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Apr 3, 2012 7:01 AM

Heres a good treadmill program that's simple!

Try on all your hard days run on the treadmill for 20 minutes at the same speed for 20 minutes.  20 minutes is the perfect time because if you fail you will get a good amount of minutes running at a fast speed for yourself. This takes months and can be part of your routine or even your entire routine!.


Start off with a warm up 4 minutes minimum or .5 miles. up to 10 minutes or 1 mile max. Or whatever you want your warm up to be that makes you feel ready. 0.75 Miles I suggest.


Just start off what you think you can do 20 minutes (In MPH). If you are new runner and just started running 2 months ago then start at 5.0.

You pick starting... So for example say you start at 6.0 do that 20 minutes. Then next run 6.1 for 20 minutes. Then next run 6.2 then 6.3. Etc as far as you can go.. Do this on all your hard days. Do it whenever your legs are not tired and your not low on energy. And alternate rest or easy days or slow running on on your easy days or whenever you need it. Try to do this 2-4 days in a row if possible. 2 or 3 is good.



Then for example (example skill levels the speeds are)  if after 2 weeks you managed 6.6 for 20 minutes barely then are doing 6.7 and manage to only do it 13 minutes.. Then just keep trying to run 6.7 for 20 minutes  every time you run. This should be a much faster than your average pace. I mean what you can BARELY run for 20 minutes. Then increase the speed every time. Then if you fail to make 20 minutes try to do a cool down run.. If your really tired as hell do like a half mile on treadmill at a easy or average speed..  or up to 2 miles if you failed but still feel good..


That's all!


You have to be aggressive in this program to fight the time and not slow down ever at all.  Just do a cool down if you fail 20 minutes DO NOT try again because then you can't try the next day and you might overtrain. Make sure you do it on a treadmill that doesn't sink to much meaning to springy because you want it to simulate real running as  best as possible. Try to avoid shaky treeadmills. If you are in a big gym with many treadmills alternate treadmills sometimes  and some might seem easier or harder because most are not 100% accurate. But write down which treadmill you did at whhat speed and when in your training journal or log.


This will make you a monster of a runner. It is designed to be like at faster than race pace for 5K. This will make all your times improve up to half marathon. Trust me I did it before. I went from 7.0 - 9.4 and in the process I ran crappy times to under 19 5k's and all half marathons under 1:40's because of this (and other stuff too).  No hills in this routine. This is a lung intensive routine that builds power in legs and power in lungs rather than trolling along. I mean you should be running 20 minutes at what you dont even want to run 10 minutes but barely  make 20 minutes. What you do on your easy and rest days is your decision.


Here's some starting speeds based on 5k times to begin this routine. Just a reccomendation.


5k Time           Treadmill speed       alll for 20 minutes

35  min 5k Start  5.5 for for 20 mins

30  min 5k Start of 6.2 MPH for 20 mins

27:30  5k 6.7 MPH for 20 mins

25   Min 7.5 MPH for 20 mins

22:30 5k 8.2 for 20 mins

21  8.8 for 20 mins

20  5k  9.2 for 20 mins

19 9.8 for 20 minutes




- Marcus B inventer of this treadmill routine. So let me know if it works and if you got a question let me know.

Your skill range should be between 4.9 -10.0. MPH for 20 minutes. If you are slower than this you just need to base train and try to run without stopping more really... If you are faster than this then you can still do this routine but is not thoroughly tested at speeds above 10 MPH. ( I would suspect it would help the same but I just never did that myself). The routine seems like i'm asking you to do all pure tempo runs, but that is not what i am asking you to do. More like a reverse time trail with a speed going for a time. (not a distance going for a speed) Enduring whatever you set the treadmill for and keeping it at that speed for the full 20 minutes or as close as possible. The majority of the runs you will fail to do 20 minutes because the speed is so fast but you just get close and closer to 20 minutes at that speed that you can almost do 20 minutes for. For example if you can do 7.0 only 13 minutes then next run you might get 15 mins then 17 mins.. then maybe a bad run at 10 minutes.. then 20 minutes success.. then after you rest or are ready attempt 7.1 20 minutes.


Any questions Ask me I can help.

  • leonb33 Amateur 9 posts since
    Apr 6, 2012
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    1. Apr 7, 2012 12:42 AM (in response to MarcusB092)
    Heres a good treadmill program that's simple!

    This actually seems like a decent workout.  I think I might start incorporating this into my training program.  It kind of seems fun.  I know it will suck while I'm doing it but I like a challenge.

    If you want to learn how to improve you running form, speed or technique check out

    Great running form article

    Injury prevention article

  • linuscatch Pro 143 posts since
    Sep 18, 2011
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    2. Apr 7, 2012 9:20 AM (in response to MarcusB092)
    Heres a good treadmill program that's simple!

    This makes a lot of sense.  How many hard days per week would you do this?  And to be clear, you do not advance to the next speed until you have successfully done the speed you are on for 20 minutes, right?  To avoid injury, is there a limit to how many weeks in a row you would do this given that it seems pretty intense?

    Thanks for's always good to see new and different ways to train.  I am not a big treadmill fan because I prefer to be outdoors in the sun, but I think I will try this for a while after I complete my first HM next weekend.

  • linuscatch Pro 143 posts since
    Sep 18, 2011
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    4. Apr 9, 2012 5:58 AM (in response to MarcusB092)
    Heres a good treadmill program that's simple!

    This seems like a really hard program.  I assume that this would be done in lieu of mileage for some period of time as it seems risky to be combining so much speed work with mileage, especially at my age of 49.  Thoughts?

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