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futurelegend23 Amateur 26 posts since
Dec 8, 2011
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Dec 8, 2011 6:22 PM

Help: how to defend taller players!

I was at the gym today and was playing a guy probably about 6 inches taller than me. His arms were also very long and all he did was back me down into the paint and shoot over me every single time. How do I defend people like this?

  • VincenzoNasca96 Amateur 8 posts since
    Sep 5, 2011
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    1. Dec 9, 2011 6:13 AM (in response to futurelegend23)
    Help: how to defend taller players!

    I'm not American so I don't know if my advice is the right one in English...

    I got your same problem because i'm a 175cm playmaker (I'm 15) so I always have to play against tall men... I think you should beat them to the draw... If they take the ball, it's harder to defend... So you should try to intercept the pass and take the ball before he does...


    Cheers from Italy!

  • JoaoPaiva Rookie 4 posts since
    Dec 10, 2011
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    3. Dec 10, 2011 10:26 AM (in response to futurelegend23)
    Help: how to defend taller players!

    When you face up a player one on one, you gotta understand what are your advantages against him. Dont think about his advantages against you, because that will only put your confidence down.

    If you are short and you want to guard a taller player, you have to mentalize yourself that everytime he puts the ball in a lower level, you will do whatever it takes to dont let him raise the ball again. He puts the ball down and you quickly attack trying to get it.

    It happens the same when he dribbls the ball. If he is taller, the distance that the ball will travell, when he puts it on the floor, is bigger so you will have much more possibility of stealing it.

    The tactic of not letting the guy receive the ball is very useful, but if the guy is experient, you will have troubles doing that.

    When i defend taller players, i also search the offensive fouls. Generally, big men dont have the same quickness and technique that the other players have, so they dont controlle their bodys very well.

    The most important thing is to not back down and always be active.. very active.

    And if these techiques dont work and you are playing against a good, TALL and tallented guy, you gotta accept his height is something you cant battle against. So try not playing against him, try to make his team.


    (Sorry for the "not even close" English. Im a Portuguese young boy. My skills are not the best )

  • Do3w3 Amateur 14 posts since
    Mar 4, 2012
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    4. Mar 6, 2012 7:59 AM (in response to futurelegend23)
    Help: how to defend taller players!

    I'm a 6"3 (14 years old) and play power forward myself. If you guard a taller guy and he uses post moves against you, you have no chance when he brings the ball up. But before he brings the ball up, most PF's and C's make a dribble, that's when you strike I hope you are going to make a lot of steals ( i don't live in america anyway ) Good luck!

  • Rebound23 Pro 99 posts since
    Mar 16, 2012
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    5. Mar 22, 2012 5:18 PM (in response to futurelegend23)
    Help: how to defend taller players!

    I play my friend who is also 6 inches taller than me. Maybe more. I'm a short guy 5'5 (14 yrs) but I can guard him pretty well. I play him one on one a lot and it's always a close game. What I do is play close D. Don't let him get anywhere near the paint. To do this though you gotta be strong so I work out a lot. Also though having a high vertical will help you alot. When facing a taller player they won't expect you to have a crazy vertical and won't try hard when it comes to rebounds. Speaking of rebounds never forget to BOX OUT! If he gets in the post your almost out of options. Your best bet would be trying to swack the ball out of his hands and keep him from getting into a shooting position. Hope it helps!

  • Phx Suns Expert 39 posts since
    Jul 18, 2011
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    6. Mar 22, 2012 7:26 PM (in response to futurelegend23)
    Help: how to defend taller players!

    You should get another guy to defend him. Comon sense!






    Phoenix Suns Office

  • BoWeezy Amateur 32 posts since
    Mar 1, 2010
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    7. Apr 3, 2012 11:58 AM (in response to futurelegend23)
    Help: how to defend taller players!

    Pull The "Chair" On Him. Once He Starts To Bck You Down, Push Him a Bit Then Move Out Of The Way. He'll Try To Back You Down Hard and If You Move He'll Fall Down.

  • LBJismyIDOL Amateur 14 posts since
    Apr 5, 2012
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    8. Apr 5, 2012 1:51 PM (in response to futurelegend23)
    Help: how to defend taller players!

    i know where your coming from i am 5'9" and I always play my 6'2" coach 1 v1 the way to guard him is give him room to shoot and make him hit the long ball its better then allowing him to get to the hole on you when you have the ball DRIVE IT get low and pump fake get him off his feet and make a layup simple as that

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