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  • suzeecat Amateur 20 posts since
    Feb 28, 2012

    My training group's first group run is tomorrow.  Rain and possible thunderstorms are predicted - what a way to inaugurate me to running outside, treadmill-less, LOL!!!  Seriously though, I'm super nervous, but I figure that getting up and out of bed at 5:30 a.m. on my day off and driving 1 hr. to run in the rain in conditions totally unfamiliar to me is great marathon training!  This is not the first hurdle to get over in my training and it won't be my last.  What doesn't kill me makes me awesomer!!!


    I got my orthotics from my chiro earlier this week and am gradually building up time with them.  I did flexibility training, strength training and walked last night with them, for a total of about 3 hrs. and my feet are feeling a little tired today.  My orthotics were only $250 but I didn't get the high-tech imaging measurements - I just stepped onto a block of foam.  They're better'n nuthin', I suppose. 


    I'm going to the mall on my lunch hour today to get a performance water resistant jacket and hat with a brim with a gift certificate I have.  A good investment, I think. 

    Sue P. (age 57)

    Started running January, 2012

    First Marathon, Chicago 10/7/12 - 5:53:31

  • Billsr Pro 159 posts since
    May 23, 2009

    Suzee- You will do fine on your run. I have pretty much been using the treadmill exclusively all winter as well. My club runs started a few weeks ago and the transition to outside was smooth.  I'm sure all your treadmill work has created a good base for you. As far as the rain once you get into your run you will forget about it.  The running hat and jacket will serve you well. I'm sure your orthodics will be fine as well. Just give them some adjustment time.


  • girlintheorchard Pro 168 posts since
    Aug 2, 2010

    Sue~Best wishes w/ the group run tomorrow.  Be careful out there, looks like the midwest is going to have a weekend of thunderstorms!

    Bill~Great to hear from you again, and good news about the orthotics helping with the PF and getting back to running.  Enjoy the group trail run!

    Marie~Awesome to read you are back on the road!  Praying the new PT works out for you, and your patience and perserverance will be rewarded with a complete receovery. I couldn't agree more about so-called "expert advice".  It can be soooo confusing. 

    Mary Kay~Thank you for compiling all the quotes from the vast wealth of wisdom generously posted on this thread.  It is just what I needed to read this week!


    I am impatiently waiting for a return phone call from the Runner's Clinic at Sports Medicine to get an appointment for an evalutaion of the deep ache in my right glute.  It doesn't bother me too much running, but after I am very uncomfortable!    Stretching and foam rolling does help.  This Sunday is a planned 13 mile run, which I will take slow and easy, and will cut short if need be. At this pointI don't want to do anything that may jeopordize my first HM in 3 weeks! 


    Best wishes to everyone healing from injuries, training or running events this weekend!  Run strong, friends!

  • mimiisarunner Legend 329 posts since
    Nov 12, 2009

    Sue! Good luck on your first group run tomorrow!!! As for running in the is not that bad. As long as you have a hat on to keep it from pelting your face while you are is quite refreshing!

    With the hat on you barely notice it is raining. Now if it starts thundering and lightening, that is a whole different ballgame!!

    I guess I missed where you got orthodics. What was the problem.


    Billr! Good to see you back and that you are running again. Hopefully the PF will be controllable.


    Marie! So glad to see that you are back also! Even though they were small runs...they are still runs! When you have an injury, even a 1 mile run is a milestone! Happy that you have a PT that is a runner and will

    understand better what you need as far as therapy goes.


    Debra! So sorry about the pain in your hip! When I was training for my Marathon, I always had a bad pain in my left hip (butt cheek to be exact) that would ache for several days after my run. It usually occured

    after running longer miles and up hills. Funny thing though, it never hurt me during or after my Marathon! You are 3 weeks out from your HM right? You have put in your training and you are not going to get

    any better in the next 3 weeks. The main thing now is to get to the start line as healthy as possible and with as few pains as possible. I know during my Marathon training everyone kept telling me in those last 3 weeks

    my motto should no harm! That is what you should strive for no harm or futher damage to your hip! I am excited for you!!!


    I have not run at all in almost 2 weeks! It has been 6 weeks or so since my Marathon and I have run about 7 or 8 times total due to injuries. I am going to run in the Color Dash 5k tomorrow! I just got an email that said they had

    capped the run at 500 entrants! Wow! That is alot of runners for a small town 5K! I am not going to be running for a PR for sure and I will not cause anymore damage to my foot and toe. I will walk if I need to and pull out all together if i

    gets to painful. I am not supposed to run at all until after I go back to my Dr. on Tues., but I had already paid my entry fee and my friend was counting on me running it with her. I will only be 2 days shy of my appointment. My foot is not

    any better anyway so I do not see that it will cause any more problems then I already have.


