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    Jun 8, 2011
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    4,110. Jun 15, 2012 11:24 AM (in response to KIRK_T)
    50 and over, 5k and beyond - what are your challenges?

    Kirk, you are such a Beast! Love watching what you're doing! Marie, you're up to 10 mi? That's huge given that you were on the DL just a short while ago. Steven, can't wait to hear about Duluth. Wanted to run it as my second HM because it was so popular was too late and hope to get in next year. Didi, sorry about the race. I know the feeling. That happens so often we need a verb for it, one word that sums it up.


    Dance Fever Mrs, so glad you joined. Keep posting. It gets easier. Yes, you have to reply to post so you're doing it right. Thrilled to hear you are still running at 70+. I am 60+, started last year and keep thinking every time I get injured that this will be the one that makes me stop. So far I've been wrong. YAY! I may just stop thinking that way.


    Labsrus, have you read Born to Run? It's adventurous and a little more interesting knowing that Micah died during a trail run recently. I will read Jeff Galloway's book. Seeing him with Webpro made me curious.


    I may be passing through my crisis of doubt. Someone suggested I see a cardiologist. It scared me at first but that's just because I was thinking the same thing so I made an appointment. I also went to the gym and cranked out 4.5 mi at race pace (13.33 for me) without much trouble. Gave me some hope until I (would say bonked but there was no bike involved) tried running 4 mi and ended up walking 3.5 after running 1. It was hot and I had been at a Reds game for four hours in the sun before. I agreed to help coach a beginners group starting in July. I'm going to be drawing on all the encouragement I've received here. It's been great! Hoping that while I'm busy encouraging others to let the bad days pass and celebrate the progress, no matter how small, I can learn to take my own advice.


    Meanwhile I fell sideways into an HM one month earlier than intended and a trail run! So I'm off to the gym to arrange for a personal trainer and am putting the biking off for a little.


    Stay strong and enjoy those races and runs!

    Mary Kay

    Running: Started 5/6/2011; Graduated C25k - 7/21/11; Graduated B210k - 11/24/11;

    PRs: 5k - 36:42; 8k - 1:10; 4.15 m - 53.41; 10k - 1:18; HM - 2:56:31

    I may be slow but I'm persistant.

    Goals: 5k under 30 min.; HM under 2 hr.; AG award in the USAF HM! and one full marathon.

    It won't be easy but it will be worth it!

  • az2mn Legend 402 posts since
    Jan 20, 2010

    I want to say THANK YOU to everyone for the support of prayers for our friend.  We will be visiting him again today. 


    Yesterday:  I ran 4 miles on the treadmill, intervals: 42 minutes.  Some weights and core exercises:  20 minutes.

    Then, I met up with the Trail Running Group (just women) and ran a pretty technical trail, one way 6.40 miles!!  First time I ran this trail, was AWESOME and kicked my butt on the inclines but didn't stop, lots of rocks and switchbacks.  Finished ahead of the others, 1:16 minutes!!  Felt GREAT!!  So I got my 10 miles in after all, YAY!!   The REST DAYS really helped!!


    Rest today; planning on running tomorrow, another 10 miles.



    Trail runner

  • urun2me Pro 194 posts since
    Jun 7, 2010

    Hello, all. An update on my husband- he's got a torn MCL. He thinks he did it doing squats with weights, not running. He hasn't run in the last month and can't run for the next month. He's cleared to continue on his bike and can walk, so we're going to do some serious walking! The tear is in a good spot, so it's just a matter of letting it heal.


    I really miss my running partner. It's so much nicer to run with someone. I've just got to wait and be thankful that he just needs time, not surgery, to get better.


    I've got a 15 mile run on tap tomorrow. It always makes me nervous  when I get over ten miles. I always fret before I get started, but I always just settle into an easy pace and get the job done. It's going to be hot and it's going to be humid. I have to accept it, embrace it, and pound out the miles. My next long run will be in Innsbruck - woohoo! The new location will help guard against boredom.


    Good running!

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    Jul 22, 2011

    I finished the 5K Block the Sun Run for melanoma research in 29:43.  Warmest race this year, but the clouds kept it from being a lot worse.  Fun to run it with a friend. 


    May try to work in my long slow run tomorrow before church; later in the day my wife and I will celebrate the 34th anniversary of our vows!!  What a blessing.


    Have a great week running!

