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  • victoria75 Amateur 40 posts since
    Apr 10, 2012

    i appreciate all the responses as well as the original. It made things alot more clear to me. I thought that from sedentary to doing c25k and not eating any more than i am now, would prompt weight loss. I never stopped to do the actual calculations of things. I knew this stuff but just thought becoming more active would do it. I am female,med. muscular build 5'7 and 40 lbs overweight. I have found that at week 6, i havent lost a pound. the very first week i lost 5 lbs..musta been water.. overall , doing this has recommitted me to a healthier lifestyle. I am going to now make the necessay changes to meet the calculations you discussed for weight loss. I am not going to quit the program though. I just went and got an aerobics/and weights DVD where the cardio does equal at least 40 consistent minutes and i plan to do thison the off days from the running. If anyone want sto give me advice on calories in order to lose, it's more than welcome. for months now i have been trying to stick to the medifast diet (1,000) cal. initially i lost weight when i followed it religously without excercise. the second i ate out side the plan , i gained the 20 lbs back, plus it seems to trigger night binges for me.I know 1,000 cal. is not enough to sustain myslef while excercising... Recommendations for eating to lose while doing this plan and my other excercise?

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