    Hopefully, my Dr. (who is running Boston on Monday before I see him on Tues) will set an appointment to do Cryogenic Ablation to the nerve in my 4th toe and put and end to this once and for all and I can get on

    with my running!

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  • mkayc Legend 582 posts since
    Jun 8, 2011

    Marie, so glad you are back running and I am sorry it has been so frustrating. Wish it were easier!! For you, also, Kathy!! I hope you get to enjoy the color run. It sounds like a great fun time but not if you're going to be in pain. We are getting way too schooled on pain and injury, if you ask me. Found this article on pain this morning that made me laugh. lets-talk-about-pain?utm_campai gn=socialflow_gawker_twitter&u tm_source=gawker_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow


    I'm arguing with myself about what to do this weekend. Signed up for two 5ks, a hike and really should have my last long run in so I can start healing for the race.


    Enjoy the beautiful weather!!

    Mary Kay

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    I may be slow but I'm persistant.

    Goals: 5k under 30 min.; HM under 2 hr.; AG award in the USAF HM! and one full marathon.

    It won't be easy but it will be worth it!

  • mkayc Legend 582 posts since
    Jun 8, 2011
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    3,905. Apr 13, 2012 12:59 PM (in response to Billsr)
    50 and over, 5k and beyond - what are your challenges?

    Bill, glad to hear you are back and healthy! Sue, good luck with your training runs! I remember being in your shoes. It was 17 degrees and dark but not nearly as far a drive. If you want this badly, it's all worth the effort.

    Mary Kay

    Running: Started 5/6/2011; Graduated C25k - 7/21/11; Graduated B210k - 11/24/11;

    PRs: 5k - 36:42; 8k - 1:10; 4.15 m - 53.41; 10k - 1:18; HM - 2:56:31

    I may be slow but I'm persistant.

    Goals: 5k under 30 min.; HM under 2 hr.; AG award in the USAF HM! and one full marathon.

    It won't be easy but it will be worth it!

  • suzeecat Amateur 20 posts since
    Feb 28, 2012

    Mary Kay, thanks for the luck!  That article on pain was great and very accurate. 


    Kathy, no particular problems to warrant the orthotics, but according to my x-rays the chiro thought it would be a good step to take to avoid problems during training. 

    Sue P. (age 57)

    Started running January, 2012

    First Marathon, Chicago 10/7/12 - 5:53:31

  • ChipperT Pro 101 posts since
    Apr 24, 2009

    First, let me say Good Luck to all of you running a race this weekend!  Show 'em what us old folk can do!


    Suzeecat: be careful running in those thunderstorms!  You want to have lots of energy when you run but not a million volts of DC energy from a lightning strike!  By the way, we have had a heck of a wet rainy winter and spring here.  I bought a light running jacket on (Brooks brand) and could not be happier with it!  Very water repellent but breathes so you do not get soaked with sweat or overheated.


    All: I have been complaining about the hip pain over the past while.  On Tuesday it was back again and I was mentioning it to a friend who is a non-runner.  He told me he kept experiencing hip pain in exactly the same place as mine and it just would not go away.  That is, until his doctor diagnosed him with "wallet neuropathy" (also known as Wallet sciatica, hip-pocket syndrome, wallet neuritis,  or fat wallet syndrome) from always keeping a fat wallet in his hip pocket.  Sure enough, my pain is exactly where my wallet is!  I took the wallet out and started carrying it in my jacket pocket.  The next day, my hip pain was gone.  I have run 3 miles now three times since, and am pain free!  Hopefully that was the real cause.  I don't know where I will carry my wallet when (if) the weather warms up enough where I don't need a jacket, but I will deal with that when the time comes.  Just something else you might consider if you are experiencing leg, hip or lower pack pain.

    "What distinguishes those of us at the starting line from those of us on the couch is that we learn through running to take what the days gives us, what our body will allow us, and what our will can tolerate." - John Bingham

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  • Guayquilwriter Legend 511 posts since
    Mar 18, 2011

    Not really running related but had to share. Down here the local Ecuadorian teachers challenged us international teachers to a game of soccer on Teacher Day. As the day came up they were actually getting pretty smug, expecting to beat us badly. I and my fellow expats were not so sure, but I kept my peace. Today we played and had a thumping good game, in that the internationals won easily in a 7-1 romp, and I got a really good workout.


    It went so well that we are planning to keep practicing on Wednesdays for the ross training, while the locals from the Finance and Administration Departments have challenged us to another game - 5 cases of beer on the line. We have created a monster.


    On the running front my first semi-serious 5K of the season is 10 days away and I can't wait to get going. One of my goals is breaking 30 minutes for the 5k this year. This first one I am sure will be out of reach, but within a few months I hope to be breaking through.