    Dan-started running 1/29/2011 at age 57

    notable 2012 runs:

    Crazylegs Classic-Madison-8K--4/28/2012--00:52:14

    Roxbury Rural Run--5K--5/5/2012-- 29:32-PR

    Haslanger Classic--10K--8/4/2012--1:06:19 PR

    WO-ZHA-WA Run--HM--9/15/2012--2:37:45

    Honky Tonk Marathon- Wisconsin Dells- 10/21/2012-5:39:09

    2013 runs:

    Fleet Feet New Year's Day Dash-8K-1/1/2013--54:23

    Door County HM- 5/4/2013

    Fox Cities HM- 9/22/2013 (60thBD!)

  • oldohioron Pro 113 posts since
    Jun 11, 2011

    Congrats Dan on 34 years. The wife and I celebrated 34 years on the 10th of June.


    This week we ran together and both finished second in our AG, and both got a PR by a second or two. The weather would have been just perfect if we could have started about 2 hours earlier. By the finish it was getting a little warm.

    Age 65

    Started C25K June 6, 2011

    Completed C25K August 6, 2011

    Lions Club 5K August 13, 2011........................... 25:54

    Sole to Soul 5k March 31, 2012.......................... 23:52

    Home Run for the Homeless April 28, 2012 ..........24:15

    May in Bay May 26, 2012................................... 22:43 1st in AG

    Fat Little 5k June 16, 2012.................................. 22:39.6

    Lions Club 5k August 11, 2012............................ 21:51 1st in AG PR

    North Coast Challenge Sept 1, 2012.................... 40:30 PR

  • Andy1152 Rookie 1 posts since
    Dec 18, 2011

    In need of encouragement. Turned 51 and have always been healthy with spats of mild in shape all my life. My challenge is that my 21 year old son wants me to do the Tough Mudder (11 mile obstical course) with him in 3 months. I run about (2) 9 min miles several times a week with a short searies of 100 yard sprints up a 5 degree slope. I am not sure of the training regiment to get there. Any advice?

  • girlintheorchard Pro 168 posts since
    Aug 2, 2010

    Congratulations to those who are celebrating 34th wedding anniversaries this year.  I guess 1978 was a good year!  My DH and I celebrated ours in early May by running my first HM and he ran his first 5k!  He had to undergo hernia surgery this past Monday, so he's on the DL for a week.  He's chomping at the bit to get out there again.


    Ron~Excellent race for you and your wife.  Congrats to both of you on the AG and PR!

    Dan~WTG!  Another 5k under 30 minutes  --  Yay!  Time to change your handle.

    urun2me~Innsbruck -- how lovely!  I've always wanted to visit since watching the '76 Winter Olympics.  Enjoy running there!

    AZ~So sorry to read of your friend's accident,  prayers heading your way!

    MaryKay~Hope all goes well with the cardiologist.  The last few months your training and race schedule has been intense!

    Steve~  Hope Grandma's went well, and the temps/humidity were on the low side.  Looking forward to reading your race report.


    I haven't posted for a while, but have enjoyed reading about everyone's races and training. Great work everyone!  I have been trying to maintain mileage since my HM.  Running 4 - 5 miles twice a week, and a long run of 6 - 8 on the weekends.  It has been hot and dry in Wisconsin, but I've been finding time to run early morning or early evening.  Up at 7 am this morning to get in 6.5 miles before it got too toasty.  We had a few inches of rain last night and the shaded bike trail was very pleasant.  What a great day to run!  One more week of maintenance, and then begin training for the Brewer's HM.


    Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!  Run strong, friends!

  • mkayc Legend 582 posts since
    Jun 8, 2011

    Andy, Good Grief! I went on the site. What is he thinking? Does he stand to inherit a large sum? j/k Of course you CAN do it. If running 11 mi were the only problem, you could train but three months would be short for adjusting from 2 mi runs to 11 mi runs. Physiologically, it takes time to build up mileage and as we age it takes longer. If you push, you'll injure yourself and that will delay you weeks. The good news is that the number of obstacles controls the distance you run so you might be only running a mile or two, stopping for an obstacle and then running again. I went on the site and didn't see a list of the number of obstacles but there are at least 10 so you might be only sprinting a mile at a time. I am 63 this year and my first *race* ever was the Mudathalon last Aug. No one ran from the middle of the course to the end because of the delay at obstacles. The site has training suggestions. I don't know your overall endurance level but you might want to negotiate a similar style challenge with less demands. They are everywhere. Ninja, Mudathlon, Warrior runs.


    Debra, sounds like things are going well! I'd like to join in my congratulations to you and all who are celebrating their anniversaries!! Love hearing about Love.


    Ron and Dan, your results are Awesome! Even better that you've been sharing with your DWs.

