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May 3, 2012 3:24 PM

What do you want in a lineup card?

Little League


Just curious what you expect in a lineup card when it is handed to you.  Numbers?  Numbers and last name?  Numbers, first and last names?  "Lineup?  I don't need no stinking lineup!".


I like number, first name (and something to designate between 2 players that have the same first name), the players who are playing pitcher and catcher.  I know I should listen to district division coordinator, but they say a lineup *must* have number, position, first name, last name, league age for every player.


I will require a name and number and if positions are not listed, I will ask for the pitcher and catcher during the plate meeting.  I see too many teams to train them and the teams see too many umpires that want different things, some do not even want lineup cards.  sigh.  Maybe I am part of the problem by not requiring what district wants, but I am trying not to start on the wrong foot with a team and wanting a DNA sample from every player.  Heck, equipment checks cause enough stress on the teams already with the composite bats.  Now add, "coach you can't catch", catcher you must wear a long style chest protector, catcher you must have a dangling throat guard.  Every stinking game.  Sorry, I digress.

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    1. May 3, 2012 5:53 PM (in response to monroeblue)
    What do you want in a lineup card?

    I like to have a minimum of number and some kind of name and identify starting pitcher and any ineligible pitchers.


    Why do you ask for starting catcher? I assume it is to help you enforce the "catch in 4 innings then can't pitch" rule. Keep in mind that there is no penalty if the manager switches catchers after telling you who is the starting catcher. I usually check that the proper pitcher is on the mound and note the catcher's number in each half of the first inning.

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    2. May 3, 2012 9:11 PM (in response to monroeblue)
    Re: What do you want in a lineup card?

    The only thing that is required is their name (and starting pitcher and DH if using)  BECAUSE the players have to bat in the order in which their NAMES appear in the batting order and the starting pitcher named in the order has to pitch to one battere and the DH can't be subbed until he bats once.Anythjing else is superflous.


    Numbers don't matter. The only positions that really exist are pitcher and DH.  Whoever is in the catcher's box is the catcher of the moment. Anyone else can play anywhere in fair territory that they wish.


    How about this: 

    1.11 --




    All players on a team shall wear numbered uniforms identical in color, trim and style.







    Where doees it say the numbers have to be different?  (FED syys so BTW).##




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    3. May 7, 2012 10:17 AM (in response to monroeblue)
    What do you want in a lineup card?

    league age?  How about mother's maiden name too?  And make sure the hamburgers in the snack bar are cooked thoroughly, while you're at it! 

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