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  • Billsr Pro 159 posts since
    May 23, 2009

    Mary Kay- Thanks for the great article on pain. I think we all can identify with that.


    Kathy: Good luck with your toe situation. Take it easy in the 5k


    Debra: Good luck with your hip. Hopefully it is nothing serious than a strain and will get better soon.


    Chip- I like the John Bingham quote. I  am always trying to stop carrying my wallet in my hip pocket but I still keep doing it.


    Thank you all for your kind words of support while I was battling PF. You are a great group.


  • rickylanier Amateur 21 posts since
    Feb 10, 2011

    I wish my wallet was fat enuff to cause pain!!HaHa! Ran 3 miles today in 25:22! My best yet and I am really hyped! Got 2 5ks coming up and I really want to try and get under 30 mins so I'm pushin' pretty hard to speed up. It's already pretty warm here in Georgia so that kind of slows me down a bit.Good luck with the hip .

  • pkar Pro 66 posts since
    Feb 21, 2011

    Hi All


    I have been lying low for the past month, because I too have had aches and pains. After the St Patricks Day run, I rested for almost a week, then headed out and decided I needed more rest after a achey 1.25 miles. So I rested a few more days and gave it another try. This time I was good for a little over 2 miles, but still had aches in my hips. The next day I found a pair of short tights. As I had been using full length tights an felt they were benificial, I thought I would give these a try to see if they gave enough thigh support to be good for the warmer weather. Well those old shorts from my bicycle days of 12 years ago were pretty tight -  I weigh the same, but have become more compact around the middle  : (


    After not more than a good city block there were stabbing pains in my glutes and down the back of my leg. I am sure this was brought on by those very tight tights. Another couple days rest did no good, so I headed off to my friendly physical therapist. After pulling and rotating my leg and checking this and that, she asked if I ever had any back pain. Well, yes, I frequently have a back ache right here (pointing to the muscle just behind my waist line.) Ah ha, She then proceeded to pull on a belt around my middle to pull on my spine. The continuous dull aches in the hip and thigh bones left. The sciatic nerve is being pinched. It is not considered too serious at the present, but I need to do certain stretches. She cleared me to do a little 1 mile event this week to see how things go.


    The event is put on by our local YWCA to call attention to this week being Rape Crisis Awareness Week. Their race is called "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes". They enlist the mayor and police chief and a few other local San Jose dignataries to put on pumps and run or walk as well as they can on a mile route around down town. As women are allowed to participate also, I am a part of a team called "Women in Sensible Shoes". The YW will use any proceeds for their Rape Crisis programs - both one-on-one assistance to rape victems and programs they have for prevention. I have garnered $250.00 for our team in just this weekend.


    If I can manage a relaxed one mile, then I will attempt a 4 mile Saratoga to Los Gatos 4 mile run/walk. 


    Mary Kay:  Your link to the Pain essay was right on. Sometimes (most times) it's hard to tell if the pain is real and may cause damage if not treated. That's why it took me a whole month to decide to see my PT. She says it's real. But temporary if I follow her plan.


    Message was edited by: Phyllis Karsten

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  • mkayc Legend 582 posts since
    Jun 8, 2011

    Good luck Phyllis!! I loved your story and am sorry it took so long to figure out. I've had great results with PT and hopefully it will work well for you also! 

    Mary Kay

    Running: Started 5/6/2011; Graduated C25k - 7/21/11; Graduated B210k - 11/24/11;

    PRs: 5k - 36:42; 8k - 1:10; 4.15 m - 53.41; 10k - 1:18; HM - 2:56:31

    I may be slow but I'm persistant.

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    It won't be easy but it will be worth it!

  • DiDi55 Pro 120 posts since
    Jun 10, 2010

    Thumbs up to all runners in Boston today!


    My daily 30 minute walks continue.  I so look forward to my lunch hour to get some exercise & somewhat clear my mind. It is amazing how much better I feel in the afternoon.  This past Saturday (I put it off long enough) I lifted weights, used the rowing machine & ab dollie.  Ended with the treadmill (2 1/2 miles) I felt like I could conquer anything....then Sunday arrived...  Even though I was sore; decided to go for a run.  Well I ended up doing more walking then running.  What I noticed the most was my calves; oh my; really "hurt"  It was strange; they just felt like they needed S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D alot & then some!


    PHYLLIS  What a great idea to raise awareness & funds!  None of us understand what a person is battling until "we've walked in their shoes"; that is for sure.  Here's to you for a good healthy walk!  P.S. I am wearing sensible shoes more & more these days !

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  • MaxEdwin55 Rookie 1 posts since
    Apr 16, 2012

    How do I join? Is this safe for people like me who is a first timer? Please advice.


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