    Urun, sorry about DH's MCL. That's great news that you are already up to 15 mi. and Innsbruck!

    Az1414, Whoa! 4 mi on TM and then a 6+ trail run? You are fierce!!


    Got up at 5 this morning and did 8 mi in 2 hr., which for me is an improvement of 1 min on my avg pace for any past LR except the races. I'm thrilled because I've done nothing beyond 4 mi in weeks, being stymied by breathing problems and lack of motivation. I believe I lost another relationship Thurs. I had hoped would mature to something so I needed this run to work out. Used a new inhaler and got a list of affirmations to drown out the horrible thoughts I get when I'm tiring. They really came in handy. My faves: Relax, relax, to achieve the max; In control and ready to roll; Let your legs flow like H2O; Deep in my gut I know I'll kick butt; A race with fun is easy to run; steady and strong, I move right along. ;-)


    Stay in the Moment; Stay Focused; Run like the Wind!

    Mary Kay

    Running: Started 5/6/2011; Graduated C25k - 7/21/11; Graduated B210k - 11/24/11;

    PRs: 5k - 36:42; 8k - 1:10; 4.15 m - 53.41; 10k - 1:18; HM - 2:56:31

    I may be slow but I'm persistant.

    Goals: 5k under 30 min.; HM under 2 hr.; AG award in the USAF HM! and one full marathon.

    It won't be easy but it will be worth it!

  • az2mn Legend 402 posts since
    Jan 20, 2010

    Oldohioron and runslowdan:  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (belated to ron) to you and your wife!! Wishing you many, many more years of cherish memories!!

    Oldohioron:  CONGRATS to you and your wife on the PR and taking the honors of AG wins!!  Ain't life grand ............ at our age, haha!!  LOVE IT!!


    mkayc:  the new inhaler is working I see,   awesome, your determinatiion to make up for the run the day before!!  WTG!!  yeah, the 4 miles on the TM was a warm up to the 6.4 rugged trail run, gotta do that more often and definitely have to run THAT particular TRAIL again, it was pretty insane and it worked every part of my body but I made it to the 'top' .......... high fives!! 


    girlintheorchard:  great to hear from you and to know that you are maintaining your running base at least.  Tough sometimes but knowing there is a race 'out there' you are gonna be in, well, sometimes that what it takes to stay motivated ............. can relate to that ......... good luck in your HM!!!


    Didn't run yesterday as planned, but hope to run later this evening .............. just sooooo much to do with the moving ............ my harley bike is crying for some attention too!!!


    SAFE RUNNING and really anxious to hear some race reports .......

    Trail runner

  • Rutrunner Amateur 11 posts since
    Feb 17, 2012

    Andy, I don't have advice on how to train for the obstacle run with your son.  I do want to encourage you though.  I think it is great that your son wants to do this with you.  Maybe he just wants to kick your butt, but it's still nice:)  Good luck to the both of you!


  • Webpro11 Legend 258 posts since
    Feb 27, 2011

    Runslowdan A belated a Happy Anniversary. My bride and I will be celebrating 37 yrs on Tuesday. " I'm still on my Honeymoom" .


    MkayC Hope all is well.I offically start my Marathon training program tomorrow. Tonight I finished up all my pre training with a 10 mile long run. It was 84 at 7pm when I started. I used some of the tips jeff shared with me last weekend. I actually did a 3/1 run walk ratio from the get go. (was tough only in my head. I felt a little wimpy) Guess what. I averaged a 10:15mm. About what i would have done running non stop. In that heat and humidity i felt great at the end of the run considering. Drank some Hammer Recoverite, put on my compression socks and ended a busy Fathers Day which started with a beach day. I think you'll enjoy reading his book.Take it easy until your body tells you your ok.

    girlintheorchard Glad to read your maintaining your base. Looking forward to your upcoming training post.

    2012 Races: Tony from Florida

    Jan.7,2012 Walt Disney World Half Marathon Orlando FL 02:09:14 PR

    Oct 7 2012 Chicago Marathon Chicago Illinois 05:17:43

    Feb 10, 2012 Rock N Roll Half Marathon St Petersburg FL

    2011 Races:

    Started running at 58 ( Nov 23rd 2010)

    Half Marathon Results

    Oct 31,2011 Fl Halloween Halfathron 02:18:22

    Sept 4, 2011 Dodge Rock ‘n’ Roll Virgina Beach Half Marathon 02:28:20

    April 30,2011 Country Music Half Marathon Nashville TN 02:56:02

  • pkar Pro 66 posts since
    Feb 21, 2011

    Hi Everybody!


