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Feb 15, 2011
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Feb 15, 2011 10:23 AM

Labral tear Hip arthroscopy nxt week- help! Wisdom needed!

Help! I'm having hip arthroscopy next week for a labral tear. There seems to be great differences in recovery time. My surgeon wouldn't estimate recovery time as he said "it depends what I find in there".....he means, it depend if he needs to shave the bone to repair possible FAI. Clinical literature says 6-12 weeks recovery towards 6 weeks if no shaving of the bone, and towards 12 weeks if shaving of the bone!???? What has been the experience of people out there who have already done this???? And exactly how much pain are we talking about here? 1 week on narcotics or more??? I need to estimate my time off work. Any helpful thoughts or experiences are welcomed. Many thanks in advance. May all sufferers be healed!

  • JamesJohnsonLMT Legend 1,283 posts since
    Aug 23, 2009

    There is a lot of collective wisdom in this active thread...


    Good luck!

  • Etf1980 Rookie 9 posts since
    Jan 26, 2009

    Hi Gimpygolfer


    I am female  gimpygolfer-runner too. I had knee surgery on the same leg 2 years prior to hip surgery.  In late 2009, I was DX with the same thing as you but worse. Once the surgeron got in there, they found more than the contrast MRI showed. A big tear and 7 large spiked osteophyites on top of my femur head. No wonder I was in pain and explains a lot with golf, running, and other sports. My hip was locking all the time and the bursitis and pirformis sydrome was so  intense PT  only worked for a short time. They fixed the tear,  shave and stitch, and sanded off all the osteophyites, and the first layer of the femur head.


    Two months on crutches, non- weight bearing on affected hip. Additonal month with weigh bearing and transitioned to cane to full weight. (3.5 months) I extended my PT for 9 months,  because after 6 months of PT ( 3x week plus daily work at home), my hip did not feel healed. (the surgeon told me it would take 9 months-1 year for complete re-growth of femur head) I felt more strenghtening was needed to help increase blood flow and healing. (I'm a nurse by profession) Time lost was time gained in the end.


    My repaired hip has never felt better in 15 years.  I have been completely pain free. I can play golf, run, lift, and do many excercises and activities that I could not do before the surgery.  Ice, and rehab post op is key to total recovery. Do not give up on it after 12-16  weeks or push yourself to heal faster or try to do too much golf or running too soon. The pain WILL come back and yYou may damage it again or may  not heal completely. The price you pay  in the long run will decrease your ablity of  full use of your hip long term.


    Good luck



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