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Apr 27, 2012 12:58 PM

Need help with various leg pain issues!

Hey all! Need some serious help here with my running, I won't give up on this!


First a bit of history...


2 years ago I decided to get my butt up and get to running, the whole thing of just traversing with nothing but my own two feet was very appealing. I didn't know much what I was doing, but I ended up at Nike and went through some steps to supposedly get the "right" shoes for how my running was.


I also started the Walk-to-Run program that is hosted on Nike's site. For like 6 weeks I did pretty well. I had some shin pain in the beginning, some sore legs in the beginning, but really after a few weeks in the program, all that pain went away. As I continued through the program, I just had general tired ness and such, but nothing extreme. I don't remember why but I fell behind in the program and eventually stopped around the winter time.


Fast forward to that next Spring, decided to give it another go. Not being satisfied with not completing the program, I started it over again, with the same shoes as before. This time however, I had extreme pain in my shins. It was really bad, like even within running slowly within 45 seconds the pain was pretty paralyzing. So again, a second time, I stopped the program. Note, the first time around nothing like this had ever happened!


Fast forward to about 3 months ago. Again I initiated the Walk-to-Run program from Nike, with nothing but determination this time! I went for it again, and found my shins were still not capable of running at ALL. So I started to look into things... I discovered the barefoot running "movement" and decided to give it a shot.


Just went straight up barefeet right on the pavement. (All my running is on pavement by the way.. I just like the freedom to be able to run on the road, and I'm stubborn so I keep at it..) The difference... I can't even put into words. Nothing hurt AT ALL. Not my shins, nothing. I wasn't even getting tired as fast as I used to. I was completing my daily goals with ease and was feeling so good. Obviously the bottoms of my feet didn't appreciate this and quickly developed blisters and other rough conditions on the bottom of my feet. But the changes in my legs were so good I kept going...


So then I started looking into some of those "barefoot training" shoes or whatever. I ended up with a pair of Ino-v8 shoes, some super thin ones. F-lite 195 or something I think.


Now I'm into an entirely new mess. My shins appreciate the new shoes, the bottoms of my feet appreciate the new shoes... but now I have the most paralzying pain in the front of my ankles. For example, my task last night was to Walk 4 minutes, Run 6 minutes, repeat that once, then Walk 5 minutes. I can walk like nobody's business, the program was calling for 30 minute walks on some days, but I would do about 90 minutes worth of walking, and never felt any pain whatsoever.


But when I run (in the Ino-v8 shoes) I think within the 4 minutes the ankle pain flairs up so bad, but I keep pushing through. By the 6 completes minutes I can't even walk normal it hurts so bad. My speed is somewhere between 11 minutes per mile, and 13 minutes per mile (as indicated by a GPS app on my phone). Then I walk 4 minutes and at the end of that I feel pretty good in my ankles again... then I run the next 6 minutes and within 2 minutes or so, the ankle pain (just in the front!) is so unbearable I can barely continue... somehow I get through but it is truly awful pain.


So my question is, what the heck is going on here with these new shoes? Tonight I have to Walk 5 minutes, then Run 10 minutes, and then Walk 5. I've only managed this once and I don't even know how I made it through with my ankles hurting so bad.


And let me state just once more, if I run completely barefoot, I feel none of these pains whatsoever, not even a little bit, I feel so good running barefoot, the only thing that happens is the bottoms of my feet get torn up (obviously).


I've read and researched everything I can on proper running form, so let me just jot down real quick how I am attempting to do it. I have my head straight, looking ahead, arms bent about 90 degrees, fingers lightly touching palms, never crossing my midline when they swing. Knees slightly bent, feet landing under me, slightly bent forward at the ankles, and my feet land evenly on the pavement as best I can manage. I do not strike with my heels.


And my shins feel really good with the new shoes, but the ankle pain now, I can't stand it. Tonight when I have to do the Walk 5, Run 10, Walk 5, I think I am just going to go barefoot again, because I just can't manage with the ankle pain... And it's really discouraging. I feel so good running barefoot, but obviously I'd like to be able to wear shoes!


Please help... Sorry for the massive post!!!

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    1. Apr 30, 2012 3:56 AM (in response to Jeffls)
    Need help with various leg pain issues!

    I am new to running as well, both my aunts (60+) reccomended a store called Fleet Feet.  I thought they were crazy because why wouldn't my Nike work for running. But I tool their advice and Googled the store.  Wasn't close but went anyway, will NEVER buy running shoes anywhere else.  First thing they asked me was if I had any pain, they looked at my feet, and noticed certain things like the arch in my right foot is falling slightly....  They took theoir time with me, watched me jogged, measured my gait etc.  The shoes are the best thing I have ever purchased.  Short and sweet, see if you have a Fleet Feet in your area! I ended up spending $240, but purchased wonderful shoes, thre pair of socks, two sports bras and roll on body sheild (to prevent chaffing and blisters)  If you don't have a Fleet Feet, I am sure there are other stores like them.  Have to take care of your feet, they are the #1 priority,

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