/2012-5:39:09

    2013 runs:

    Fleet Feet New Year's Day Dash-8K-1/1/2013--54:23

    Door County HM- 5/4/2013

    Fox Cities HM- 9/22/2013 (60thBD!)

  • DiDi55 Pro 120 posts since
    Jun 10, 2010

    KATHY  Just love your pictures.  The one of you and your grandaughter is sure a keeper that's for sure!


    This is the best I have felt in weeks.  During my walks I have thrown in some running.  Last evening I did not "go far" however; I completed a longer distance than I had the night before!  Baby steps right?!  I took to heart that suggestion from someone on our board; but I forget who it was..:(  I am gradually working in our elyptical & some weight lifting.  Once again I have proven to myself that I cannot just stop.  I need to do something everyday; even if it is for 30 minutes.


    Thanks to all of you for participating in this forum.  This keeps me motivated!

    Started Running August 2008

    5 mile race/May 2010 59:00

    5 mile race/July 2010 62:00

    Half Marathon/September 2010 2:45

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    5k 03/31/2012 43:00

    5k 06/09/2012 41:39.5

    If your tired of starting over; stop giving up!


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