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Mar 21, 2010
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May 15, 2012 4:23 AM

big problem here

the last time i wrote this:May 8, 2012 3:25 AM

knee problem -meniscus or something else need advisehi everyone



it has been awhile since i needed advise but here goes(thank you in advance for your help)



on 04/13/12 i was doing some speed work i warmed up doing 1 mile run


then did some speed work ran a 1/10 jog a 1/10 for 2 miles then did 1 mile cool down run


i went to the gym to do upper body weights and some stretching but i notice my knee was swollen


i went to work(i stand all day) then went home to ice. i still to this day have a swollen knee all around the knee outside inside top and bottom



went to ortho-they feel it is a meniscus misalignment?


i had a cortisone shot to see if i could run  not good


going to have a MRI today



just need some advise as where this maybe going?



what i need to look forward to/ good and bad



i have been running 3 yrs



my last 1/2 was 03/18/12 ran comfortable


i roll/stretch/ice i have always had tight calfs so i


know the routine on pre/post runs

now i had the mri read with these results :


are advance arthritic changes along the lateral aspect of the patellofemral joint with prominent cartilage loss of both the lateral facet

of the patella and trochilear protion of the femur lateral of midline with prominent subchondral edema-serve osteoarthritis


will to say the least it looks like my running days are over


i am crushed

  • SlowestTurtle Amateur 14 posts since
    May 14, 2012
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    1. May 15, 2012 7:08 PM (in response to njnitehawk)
    big problem here

    I am not a doctor but perhaps it's too early to declare your running days to be over. I have a few friends who had various knee surgeries and they are still running, playing soccer and what not. 18 months ago I tore my ACL completely off playing soccer, my MCL and meniscus were also damaged. I had an ACL reconstruction surgery. Was disabled for a few months. Now I'm running again. In fact, I'm running much better than ever before. It's not fun to be hurt for sure but it might not be the end of your running. What does your doctor say?

  • Jasko123 Legend 461 posts since
    Apr 18, 2011
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    2. May 16, 2012 3:34 PM (in response to njnitehawk)
    big problem here

    I would ask your doctor about a ligament and patella support knee brace.  There are a variety of professional models available that might assist.  I understand that the cartilage loss and femur involvement is serious, but there are microfracture procedures that stimulate tissue growth on the bone surface, so inquire about those options.  Also, some runners have benefited from Glucosamine/Chondroitin with the Rocca forumlation.  It is important to be your own advocate and seek out orthopedic opinions from those professionals willing to consider new or alternative treatments within the full understanding of your desire to continue running. 


    Wishing you all the best in your treatment and many happy miles in the future. 

  • JamesJohnsonLMT Legend 1,291 posts since
    Aug 23, 2009
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    3. May 16, 2012 6:08 PM (in response to njnitehawk)
    big problem here

    Please allow for the possibility that the radiologist who wrote the Impression portion of your MRI may have had a venti Starbucks that day, and used a few scary subjective words like "advanced" and "prominent" that may not actually amount to much at all. Its amazing how differently various labs and personnel can interpret scans of the same patient. Regardless, a little arthritis is not that unusual and many people run with same. I am not convinced your symptoms boil down simply to what is in that report. Something is missing from this picture that's worth a thousand words.


    On the subject of arthritis, it is an autoimmune condition that responds very favorably to diet and lifestyle changes. A rheumatologist should be consulted for tests on hormone levels and other factors that can explain some of what you are going through. It may be common, but not normal for your body to attack or fail to regenerate its own cartilage and bone. I'm willing to bet there is a reason why your body could be scuttling its own support structure, and that the condition can be arrested or reversed. Trust me, it's not just wear and tear, or Dean Karnazes would have no legs left by now. Do you have any allergies or food sensitivities? Start there, and seek out an anti-inflammatory diet while cross-training, allowing time for your body to respond to any changes.


    There is not likely to be a quick fix for this, but that does not mean there is no fix at all. Running is good for your knees. You just have to find out what else may be bothering them.

  • Designeer Pro 125 posts since
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    4. May 20, 2012 10:20 AM (in response to njnitehawk)
    big problem here

    How about going to see a doctor who ran 3 ironmans and has run 60 miles in a day?  How about a doctor who pushes himself so hard that he has injured many parts of his body and come back stronger using his own medicine?  I would not be back working or exercising if not for the great Dr. Hauser in Oak Park, Ill.  I am NOT paid to say any of this.  I want to help people is all.  I know that[s hard to believe.


    Google prolotherapy




    Knees response the best to prolotherapy shots than any joint...............I had OA all over mine and bike, light jog and dance on my knee after I thought it was all over.



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