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Nov 7, 2011
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May 23, 2012 4:01 AM

Help With training Plan

Hi All,




Although I have always been a runner (or maybe a "jogger", as I am not really fast), about one year ago I started running more regularly. For a year I have been running 30-35 miles a week. I ran 5 days with one long run and two speedwork sessions per week. I succesfully completed a few half marathons and also improved my 5k and 10k times but right now I feel I need to improve my training plan.




I want to desing a training plan that I can go on using for a long time, I am not anywhere close to a professional athlete, but running is important for me, so injury prevention is a must and so is improving my PBs.


My goals in terms of time are 5k in less than 20 minutes (should not be too hard, now my PB is 20:30), 10k in less than 40:00 (this one will take a while, right now I am around 42:30), and 1h:30min in HM (again, long term goal, now my PB is 1:36:07).




- I have decided that running 5 days a week puts a little too much stress on my injury-prone ankles, so the training plan should include 4 running days tops.

- It might include crosstraining, I practice swimming regularly too, I do not own a bycicle and practice tennis and roller-skate from time to time.

- Given work and social "restrictions", one day rest a week is probably also a good idea.

- I believe I might be able to run more than 35 miles a week, but at this moment do not really "need to", If it was to improve my training a lot I would do it, however.




I have been some research on the subject and have decided to include some speedwork, one long run each week, some hills and some cross training. From what I have read, speedwork is recommended not to exceed 15% of the total mileage.


One typical week could look like:


Monday: Rest


Tuesday: Speedwork,  including recovery jogs after each series, one long warm-up jog (after stretching) and one long cool down jog. Aprox. 9 miles of which 4 are "fast" speedwork)


Wednesday: Swimming (about 1000m which takes me 45 min aprox, I enjoy swimming but am quite bad at it!)  


Thursday: Speedwork, 8 miles total, including 4 miles at HM pace and/or some hill training.


Friday: CrossTraining (not sure, maybe strentgh training?)


Saturday: easy jog, 6 miles,


Sunday: Long Run: 13 miles


TOTAL: 9 + 8 + 6 + 13 = 36 miles (with 8 miles speedwork which is 22% )






- First of all, I need to balance my speedwork with the rest of the training, I am over the recommended 15% but I will also be doing some swimming so I guess it's not too bad, what do you think?


- I would like to include some variety in the training plan, so first I want to set up a typical week and then find ways to tinker with it (move miles around, include otther types of trainng) so each week is a littel different from the other.


- Not much of a clue on strenth training, is it worth doing? any advice on what to do? Should I look into other types of exercise?


Thanks everybody for your advice.

Current PB:

5k: 20:12 (December 31st 2012)

10k : 42:30 (March 9th 2014)

Half Marathon: 1:35:27 (February 3rd 2013)

After completing my 10th HM it's marathon time! The goal is set for March 15th (tentatively at 3h20min, but it sound like science fiction at the moment so I might adjust it down).

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    1. May 23, 2012 7:50 AM (in response to ydiez)
    Re: Help With training Plan

    A couple of things to think about, and I am not qualified to coach or give any one training plans.


    1.  If injury  proned do only 1 speed workout a week or 2 every 10-12 day cycle.  Long term you don't have to use a 7 day week plan, lots find it better to use a 10-12 day cycle.

    It's all about the proper amount of rest between hard days, which can be active or inactive rest.


    2.  You definitively need to work core and lower back, I would recommend at least twice a week.  Upper body is good also, but your swimming will take care of some of that.


    Good luck

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