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May 27, 2012 1:15 PM

C25K so you think your to heavy to run? Read this.

Hi all, I'm chubbs,


Tomorrow is Monday the 28/5/12 and i'm going to start week 9 of C25K. Yup the final week the end, 3 x 30 min 'run' (jog lets not get silly)


I started the program in mid March at about 308 lb (22st UK) I do it on a treadmill with no incline at 5mph/8kph. I started out and it was hard i was not in good shape at over 300lb and only being 6' tall. But i decided i'm now 30 and if i don't make an effort i'll end up on some lifestyle documentary in 10 years time where the fire department have had to break the side of my house down to roll me out.


I did use the gym in a seperate town where i work on on public holidays it really throws out the running program as i do Monday Wednesday and Friday. so i've used these to my advantage and built in full rest weeks from C25K and hit the pool instead. I had 1 at the end of week 4 another after week 6 and i'm off again next monday which is like the 4th of June for a deserved weeks rest after my completing the program.


As of sitting here now after what is actually 10/11 weeks on the program I weight 282.5lb down 25.5lb and for that i feel EPIC! Am i a fast jogger err no but i'm continuous i can do the full 28mins with a heart rate barely pushing 160bpm at the end i'm throwing out clothes and drilling new holes in my belt on what seems like a weekly basis.


So you think your too heavy to run?

Tip 1, your legs will ache, its a certainty prepare for it. I found that if i sleep in under Armour cold gear leggings it really stops the aches in my legs. also a hot shower before bed and a tall glass of water.


Tip 2 Get yourself 2 or 3 sets of shoes to train in. I was once told by a highly qualified trainer if you weigh over 80kgs and run regularly you should change your shoes every 3 months. 80kg is about 180lb (just under) Is the true i dont' know but i stick to it. Currently i have 3 sets of shoes and i cycle them so that i use a different pair on each run. Each month i will chuck the old ones and buy a new pair (first ones to be binned end of next week) we are talking Premium brand name running shoes I pay no more than £40 a pair for them. There for sweating in not posing in.


Tip 3 Don't run on a full stomach the results are gut cramps or the forming of a pavement pizza.


Tip 4 Not sure how this will go down but for me i can never drink too much whilst running. now i'm only going for 35 mins total but i can't drink more than about 3/4 pint in that time or i feel sick. I do however have lots of water througout the day and will have consumed before the gym and will have about 2 pints of water (1ltr) in the 60 mins after i finish.


Tip 5. Prepare yourself for the fact that Week 5 Day 3 is a psychological barrier not a physical one. yes it will get uncomfortable but its easily possible and once you've finished it your broken the back of the program from there on its plain sailing ( week 6 day 2 is a pain in the arse though) Don't build W5D3 into some massive scary wall i finished it at over 290lb yes my calves were burning but the rest of me was fine. You can do it have a go suprise yourself.


Finally I'm well on my way to losing 100lb by new year which was my target, to date from my start weight of 329 i'm down 46.5 since January and the C25K is by far the best thing i think i've ever acheived.


I look forward to my sessions i feel awesome when they are done ( i'm a 6.30am runner) it sets me up for the day and despite my size and pounding on my legs i honestly think those 2 weeks total rest aided me through without injury.


I'm planning buliding on the last 3 weeks of teh C25K over the summer by adding 3m per week on the time of each run. By Autumn i'm hoping to be doing 60 mins 3x a week which for me will be as much as i really want to do. Well it is at the moment anyway.

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    1. May 29, 2012 3:07 PM (in response to Chubbs1981)
    C25K so you think your to heavy to run? Read this.

    Congrats for sharing and on your success!

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    3. Aug 13, 2012 4:37 AM (in response to Chubbs1981)
    C25K so you think your to heavy to run? Read this.

    Way to go!!! I loved reading all your tips! Perhaps it is fate that I am reading this on this day. Two days ago I completed W4D3 and was going to start W5D1 either today or tomorrow. I have had an issue with my right knee all along, I believe it to be IT Band Syndrome, but without round the clock ibuprofen, the swelling is debilitating. So....I had been considering giving myself a few days off before conquering week five but I was worried it would set me back. Your story gives me hope and encouragement that taking a week off could be the best thing for me.

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    4. Aug 19, 2012 2:47 PM (in response to Chubbs1981)
    C25K so you think your to heavy to run? Read this.

    I just wanted to say thanks for your post.  I'm new to running, in fact, going to start the C25K program next week.  I have been active in the past, but never a runner, and at nearing 300lbs, I asked myself this exact question.  Even felt bad / embarrassed going to the running store to try and get "real" shoes.  I am looking forward a similiar story as yours and find myself much more motivated after hearing your story. 

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    5. Aug 23, 2012 8:43 AM (in response to sjsanto)
    C25K so you think your to heavy to run? Read this.



    Great to hear your story.  I am in the same boat you were, except I am 10 years older and a couple of inches taller.  I started walking, dieting in April/May at 333.5# and started C25K 3 weeks ago on week 3 at 313#.  I have had bad knees for years so I am trying to listen to my body.  I have 12 weeks until a thanksgiving 5K, so I have plenty of time for repeating.  Last week, I only ran twice, instead of 3 times. 



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