    Congratulations for long marriages, and for completeing great races. Cheer up to those who are making a struggle to run happy in heat and humidity.


    I am in awe of those of you who do such great times, whether over a 5K, or HM, or full M. I think there is a big difference between what the body will take when in the 50 - 60 age group and what it will take in the over 70.. So I want to plant an idea into older heads who may be feeling discouraged at not being able to maintain the speeds or recover from these endurance events:


    There is life after running. When my physical therapist stated that I didn't want to run any more for the rest of my life, I told her she was crazy - I love to run. When she said no, and restated that I didn't want to run any more, I guessed she was trying to tell me something. She said I could enjoy walking. Again I thought she was crazy - No way would walking give the joy I get from running. She was quite patient and challenged me to see how much speed I could manage without running - take small steps and practice a rapid turn-over. Since that time, I have worked on perfecting my speed walking and have walked over 80% in the 5K races and still placed in the top three of my age group.


    When I was encouraged to sign up for the Luekemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training, I was told I could sign up for walking a half marathon. Since I have started the training, I have found out that this is no "walk in the park" outing - we are brought along to really make tracks. My purpose in posting this is to encourage others to consider one of the Team In Trainng programs. And if your knees or hips are complaning about their age, to consider speed walking (Power walking). The TIN programs involve a ton of committment in both time and effort - one has to commit to meet and work out with the groups about three times per week, and commit to fundraising a significant amount. But the program is run in a very professional manner and you get what you pay for. I had tried a couple of those etraining programs and they didn't motivate me to complete them - I need real life coaches and mentors to motivate me and to instruct me in how I might improve my technique.


    PS: I am curious - How many of us are in the 70+ age bracket? (HInt: I am one )



    Phyllis - 87

    San Jose CA

    Aug 18, 2010 Started walking/running In my Neighborhood, SJ CA 1 mi 26:08 min

    My First Race

    Nov 14,2010 Habitat for Humanity, Stanford, Ca 5K 56:08 min 3rd Women’s 70+

    2012 Events:

    1/1/12 New Years Runfor Healthy World Palo Alto 5K 46:33

    1/28/12 Coyote Hills, Fremont CA 5K 52:59

    3/3/12 Helyer Park, San Jose 5K 46:47

    3/10/12 Juana Run Palo alto 8K 1:12:22

    3/11/12 Calif. Senior Games Palo Alto Race Walk 5K 44:56 Qualified in my age group for Nationals in 2013

    3/17/12 Go Green St Patricks Day Run 5K 31:27 Actual distance run: 2.22 miles

  • SteveBikeRun Legend 454 posts since
    Aug 3, 2010

    Ron, Dan and Debra:  Congratulations on all of you celebrating 34 years.  Webpro, congratulations on your 37th.  My wife and I will celebrate 38 years in August.  The 70s were a good decade for a lot of people.


    Grandma's Marathon in Duluth was one of those weekends where the race became secondary to having a great family time.  As I said in an earlier post, we stayed with my sister-in-law.  We knew that our son and daughter-in-law were coming from Iowa (he ran the HM with me) and also that their daughter (my wife's niece) was running her first full marathon.  We got to meet her fiance, who had planned to run the marathon with her but developed knee problems early in the year and could not.  What we did not know was that another of their children would be there with his wife and three kids.  That made 10 adults and three kids, but they have a nice big house with three bathrooms and a big kitchen/dining room area.


    Race conditions were excellent.  We started at 6:45 AM in cool (upper 50s) temps and sunny skies.  I started with the 2:15 pacer, hoping to better my PR of last year by going ahead in the final two miles.  I was fine through the first 7.5 miles; my 10K split was 1:03, on pace for about a 2:12 finish.  I probably should have carried water and sports drink with me, because the temperature started to rise.  I used ice and sponges in my hat and down my back, but I continued to slow in the final five miles.  I had to take longer walk breaks at the water stations and one or two others between water stops.  However, I did run the last 2.5 miles nonstop because I didn't want to walk in front of all those people, including my wife at mile 11.5 with her camera.  They had Powerade, which I do not like, so I should have had my Gatorade.  That would have given me more electrolytes later in the race and I could have been drinking more on the run rather than trying to avoid spilling a paper cup.


    Both my son and I missed our time goals.  He had aimed for 2:00 and finished in 2:07, while I finished in 2:20, six minutes behind last year.  Overall, however, I was not displeased.  I finished 31st of 48 in my AG, worse than the middle finish I wanted, but still not too bad. 


