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Apr 23, 2012
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Apr 23, 2012 9:36 AM

More lots of newbie questions

Sure you guys get asked the same basic stuff a lot, but I wanted to kind of personal the questions with my own information to get better answers.


I'm a 29 year old female, had a baby last May and started getting back into shape around Jan 1 of this year. A few years ago I ran a 16k and I am training to do it again on May 21 of this year (which is also my son's first birthday- yeah!- I'm at 13k right now). I am considering signing up for a local triathalon that is on July 21 of this year. I really need to focus on my running for the next month so swimming and biking would be taking backseat until after my race. Because of my son, I usually work out a the gym (because they have childcare) but manage 2 outdoor workouts per week.


The triathalon I am considering is a 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run. Currently I don't really swim (but have grown up swimming in the local lake which is very calm, it is a parallel shore swim as well). I do a 75 minute all-terrain cycle class at my gym each week (we use the tension to simulate hills etc, the tri bike is a flat, paved ride the website describes as 'easy') and I currently get in 2 outdoor runs a week (one around 6-7km and one 10-13 and building km). My plan is to focus the next month on hitting about 18km before my race. After my race I would start using my 2 weekly outdoor exercise days as brick training days, swimming at the local YMCA (not my gym so no childcare) until the weather gets nice enough to start practicing in the lake and doing runs and bikes outdoors. I would try to focus my gym workouts on running and cycling (no pool at my gym)


I am also currenly about 50lbs overweight (I have lost 34lb since Jan but still have a ways to go). The weight situation is only going to get better before July, but it still does make it harder on me physically.


My real question is- am I nuts to think I can do this? If I already have the running up to par, and cycle 75 minutes/week, is 2 months of training long enough to get the swimming up and get the combination and endurance strong?



If it's at the end of Jule and the lake is normally about 21 degree celcius (70 degrees Farenheit) do I still want/need a wetsuit? If it will be a financial strain is it really necessary?-



I really like group exercise classes. If I do 1-2 longer outdoor cycles a week, is doing a 60-75 minute group cycle class several times a week helpful to my training as well, or do I need to use a stationary bike by myself without the 'class'?


I currently aim to workout 6 days a week (Sometimes I do only hit 5 of them) but I would try a workout schedule like this for the 2 months before my tri:

Monday-60 minute step class, 60 minute weight lifting class (I know this isn't tri related but I'd hate to cut it because I enjoy it)

Wednesday- 6-8km run and 1hour of swimming laps (mostly in pool but in lake when warmer- when in lake can extend time too)

Thursday- 1h cycle class (could probably add some treadmill time after most  of the time)

Friday- 75 minute cycle class

Saturday- 30 minute step, 30 minute weight lifting, 30 minutes aerobic and 30 minutes core training- (this is another fun combo of classes I enjoy at my gym)

Sunday-bike to YMCA or lake (about 7.5km ), swim as long as I can (try to work up to 2km) and then bike home and longer as I progress (is it bad that I have to bike to get to the pool? then swim, then bike again? It would be a pain for my husband to load the baby in the car and give me a ride over to the Y so I could swim and bike home)


Thanks for any help or advice


  • Julie Ann Hackett Legend 226 posts since
    Nov 20, 2007
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    1. Apr 25, 2012 9:22 AM (in response to darlyngirl)
    More lots of newbie questions

    Go Mommy go!  Sounds like you've got a pretty structured training plan in place.  You're not crazy to want to do a triathlon.  You can do anything you set your mind to!


    To answer your question about a wetsuit, if the lake is 70 degrees you'll probalby be fine without it.


    As for your training plan, its very well rounded.  My only suggestion would be that you should mix up the distances for your run and bike ride.  You're going to want to get in a few longer runs and rides before the race.  Riding your bike to the lake is a great brick workout.  You might even want to throw in a run while your at the lake too.  It would be a good idea to put set some distance goals with dates so you know you are on track as it gets closer to race day.


    Don't forget to practice your transitions.  There are lots of videos on youtube that show you how to set up and get through the transisitions.


    Best of luck!

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    2. May 2, 2012 8:17 PM (in response to darlyngirl)
    More lots of newbie questions

    I would just like to point out that swimming and biking are excellent cross-training for running. My favourite training program at the moment is the one from the book "run less, run faster", in which one of the easy run days is replaced with swimming and another easy run day is replaced with biking. So, there's no reason that you couldn't work triathlon-appropriate training into your run-only training routine!

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