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May 25, 2012
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May 25, 2012 8:15 AM

Need some help with some pain

I am 30 years old and I have just started running. I always said I would never run unless something big and scary was chasing me but i have proved that wrong. I started slowly walking and increasing my milage and speed now I have graduated myself to jogging. I am still in the stages where I can't jog a very far distance without having to stop and walk for a min or two. The last few times I have gone out I have expereinced several different pains that just are not anything that I can find while researching on the internet. The first thing that has started hurting is my ankle. It's only the left one, and the pain and some swelling is right below my ankle bone on the outside of my foot. Some days the swelling gets to be enough that I can feel my foot rub my shoe in that spot. It causes no pain except when I am running. The next thing is both knees the right more than the left usually. The pain is on the inside of both knees. There never has been any pain on the front or outside of the knee. It seems to be at the very small point when the joint connects and  right beside the lower part of the knee cap. The pain is a sharp pain with every (jogging) step. After everything I have read nothing seems to sound like the area that I am experienceing pain. I have iced it and rest the areas as much as possible and I have been stretching. Does ANYONE know why OR what these pains are?? I don't want to stop going because i have slowly grown to love it. I have made a goal to run my first 5k and hope to do a half marathon (after the 5k and some more training)!  Help me!

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    1. May 29, 2012 1:09 PM (in response to nequincy)
    Need some help with some pain

    It could a lot of different things and since you can't find anything on the internet and you still would like to walk/jog.... I would suggest going to your Primary
    Care Doctor to get some answers. Good Luck

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    Oct 22, 2011
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    2. Jun 2, 2012 6:01 AM (in response to nequincy)
    Need some help with some pain

    I can't speak to what the pains are, but I can tell you what helped me.


    When I started out late last summer, I was having a terrible time with my knee.  I was bummed.  I was enjoying running a lot and like you, I wanted to make a new lifelong activity.  A few people suggested that I go to a running store and get properly fitted for proper running shoes.  I thought, oh great...this'll be expensive.  The fitting session was free (they want you to buy something).  It took about a half hour.  They watched me run and try on various shoes. At the end, I spent a little more than I intended ($130 minus a 10% discount from my healthcare plan).  The next day I ran.  I have never since had that same problem.  After putting about 250 miles (that sounds a lot more than it is) on them, I started to develop shin pains.  I went back and got a fresh pair of the same shoe, and blammo...pain was gone.


    Bottom line for me, the shoes made all the difference.  I will never again buy discount running shoes. Worth every penny.  Plus once you know the shoe, you find the same model online for a better price


    Hope that helps!

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    Jun 2, 2012
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    3. Jun 2, 2012 10:43 AM (in response to nequincy)
    Re: Need some help with some pain

    Ironic... I too am 30 and just decided to start jogging. I went for 2 weeks with no issues, then all of the sudden I had the knee pains. Both knees, but more prominant in my right and in the same location that you described. I basically had to baby me knees for 2 weeks before I could even walk without limping. My job probably kept me from healing faster though. I am always on my feet. I am now back jogging and rounding out my second week again. Here's what I did...


    For the two weeks of rest I iced my knees, elevated them, and wore a knee brace at times on my right knee.

    I went to my chiropractor. They have a foot scanner that tells you what kind of stance you have. I severely overpronate, which can contribute to the knee pain. It also showed me that my pelvis was out of alignment, so I got an adjustment too.

    I researched reviews of running shoes for overpronators, asked friends that are marathon runners, then made a desicion to buy a good pair of shoes. Yes they are costly, but worth it.

    I purchased a runner's knee strap to wear under my right knee. Based on the location of my pain, I determined that runnner's knee (also called jumper's knee) could be my problem.

    I started taking a joint health vitamin.

    I now try to run on the ground if I can rather than on concrete or road. The ground has more give to it.

    I usually only have one day in between jogs, but at the tiniest sign of discomfort, I will make myself give one more day of rest before the next jog.

    I started doing active stretches before I jog. I read that static stretching may do more harm than good. So this is basically just a small warm up of a few exercises that stretch out some of the leg muscles. Then of course I stretch afterward.

    I was told that doing some strength exercises on off days could help too, like lunges and squats, to build the muscles up.

    Last but not least, I drink plenty of water before and after.

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