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Electrolytic aluminum production process

Aluminum by electrolysis of aluminum. The modern aluminum industrial production of cryolite - alumina molten salt electrolysis. Cryolite melt is solvent, alumina as solute, carbon body as the anode of molten aluminum as a cathode, which leads to a strong DC, 950 ? -970 ?, electrolytic aluminum production process in the polarization of the electrolyzer for electrochemical reactions, both electrolysis.

Electrolytic aluminum production process 

The modern aluminum industry production cryolite - alumina molten salt electrolysis. Molten cryolite solvent, alumina as solute, carbon body as the anode, the liquid aluminum as the cathode, which leads to the powerful DC motor, 950 ? -970 ?, the electrochemical reaction in the polarization of the electrolyzer, both electrolysis. Chemical reaction by this equation: 2Al2O3 == 4Al3O2. Anode: 2O2 ?-4e ? = of O2 the ? Cathode: Al33e ? = Al. (manganese ore process)

  The anode products are mainly carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gas, which contains a certain amount of hydrogen fluoride and other harmful gases and solid dust. For the protection of the environment and human health need for the anode gas purification treatment to remove harmful gases and dust into the atmosphere. The cathode product is a liquid aluminum, aluminum liquid drawn from the tank through the vacuum lift package sent to the foundry workshop, after purification clarify in the holding furnace, cast into aluminum ingots or directly processed into the line blank. Profiles. (Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher)

Aluminum industry characteristics: 

The world, all of the aluminum electrolysis production out. The aluminum industry produced using the Hall - Ailu cryolite - alumina molten salt electrolysis of cryolite-based fluoride as a flux, alumina melt quality multi-phase electrolyte system. Which Na2AlF6-Al2O3 binary system and Na3AlF6-of AlF3-Al2O3 ternary industrial electrolyte. (Chrome mining process)

The aluminum industry a greater impact on the environment, electrolytic aluminum production is a high energy-consuming, high polluting industries. Exhausts in the production of electrolytic aluminum, CO2, and HF gas-based gas - solid fluoride. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, is the main cause of global warming. Fluoride CF4 and C2F6 in the greenhouse effect is 6500-10000 times that of carbon dioxide and will cause varying degrees of impact of the ozone layer. HF is a highly toxic gas, enters the body through the skin or respiratory tract, only 1.5g can be fatal.

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