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May 16, 2012
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May 16, 2012 10:20 PM

Greetings & Newbie Musings!

Hello all! I am a 23 year old female who hails from the South. Ultimately, I'm on a weight loss journey, and I hope to continue that throughout my entire life. I'll try and sum it up briefly:


Last June, I decided I was sick of being fat. I'm 5'2" in height, so quite short, and at that point, I weighed over 330 pounds. I was sick of myself. I hated myself. I hit a breaking point where I couldn't buy clothes even in normal plus sized stores because I was getting into size 30+ in pants and 4x in shirts. It was time to change, so I did. I have a kind of a circular problem; I'm almost certain my thyroid doesn't work the way it's supposed to, so even though I have always been quite physically active and I naturally make healthy eating choices, I've always weighed more than everybody else. This eventually frustrates me and bums me out, so I give in and eat whatever I want since I feel like doing anything else is futile anyway. Doing that and convincing myself it was okay for 2 years is basically what led from me being 190-200 lbs to being so fat I couldn't even weigh myself on normal scales.


Fast forward nearly a year, and I weigh 225 lbs. When I first started out, I did whatever I could to be active. For a while, I walked at night, then tried jogging when walking just wasn't challenging enough any more. I was still too heavy and it hurt, so I joined a gym last September and started using the elliptical and doing strength training. At the beginning of this year, I did a Biggest Loser thing for my local area and lost 30 pounds. I knew I wanted to give jogging a try after having gotten down to 220, and so I began the C25K program listed here. I was amazed at how light I felt on my feet. I was amazed I could do it. I don't think any single achievement in my year of losing weight has made me as happy as being able to call myself a jogger.


I'm running into problems, though. The jogging is difficult on my knees, which have always been rather weak. I assumed it was the way I was addicted to DDR (a dance videogame) as a teenager and would do high-impact songs for hours on end, and then my mother told me that weak joints and carpal tunnel (both of which I have) are symptoms related to hypothyroidism. I haven't wanted to admit that I have a thyroid problem. I've avoided seeking medical help because I just can't afford it. My mom went through having hers diagnosed when I was about 13, and it was very costly. Lots of blood work and visits to the doctor to work out her medication and whatnot. I simply don't have the cash for that, and I live in such a small town that we don't have free clinics or anything of that sort. So rather than admit I have problem which I can't do anything about, I've just ignored it and still lost weight.


Now I don't feel like I can ignore it any more. I've been doing everything perfectly as far as diet and exercise go, and I've been stuck at this 220-230 weight range for nearly two months now. I'm on week 7 of the C25K program. I was 221 lbs when I began, and I'm about 225 lbs now. No matter what I do, I fluctuate between 220 and 230 pounds. At first I was willing to believe it was just my body composition shifting, so I got a body fat percentage monitor and started monitoring that. I'm not losing body fat, but I'm still either not losing weight or, worse, gaining it. I wanted to lose a steady 8-10 lbs per month, but this plateau has wrecked that, and there's no reason for it to be happening. I finally caved and have decided that with the bonus my husband and I are getting from work here in a couple weeks, I'm going to find out once and for all whether my thyroid is causing this. I've found a site that does blood testing independently of needing a doctor visit, and I'm going to have this ( group of thyroid tests done to see what my results are. I can see whether I need to take it further and go to a doctor after that.


I guess I detailed all of that so you guys know where I am with my jogging and why I'm doing it. I'm always open to advice or tips or even just chatter. I'm ecstatic about being able to jog and really looking forward to figuring out what my problem is.

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    1. May 17, 2012 12:43 AM (in response to Amnesty)
    Re: Greetings & Newbie Musings!

    Thank you so much for the post.



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    2. Jun 7, 2012 7:46 PM (in response to Amnesty)
    Greetings & Newbie Musings!

    Hi Amnesty!