    The course starts north of Duluth and runs south into town, finishing near Lake Superior.  The full marathon starts 13 miles north of the HM start and picks up the HM course.  We enter downtown Duluth after the first six miles.  The HM starts one hour before the full marathon so that the elite 26.2 runners have a clear shot all the way down.  The HM runners are limited to a 3:03 time cap (14 minute pace), and anyone going longer than that is supposed to be pulled off the course to not impede the elites.  I don't know how much that is enforced, but I doubt they would pull a runner within a mile or two of the finish and deprive them of a finisher's medal.


    The only hill of any consequence is at nine miles (22 for the full marathon), and is called Lemon Drop Hill.  Last year I wrote that I did not know how it got its name.  In case you had been dying to know, there used to be a restaurant at the top called the Lemon Drop.  It's gone now, but the name has stuck.  Now you know.


    This was the only race I have competed in where there were not one, but two bagpipers on the course.  One solo piper at about five miles and a three-piece ensemble at about 10 miles. 


    This was also the 2012 US Half Marathon Championships.  Kara Goucher won the women's race in 1:09.  She's a Duluth native and had not raced in her hometown since high school.  She used it as a tuneup for the Olympics, where she will run the marathon.  Duluth will host these championships again next year.


    As I said, this was a great family weekend.  And there was a race too.


    Completed in 2012:

    The Qualifier HM, Midland MI, May 2012, 2:58, 80+ degrees

    Dam to Dam 20K, Des Moines, IA, June 2012, 2:17, PR for this race

    Garry Bjorklund HM, Duluth, MN, June 2012, 2:20

    Fox Valley HM, St. Charles, IL, 9/16/12, 2:23

    Des Moines HM, 10/21/12, 2:19

    Tentative plans for 2013:

    Wisconsin (Half) Marathon, Kenosha, WI 5/4/2013 (registered)

    Dam To Dam 20K, Des Moines, 6/2/2013 (registration opens March 20th)

    Grandma's (Half) Marathon, Duluth, MN, 6/22/2013 (if I get picked again in the lottery)

    Des Moines HM, 10/20/2013 (registered)

  • Rutrunner Amateur 11 posts since
    Feb 17, 2012

    Steve, great comments on your race.  Loved the part where you made yourself run the last 2.5 mi, cause you didn't want to be walking in front of all those people and your wife had a camera.  I'm with you on that.  Congrats on the whole race and what a wonderful way to enjoy family too:)


  • justrundan Legend 202 posts since
    Jul 22, 2011

    Andy-my son did the Wisconsin Tough Mudder last year, and there seemed to be 2 races that weekend. Saturday was a 'team race' where the goal was to simply finish, not finish really fast.  team members helped each other over the obstacles when needed, and often walked or just jogged between obstacles.  and as others said, there was some waiting involved at the obstacles.  The Sunday race was more for individuals who hoped to get a good time and go on the the regional Tough Mudder.  Most just did the Saturday run for fun.  So training would help, but don't worry too much about it.


    So good to hear of all the folks with 30+ years together.  WAYTOGO!! 


    My planned run on Sunday failed miserably.  I don't normally run 2 days in a row, and never have tried after a race.  my legs just did not have it, so did an 'shortslowrun' of 2.5 miles, and felt all in at the end of that!  DW and I spent the day after church planting prairie plants around our home, then cleaned up for a nice steak dinner.  Needless to say, we slept very well.


    Debra-Are you using a 12 week program to prepare for your HM?  I'm planning on the Dells HM in October and am trying to find a 3 day/week program.  Has anyone used a good 3/day/week training program?


    Forgot to mention that the winner of the 5K last Saturday was in my age group, 55-59 (actually, he was 58, just like me); unbelievably he finished in 18:08, a 5:51 pace.  I wanted to find him and ask what college he had raced for in the mid-70's.  I'm glad my times are improving, but when I look at that, I'm still 'runslowdan'! 


    Run safe this week!

    Dan-started running 1/29/2011 at age 57

    notable 2012 runs:

    Crazylegs Classic-Madison-8K--4/28/2012--00:52:14

    Roxbury Rural Run--5K--5/5/2012-- 29:32-PR

    Haslanger Classic--10K--8/4/2012--1:06:19 PR

    WO-ZHA-WA Run--HM--9/15/2012--2:37:45

    Honky Tonk Marathon- Wisconsin Dells- 10/21/2012-5:39:09

    2013 runs:

    Fleet Feet New Year's Day Dash-8K-1/1/2013--54:23

    Door County HM- 5/4/2013

    Fox Cities HM- 9/22/2013 (60thBD!)


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