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Copper concentrate composition

Copper is the metal one of the earliest human discovery and use of copper and its alloys due to good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, easy processing, good tensile strength and fatigue strength is widely used in the consumption of metallic materialsafter steel and aluminum, become indispensable to people's livelihood and national defense projects as well as high-tech fields, basic materials and strategic materials. A wide range of uses in the electrical industry, mechanical industry, chemical industry, defense industry and other sectors.
Copper is a typical chalcophile elements, the formation of the Eritrea Crushing Equipments main sulfide in nature, the formation of oxides in the strong oxidizing conditions, the formation of natural copper under reducing conditions. At present, in the crust of copper minerals and copper minerals, approximately 250 kinds of copper concentrate composition of the sulfide and similar compounds and copper oxides, copper and copper sulfate, carbonate, silicate salts and other minerals. Which, for copper concentrate composition of smelt conditions as an industrial mineral raw materials, there are 16 kinds.


For smelt production of raw materials of the copper minerals, hosted in a variety of deposit types. Among them, an important mining the value of deposit types: magmatic copper-nickel sulfide deposits, porphyry copper deposits, skarn copper and polymetallic deposits, hydrothermal vein-type copper deposits, volcanic - sedimentary massive sulfide copper deposits, sedimentary layered deposits. Mauritania grinder


Complex ore texture and structure, embedded in uneven particle size distribution, particle size ore uneven dip, even a lot of mineral assemblages, fabrics disseminated subtle, complex composition of refractory ore more.


Diverse chemical composition of ore, associated symbiotic variety of Namibia mining equipment beneficial and harmful components, the complexity of the dressing and smelting process conditions. Currently, the majority of the development of mining integrated copper deposits, associated to a variety of beneficial to harmful elements. Comprehensive mining and utilization, variable damage to the interests of turning waste into treasure.

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