    I read your story and all I could say is, "WOW!!!" You did a phenomenal job with your weight loss and now, your venture into running! I have always wanted to be a runner/jogger! From my youth, I could never seem to get the feel of doing this type of sport. Immediately, the chest would burn and breathing would be so difficult for me. That's when I was a bean pole! Now as an adult, who is overweight and miserable, I have this desire to run! In my head, I can run! When I see others running, my body reacts. It gives me a boost of energy while I am walking and watching them run! Crazy, isn't it!


    I just bumped into this website through and I am already intrigued! I want to one day run a mini marathon and eventually a full marathon; but for now, I need to get these 100lbs off!


    I am currently living and working in China which makes it nearly impossible to get the desired help I need here for certain things. The culture is TOTALLY different, especially where I live. I am not in the popular cities that most people think of when thinking of China (i.e. Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong), so it is not as heavily influenced by "western culture" as most of those popular cities. The authentic Chinese cuisine is far, far different from that of the US. The foods here are not prepared in the same manner and the dishes served in the US are "catered" to western culture's way of eating. And, I may add, the food is always not that great!!! Therefore, since being here, I usually rely upon my own cooking methods and techniques, which in many ways has promoted to my becoming obese now for over 25 years!


    I want to join a gym, eat the healthy food we are accustomed to buying in the US, and have a support system one would find when in the US, BUT IT AIN"T GONNA HAPPEN HERE! So, I began to make small changes on my own. With what vegetables and fruits I know here and have available, I started juicing. I ordered a juicer to begin a detoxing system that I wanted to follow for sometime now. I've watched the movie, "Fat,Sick & Nearly Dead," and became very convinced that I needed a boost to get me started on my return to healthy living and eating routine. So I began to juice! However, I soon found that the only green veggies here that are familiar to me and are available for the "Mean Green" Juice is Spinach, Cilantro, and Celery! I wanted to cry! But instead, I took my student with me to the Chinese market and ask her to help me figure out which green vegetables that the Chinese eat in their meals could be a good substitute for the veggies like Kale, Chard, Wheatgrass, and other green veggies that I cannot find here, or that for the Chinese, are "out of season and are not sold now!" (Yep, it's true! In the US we can get most veggies year-round, but here in China, they are big on only producing and selling food based on their season of harvest)!!!! It has been a tough journey in some aspects being here, but I have learned to deal with the differences in culture and I'm learning to appreciate the experience more.


    So now that I have begun juicing, I've found it to be such a great way of eliminating those extra, stubborn pounds, especially the fat in the belly area! I am not sure at what you would be willing to do, but try it for about 10 days and see if you can get past the point where you have plateaued! Try it for the 10 days, or like me, I have begun with 30 days. I need the weight off and sicne I don't have the luxury of going to a gym, I have just began walking more that just the 10 mins back and forth from my flat to my office each way; and have tried jumping rope and jumping jacks! SO far, it's working and in my mind, it's getting me ready for running!


    I'd like to know, how did you start running? Wasn't it hard? Did you have to wait to get closer to 200lbs to feel like you could run? I want to run so bad! I'm one to run with me, but I am determined to do it. What advice can you give me. Now, I am a lot older than you are ((I'm a mother of 4 and grandmother of 6) and my metabolism is shot because I am in that menopausal stage and it does make a huge difference in the way I feel. Last I checked (at my doctor's appt in Feb), my thyroid is fine, but I want to boost my metabolism in many ways to help me lose much rapidly. What do you suggest?


    Thanks for "listening" (reading)!

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    3. Jun 18, 2012 9:25 AM (in response to TheChefTravels)
    Re: Greetings & Newbie Musings!

    I really enjoyed reading these posts. Thank you for posting.


    TheChefTravels, check out this thread:  C25K so you think your to heavy to run? Read this.

    I used to think I was too heavy to run also. I would run when I was thinner. At some point, after years of waiting to be in better shape to run, I realized the best way to get in better shape was to run. I started doing the C25K program last week. I am determined to do this!


    Good luck to you both.

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