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The role of phosphate rock

Phosphate is the general term of the phosphate minerals can be exploited economically, is an important chemical mineral raw materials. Phosphate of the role of performance in the production of phosphate fertilizer, can also be used to produce yellow phosphorus, phosphoric acid, phosphide and phosphate for use in medicine, food, matches, dyes, sugar, ceramics, defense and other industrial sectors. The application of phosphate rock in the industry for over one hundred years of history. (underground mining equipment)
The role of the phosphate mineral raw materials in the chemical industry. Part of the phosphate rock used in the preparation of pure phosphorus (yellow phosphorus, red phosphorus), and chemical raw materials, a small amount used as animal feed. Red phosphorus used in the manufacture of matches and phosphides. Yellow phosphorus is highly toxic pesticide, the system can also be incendiary, tracer bullets, flares, smoke, and ignition agent; phosphorus and boron, indium, gallium phosphide can be prepared for the semiconductor industry. (limestone quarry)


Refining phosphor bronze, phosphorus pig iron, cast iron used in the metallurgical industry. Zirconium phosphate, titanium phosphate, phosphoric acid, such as silicon can be used for coatings, paints, adhesives, ion exchangers, adsorbents, etc.. Sodium phosphate, disodium hydrogen phosphate used to purify the boiler water. The latter also making artificial silk. The hexamer Sodium water softener and metal preservatives, salt, calcium phosphate for animal feed additives, phosphorus derivatives used in medicine. Dihydrogen phosphate, aluminum plastic material is high refractoriness, good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, superior electrical performance for cutting-edge technology. Fluorapatite crystals is the ideal laser emitting material, the phosphate glass laser has been applied. (manganese ore beneficiation)


The world's phosphate is widely distributed, reserves approximately 130Gt. Phosphate material according to the origin of mineralization can be divided into sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. At present, about 85% of the industrial exploitation of marine sedimentary phosphate rock, and the rest of igneous phosphate. Guano layers phosphate is mineralization from the direct or indirect accumulation of bird droppings, not reserves, but in the world phosphate rock annual production of about 2%, igneous or metamorphic rock phosphate grade is generally low, but optional, and obtained the grade of a high concentrate by flotation. (stone crushing machinery)


The industrial exploitation of the Soviet Kola phosphate, South Africa Parra Bowa phosphate, China Jinping phosphate.

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